The Bloodline System - Chapter 1078 Handling Two Opponents

Chapter 1078 Handling Two Opponents

Chapter 1078 Handling Two Opponents

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


"Cosmic finger," He voiced out while joining his index finger to his thumb.

The instant they arrived in front of each other, Yonda flicked hard at Aildris.

A surge of bright crimson energy mixed with golden streams phased out from his fingertip. The energy blasted forward with destructive intensity.

Aildris was shocked at how much power this simple attack carried and it happened to have been released at point blank range. He stopped his attack and opened his eyes at that moment.


"Hmm?" Yonda let out a surprised expression as the vicinity lost color the moment Aildris eyes were open and Aildris suddenly dissappeared right before the surge could hit him.

Fwwhiooorrrhhhh~ Boom!

The energy raged on for hundreds of kilometers destroying everything in its path and leaving another area of cracks up ahead along with uprooted trees.

The others battling around had already distanced themselves from these two who were a.s.sumed to be the strongest so they don't get hit by residual energy.

Aildris appeared right behind Yonda with his palm pus.h.i.+ng forward intensely.

Yonda instantly sensed the presence behind him and turned around at the last moment while waving his ma.s.sive human-sized hand.


Collision was made as both palms collided sending another destructive ripples across the vicinity.

"Ugh!" Aildris groaned as he was sent blasting backwards intensely while urge to puke blood arose from deep within.

Yonda decided not to give him any breathing s.p.a.ce and lunged forward right after him with another attack.

"Cosmic Penetration," His index finger glowed up again as he thrusted it forward with intensity like he was pointing in a direction.

Aildris could sense pressure on his body like a searing heat clawing away on his skin and trying to breakthrough it before the attack even made contact. He knew that if this attack made contact with him, it would most likely rip through him.


On the other side E.E battled the twins, Ighor and Fildhor.

He still held a grudge for the one who had attacked him twice and would have succeeded the second time had it not been for Endric.

Ighor and Fildhor had such good synergy that it reminded him of himself and Gustav.

In this case their synergy was even better as they didn't even leave blindspots or any weaknesses to exploit while they attacked E.E together. This was to be expected since they were twins.

Eitherways, they were battling against E.E who could get himself out of any situation so long as he didn't have to worry about others so they hadn't managed to land a single hit since the battle began.

Both of then had bloodline abilities that complemented each other with Ighor being immensely strong and Fildhor defensive capabilities.

Zing~ Zing~ Zing~ Zing ~ Zing~ Zing~

E.E had already opened over fifty vortexes around them and would occasionally appear from unexpected ones to attack one of them.

Fildhor's body would extend each time and turn black, blocking every hit while Ighor would try to attack E.E the moment he appeared.

Both sides were still unable to land any attack.

E.E was quick enough to sink into another vortex once his attack missed.

'Time to separate them,'

'Time to use that so i can catch him...'

E.E and Ighor both had this thoughts simultaneously.

Ighor closed his eyes in the next instant.

"Reach...." The moment he opened his eyes he stared at a vortex several meters towards the east.


He appeared right in front of it like his body was pulled there through gravity and was about driving his fist right through the vortex when...

"Ighor!" Fildhor yelled out as a sensed something.

The vortexes suddenly turned red before his fist could phase through and in the next instant a large one appeared behind Ighor with an immense suction force.



Ighor body lowered as he stabbed his fingers into the ground in a bid to stop himself from getting pulled into the vortex.

The suction force was so intense, Ighor could feel his skin getting ripped off his body as fought against its might.

"Ighor!" Fildhor yelled out again as he lunged forward to help his brother.

However in the same momemt a vortex appeared in front of him with E.E's body flying out of it.

It was like Fildhor had antic.i.p.ated this and threw a fist directly at E.E's face as E.E dove towards him.

E.E pushed his palm forward at the same momemt to meet Fildhor's fist. However, before collision could be made, a small ring like vortex appeared in front of E.E's palm.

Fildhor couldn't stop his fist at this point and his entire arm ended up phasing into the vortex, disappearing along the way.

The vortex reached his shoulder area before stopping but despite the fact that his arm dissappeared, he could still feel it connected to his shoulder.

This meant his arm was probably just sticking out of a vortex in another location.

He tried pulling his arm out in the next instant but E.E closed his palm into a fist, causing the vortex to tighten around his right shoulder area even more.

"You'll be losing your arm... for now," E.E voiced out as he squeezed his fist even tighter.


To E.E's surprise Fildhor's arm was not cleaved off like he expected. Fildhor's arm had taken the black solid state he had been using to defend all this time.

The vortex was finding it difficult to cleave through his arm due to the thickness.

Fildhor's threw another fist at E.E at this point thinking he had let his guard down...


By the sidelines, E.E wasn't the only one handling two opponents. Endric as well as Falco had to handle two opponents as well.

Endric happened to be taking on Phinx who had temporarily mimicked Yonda's form and an unknown greenscaled MBO officer who kept sending out soundwaves to interrupt Endric.

Yonda was very powerful so it was a bother having to face him alone, talk more of when his telekinesis kept getting disrupted with sounwaves.