The Bloodline System - Chapter 1076 Unexpected Ambush

Chapter 1076 Unexpected Ambush

Chapter 1076 Unexpected Ambush

As he appeared quite the distance away he noticed everyone else was trapped within.

He didn't waste time questioning what was happening at the moment and proceeded to open a vortex that could help the others leave that area.

The instant he opened a vortex, he spotted a gigantic shadow looming over him.

He looked up and spotted two ma.s.sive arms joined slamming down towards him.

E.E wasn't able to react to this quickly as he was focused on the Vortex.


The two fists attached to the top of the arm slammed into him heavily from above causing, flattening the entire vicinity from the impact.


A crater was instantly formed from the impact of the blow which caused shockwaves to spread from the vicinity.

The vortex he opened within the entrapment that had been set for them disappeared the instant the blow was received.

"d.a.m.n it's gone," Falco voiced with a tone of frustration as he noticed the vortex had disappeared a moment after it appeared.

They were currently all at the bottom of the pit that had been created after the ground got leveled with the exception of just a single person.

One person managed to get into the vortex before it could disappear.


The sound of the impact from the blow on the surface caused the underground to tremble as well.

"We have to get out of here as soon as possible," Not knowing what was going on above, Aildris voiced with a tone of urgency.

"Let's hope they will be okay till we get out of here," Matilda voiced with a hopeful tone as everyone prepared to attack the barrier tripping them within.

Above the surface E.E felt like he just got rammed through by multiple mountains as he his opened his eyes.

His sight was still very blurry as his eyes flickered.

'What is going on?' He questioned internally as he slightly raised his head while laying on the ground.

"Take him instantly before he saves the others!"

At the same instant the loud voice was heard, he spotted a figure descending towards him with force. E.E was not in a state to evade the incoming attack which closed in on him in an instant.


Another loud collision rang out as shockwaves spread across the vicinity once more.

"Hmm?" The figure that was descending let out a surprised expression as he found himself blocked, inches away from making contact with E.E.

The man with an ashen white face, ram horns and a seven foot tall frame with muscular bearing turned to the side as he sensed something.


An invisible wall driving at insane speed slammed into his figure sending him flying.

His entire figure spiralled multiple times in mid air before slamming into the ground and tearing cracks across it.

"Are you okay?" Endric voiced from the side as he approached E.E.

"Yeah... I didn't expect that," E.E rubbed his head as he stood to his feet.

"Where the h.e.l.l did these guys come from?" E.E yelled out as he noticed they had been surrounded.

"It's them," Endric stated as he spotted familiar figures.

The edges of the crater was currently surrounded by up to eleven mixedbloods clad in MBO uniforms.

Out of these twelve, four were familiar faces which were none other than the four they had met in the waiting room before the second phase of the selection began. Yonda, s.h.i.+rama and the twin brothers.

Endric had just attacked one of twin brothers a while ago to after saving E.E from getting crushed but they were completely outnumbered in this situation.

"He managed to send Ighor flying with just a single attack... we can't underestimate the Newbies," The other twin brother voiced out.

"Deal with the dark one instantly before he frees the others," The shortest who was also the leader of the gang, Yonda, yelled out.

E.E eyes squinted as he stretched his hand forward in a bid to conjure a vortex but at the same instant one of the enemies appeared right beside him.

This opponent had long dagger like claws that were already sweeping towards E.E hands in a bid to cut them off.

Endric eyeb.a.l.l.s s.h.i.+fted to the side as he followed the attack with precision. He turned with his right palm straightening while also thrusting it forward.

Even though the other person seemed faster and was close to successfully landing the attack, Endric didn't even need to make contact with them.

A telekinetic force blasted forward from his palm, slamming heavily into the opponent.



The opponent groaned and puked out blood as they got blasted away.

It was very difficult to guard against Endric's telekinetic force unless the opponent could use the same amount of force to repel it. They would have to see it coming and measure correctly they could pull it off.

"His will is very powerful, be careful," Yonda voiced out as he also approached from up ahead.

At the same instant Endric managed to blast the other opponent away another one had appeared on E.E's other side.

Endric who was ready to protect E.E so he could successfully conjure another Vortex for the others to be freed had difficulty as two other opponents flanked him from the sides.

At the same moment a red energy orb had been sent forward and others were also sending forth powerful attacks to deal with them.

Endric eyes turned silvery blue as he raised his right foot and stomped it on the ground.

Bang! Shrrroouuummmm~

A telekinetic barrier pushed forth from his frame, stirring up dust as it surrounded himself and E.E.

Bang! Bang! Boom!

Multiple powerful attacks landed on the telekinetic barrier in the next instant causing Endric to groan as he gritted his teeth from the pressure.

E.E didn't waste this opportunity and finally opened a vortex that appeared within the barricaded pit they had trapped the others in.

"Phinx!" Yonda yelled out as stood outside Endric's telekinetic barrier

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