The Bloodline System - Chapter 1077 Phinx Mimicry

Chapter 1077 Phinx Mimicry

Chapter 1077 Phinx Mimicry

"Phinx!" Yonda yelled out as stood outside Endric's telekinetic barrier

A lady with silver floating hair nodded as she glowed with whitish light and moved forward.

"Huh?" Endric muttered as he noticed the weird energy coming from this lady.

His eyes widened in shock in the next instant as she walked right through his telekinetic barrier unaffected.


She took Endric by surprise as she suddenly drove a fist into his gut.

Endric was blasted backwards by punch and his telekinetic barrier instantly disappeared.

's.h.i.+t,' Endric cussed internally as his body traveled across the air from the force of the attack.

E.E had gotten surrounded once more and attacks were heading towards him from every direction.

His eyes turned serious as he pointed at he twirled his fingers.


A Vortex appeared right beneath him and he sank into it in the next instant.

The multiple attacks missed as E.E dissappeared.

Endric who was initially blasted away did a flip in mid air and landed on his feet many feet backwards.

'Thanks,' He said Internally and a green glow on his forehead gleamed twice.

"He's up there!" Someone amongst the group of opponents yelled out as they pointed up.

E.E was falling from the sky but they noticed he wasn't alone.

"d.a.m.n it! He got them out!" Yonda voiced as he noticed the multiple figures falling from the vortex that had appeared up above as well.

Everyone had sour looks as they stared upwards and some of them began to send out attacks while this group was still in mid air.

Matilda's body wriggled as her body excreted silvery substance which formed a solid armor that covered her entire being up.

The instant she finished doing this, she pushed forth her palm and the same silvery substance formed a ma.s.sive silvery s.h.i.+eld below them as they fell.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Sounds of explosions rang out as the attacks coming from below collided with her silvery circular s.h.i.+eld without causing any effect.

In a manner of moments they landed on the ground with a loud thud right in the middle of the group of twelve that had orchestrated the ambush.

Aildris scanned across the vicinity for the enemies he had already sensed from the moment he was buried in the hole with the others.

"I thought as much... it was you guys," He voiced out as he spotted the familiar looking faces.

"What did you do with Angy?" Matilda questioned with a loud tone as her voice sounded a bit metallic due to the silvery armor covering her up.

"Oh your teammate?" Yonda questioned as he stood in an attacking format with the others.

"Where is she? She would never lead us into a trap," Falco said as his entire body began radiating with a dark wave of energy.

Everyone seemed to have figured that the person they were initially following, who lead them into a trap was not Angy.

"Hahaha you are indeed correct... that wasn't your teammate," He stated as he turned to the side to stare at someone.

He seemed to be staring at a lady with silver floating hair by his side. Her entire frame was glowing with whitish light.

She turned to the side and stretched forth her hand to touch Yonda.

Upon making contact with him, her body emitted a blinding light and in the next instant she had taken his exact image.


E.E, Aildris and the others voiced out with looks of surprise as they witnesses this.

"Mimicry... A pseudo shapes.h.i.+fting bloodline," Aildris muttered as he stared at them warily.

"As you can guess already, Phinx is able to mimic the form of anything she lays her hands on," Yonda said with a light chuckle after he noticed their confused stares.

Endric who was several meters behind had a look of understanding as he also witnessed the scene.

'She was able to easily phase through my telekinetic barrier because of this... she must have somehow mimicked its attributes...' Endric a.n.a.lysed.

Phinx was the one they had followed initially as it seemed these officers already got Angy after she went to scout ahead for them.

It turned out that she could also use the abilities of anyone or anything she mimicked which made the whole situation very troublesome.

Their enemies were in no way weak and there was still over thirty minutes left before the second phase will come to an end.

'How did she even manage to lay hands on Angy? They're quite capable,' Matilda wondered internally but everyone had similar thoughts.

With Angy speed it would be close to impossible to lay hands on her except they set some kind of trap that worked against her.

"Where is she? What have you done to her?" The darkness emitting from Falco's body kept increasing by the second.

"Worry about yourselves... we're about to send you incompetent officers out of this place. You don't deserve to be here," Yonda yelled out as he began to channel his bloodline energy once more.


His right arm began making creaking sounds as it increased in size and changed to a glowing reddish color with golden lines.

Everyone one else activated their abilities as well as they prepared to deal with E.E, Endric and the others.

The group stared at each other for an instant and already decided on which enemies to handle.

Aildris feeling the intensity from the channeling of bloodlines up ahead knew it wouldn't be best for him to hold back in such a situation.


A loud outburst of energy blasted forth as the two groups charged at one another.

It was down to nine against twelve since Angy was currently missing so three from the group would have to take on six opponents while the others handled the rest.

Aildris went for the most powerful one, Yonda, who happened to be emitting the highest bloodline energy.

"Hehe," Yonda chuckled as they approached each other and he stretched his enlarged arm forward.

"Cosmic finger," He voiced out while joining his index finger to his thumb.

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