The Bloodline System - Chapter 1080 Time Up

Chapter 1080 Time Up

Chapter 1080 Time Up

"He's thirteen... your advances would be considered an act of pedophilia," Elevora revealed.

"Ah I see... make sure to introduce us properly when the time comes... the younger the better huhuhu," Sheila responded with a mischievous grin on her face.

Elevora; "..." 'Did she hear what I said?'

"Looks like time's up," Vin stated, causing them to turn their faces to the area where the timer was counting down.



Less than five seconds were left till the second phase would come to an end.

"They'll have to continue their battle in the next one then," Elevora said in response while letting out a sigh of relief.

The battle could really go eitherways but one sure thing was, a few of them from their group might end up losing. It was favourable that time ran out before the battle got to the point where anyone from the group lost.

Since the battle began only Endric and E.E had managed to defeat one opponent each, causing two out of the opposition group to get disqualified.

While this was good, there was no guarantee that they wouldn't lose people from their sides as well.



Dark Falco and a gigantic serpentine mixedblood with human head clashed again for the umpteenth time before getting blasted in separate directions.

"I will rip you to shreds sc.u.m!" The dark tattoos on Dark Falco increased in length as his eyes glimmered with intense bloodl.u.s.t.

"I will devour you..." The serpentine mixedblood increased in size turning his upper half even more muscular and his snake half bigger.


They both charged forward at this point as Dark Falco claws grew longer and sharper with dark mist emitting from them.

His stretched his arms to the side as he leapt upwards and slashed in a tilted cross like format.

The opponent opened his mouth wide in a bid to swallow Dark Falco and his attack up completely.

While by the side another opponent placed his palm on the ground ready to unleash an attack should his teammate fail.


Before collision could be made a loud announcement rang out.

Zing! Zing! Zing! Zing! Zing! Zing!

A flash of bright light engulfed every single person battling in the vicinity and all across the unknown region as a whole...

They disappeared in the next instant causing the battles to cease.



Falco, E.E and the others let out surprised voices as they arrived in another waiting hall.

The attack Dark Falco was about to use had been completely negated. Every other person involved in the battle earlier too who was about sending attacks or using any type of destructive ability discovered that it had been nullified.

A loud voice resounded in across the place.

Dark Falco tattoos slowly rescinded as Falco took back control before his alter ego could do anything stupid.

"Hey b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Let me destroy that lowlife! Give me control!" Dark Falco kept yelling out to no avail.

Falco was not about to let his alter ego be the cause for his disqualification.

"Are you guys okay?" Aildris questioned as the group came together.

"Yeah," They answered together.

"Just a little bruise," Matilda said as she cleaned the blood at the side of her face.

Aildris and Endric had sustained minor injuries as well considering their opponents were amongst the toughest in the entire opposing group.

E.E was was the only one who battled two opponents without sustaining a single damage during the time. Although he expended a lot of energy and had been injured prior to the start of the group battle.

"Has anyone seen Angy?" Falco questioned with a worried expression.

"We should ask them," Teemee said as he turned to the side where the group they had just fought with were standing.

Yonda, s.h.i.+rama, Phinx and the others were also standing in a kind of encirclement like them discussing.

As they sense the malice filled glares coming from Falco and the others, they turned around as well.

"I'm here guys," A familiar feminine voice was heard from the other end, causing everyone to stare in the direction of the sound.

"Angy!" Matilda yelled out with a look of relieve and ran towards the owner of the voice.

"Tch looks Alessandro and Sarah didn't manage to finish her off," Yonda said with a frustrated tone as he spotted the figure walking in their direction.

"That's why the b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are not here... she managed to take care of them both?" s.h.i.+rama had a look of disbelief as she voiced this out.

"They shouldn't have underestimated her even though she was injured," Phinx shook her head as she said with a low tone.

"Are you okay?" Matilda voiced out with a look of worry as she arrived in front of Angy with the others.

They all voiced out their worries before asking Angy what happened. Angy looked really beaten up but it seemed like she had taken healing solutions as her looks were getting restored right before their very eyes.

"Tch not only did we lose Fildhor but we also lost three others as well," The other twin lamented at the disqualification of his brother along side the other two due to the battle as anger began to arose within him.

"If the battle had gone on for longer we would have whittled out their numbers..."

The opposing group kept speaking with disappointed looks.

"Calm down guys," Angy said with a smile as they kept throwing questions at her.

She stared at a particular direction and spotted the group responsible for setting them up.

"Hold on," Her smile disappeared as she squeezed out of their midst and began walking towards them.

"Hmm?" E.E and Aildris stared at her as she approached them. They didn't bother stopping her knowing fights were not allowed here.

Angy arrived before them and threw out an unyielding glare filled with intent.