The Bloodline System - Chapter 1079 He's Thirteen

Chapter 1079 He's Thirteen

Chapter 1079 Hes Thirteen


Endric took a fist by blocking with both arms held up since he was unable to conjure a telekinetic wall on time due to another soundwave disruption.


A cracking sound rang out as Endric arms trembled as his body traveled across the air.

'Something broke,' He said Internally as he tried to stop the trembling.

Phinx in Yonda's form appeared right above him again while sending another fist hurling downward.

'This one will put him out of commission for sure,' She thought as her fist slammed heavily into Endric in mid air.


Collision was made and shockwaves that caused even the ground below to split was created.

'Hmm?' She felt something wasn't quite right as Endric's figure vanished right after receiving the blow.

The greenscaled MBO officer that had been sending out the soundwaves suddenly felt an intense chill down his spine as he turned around.

However it was too late as Endric's hand was already around his throat.

"Shut up!" Endric voiced out as his grip tightened and he proceeded to twist.


Phinx eyes widened as she landed several hundred feet away. She was unable to stop the scene from playing out as she only spotted Endric's figure when his hand was already locked around her teammate's throat.

"He broke his windpipe?" Phinx voiced with tone of disbelief.

"How is he there? He was here... I hit him twice..." The situation did not make any sense to her. She couldn't understand how Endric was here and suddenly there unaffected after what she did.

What she didn't know was, Endric had been replaced with a fake by Husarius before he received a single hit from Phinx.

Phinx had actually been battling with a fake all this time while Endric separated himself from the mix and circled back while hiding his presence before attacking the greenscaled MBO officer.

He already knew it would be literally impossible for him to lay a finger on Phinx if the greenscaled MBO officer kept disrupting him with the soundwaves.

'But even though he broke Asiz windpipe, he doesn't know that Asiz has other ways of using his abilities...' Just as this thought came to mind, several more cracking sounds rang out.


Endric had proceeded to wrap the greenscaled MBO officer with his will and broke other parts of his body.

His arms, legs, kneecaps, ribs and a few other places, leaving Asiz unable to move.


Asiz injured body fell to the ground but he was still very much alive.

Endric turned to stare in Phinx direction at this point.

"Now its gonna be just me and you," He stated.

Her eyes turned even more serious at this point, 'I have only one more minute of Mimicry left... I need to end it before time runs out,'

Both of them charged at each other in the next instant.


Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

On another side the sound of numerous clashes reverberated across the vicinity as an exchange of blows ensued between Matilda and s.h.i.+rama.

s.h.i.+rama was the biggest sized person in the entire opposing group.

She was looking more mascular than the twins and she was taller than them as well but she looked surprisingly beautiful with a long azure colored hair.

Matilda was currently completely clad in her silvery armor that she cojured initially. A ma.s.sive silver colored Lance was also in her grasp which she continously used to clash with s.h.i.+rama who was almost twice her size.

Zhi! zhi! zhi!

Matilda would stab her silvery Lance forward occasionally with speed while also using several slas.h.i.+ng techniques as well.

It looked like they were evenly matched as s.h.i.+rama would dodge a few of these attacks while also sending forth hers which would in turn causes several loud collisions.

However it was obvious that s.h.i.+rama attacks carried more destructive power than Matilda's.

s.h.i.+rama had long claws which she used in slas.h.i.+ng and countering Matilda attacks. These long blue claws were st.u.r.dy enough to collide with Matilda's lance without suffering any damage.

in fact, they packed so much power that a single slash would send forth sharp energies that woulf rip through layers of the ground before making contact.

Matilda's armor made it so she was able to tank some of the attacks.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Slas.h.!.+ Slas.h.!.+

Afterimages were left across the place as both of them kept sending forth attacks.


Matilda ducked evading an attack and swooped towards the left before swinging out hed lance once again.

s.h.i.+rama leaped upwards dodging the swing and slashed downwards as she descended.

"You're no match for me!" She yelled out as her claws turned from blue to purple.


Chaotic arcs of sharp purplish energies slashed down from above towards Matilda in a bid to rip everything to shreds.

Matilda raised her Lance up and it transformed into a wide silvery s.h.i.+eld.


The sound of collision reverberated across the vicinity as the grounds split open and Matilda's frame sank with the destruction of the grounds.


The ongoing battle was really a crazy one and both sides were finding it difficult to defeat their opponents. Due to this, there was no opportunity to look for Angy or try to figure out where she was as everyone was preoccupied with this.

"They're really battling it out. How foolish," Vin voiced out as they watched from the screens within their isolated room.

"They don't have a choice. It was an ambush," Elevora voiced in response with a disturbed tone.

"Huhuhu maybe they're just playing. I want to join them," Sheila said with an excited tone.

"Angy..." Elevora muttered as she stared at a part of the screen.

"Oh, do you know them?" Sheila questioned.

"They're my friends. It's disturbing to watch them struggle like this but I believe they can handle it," Elevora regained her calm as she watched.

"Hmm they're not bad," Vin stated with an unbothered tone.

"That boy is cute... introduce him to me huhuhu," Sheila said while staring at a particular part of the screens on display.

"He's thirteen... your advances would be considered an act of pedophilia," Elevora revealed.