The Bloodline System - Chapter 1075 Non Stop Grinding

Chapter 1075 Non Stop Grinding

Chapter 1075 Non Stop Grinding

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


("Patience... I will reveal something to you after the IYSOP,") The system disclosed.

"Meh that's what you keep saying," Gustav responded with a dismissive tone.

("Remember what I told you about not revealing so much as it would draw the timing of events even more closer than before,") The system stated.

"Sureee... which also means I have to figure most of it out myself," Gustav mumbled with a look of dissatisfaction.


Gustav ignored the system for the rest of the time he was in the bath. There was still so much he didn't know but he also still had lots to do within the time frame.

He was just glad he knew what steps to take in the mean time. He wasn't stuck... yet.


Bang! Bang! Bang! Boom!

Another hole was blasted through a ma.s.sive spider with whitish look and sizzling lava like blood began drizzling out of it.

There were ten people gathered around it unleas.h.i.+ng powerful attacks of all sorts which had inflicted multiple damages on them.

The creature that looked battered due to their attacks with multiple holes in its bod and a couple of its legs missing.

After another hole was blasted through the creature it finally fell to the ground in defeat. Its legs twitched for a bit before the creature finally stopped moving.

"That's another sixty points," Endric voiced out as he fell from the air and landed right behind the corpse.

Everyone else checked their ribbons and could see their points went up by sixty. It was a join effort so the points were shared equally.

Not too far behind them were the corpse of other large creatures similar in look to this one. They mostly looked smaller than this particular one even though they were all large.

Multiple holes, cracks and craters could be seen all across the vicinity which depicted they had really wreaked havoc upon this place.

The corpses scattered across left a pungent smell across the air.


"Blerrgghh!" E.E fell to his knees as he emptied out the contents of his stomach.

Angy who was standing beside him squatted and rubbed his back as he kept emptying out the contents of his stomach.

"Sorry man," Falco voiced as he moved closer.

Everyone had a sympathetic look on their face as they spotted E.E puking. They already knew the reason for this.

"No worries, I'll become numb to it soon," E.E said as he breathed in and out profusely.

A bottle of water appeared in Angy's hand in the next instant and she pa.s.sed it along to E.E.

"Thanks," E.E said before drinking.

"Where the h.e.l.l did those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds come from anyways?" After sipping a particular volume from the bottle, E.E voiced while standing to his feet.

"It's a colony," Falco responded.

"Uh? Isn't colony a term used for a group of ants?" E.E questioned with a confused tone.

"Not the point here... emphasis on group," Falco stated.

"They almost got the jump on us..." E.E said while heaving out a sigh of relief.

"In the meantime don't use your vortexes to rip a being from the inside out," Aildris proposed.

"Hmm? Why not?" E.E asked.

Aildris stared at him like he was hinting, 'Are you really asking me that right now?'

"Oh this? Nah I'm good... I'll have to get used to it anyways," E.E waved it off like it was nothing.

"It's detrimental... I can sense it," Aildris voiced in response.

"Nope it's not," E.E worded with a light chuckle while shrugging it off.

Aildris face lit up with a look of suspiciousness before he spoke again.

"Alright then... but still, take it easy," Aildris advised.

"I'm am as unkillable as a c.o.c.kroach, don't worry about me," E.E brushed it off once more.

"A c.o.c.kroach would be killed with a single stomp though," Falco voiced from the side.

"Shut up Falco, why you ruining my moment?" E.E yelled out with a look of distaste.

"Just stating facts," Falco replied.

E.E; "..."

"Anyways we all have over four thousand points each now... should we take a little break or keep grinding for points?" Aildris questioned while glancing at everyone.

"Wasn't it announced that there are a limited number of Mixedbreeds?" Matilda questioned.

"That is true," Falco added.

"Yeah but do you guys wanna take a break to recover your energies? We've not stopped for over fourteen hours now," Aildris questioned.

"I wanna keep going,"

"Me too,"

"There's no need for break,"

"We're strong enough to handle the entire twenty four hours,"

They voiced out their answer one after the other causing Aildris to nod. After they all agreed to keep going, Aildris turned to stare at E.E again.

"Whatchu looking at me for? I told you I could keep going," E.E voiced out before proceeding to open a vortex.

"Let's go," He voiced out before going through it.

They all proceeded to follow after him.

The second phase of the selection had been ongoing for close to fifteen hours at this point and they hadn't taken a single break in hunting down the mixedbreeds.

They had destroyed Mixedbreeds ranging from level 50 - 98 during this time frame.

The creature they had just handled a while back was a level 98 Mixedbreed and although it had been difficult to defeat especially since it had many underlings, they were able to pull it off.

This was mostly due to E.E who went on a killing spree by opening Vortexes within most of these creatures when they were put in a precarious situation.

Everyone witnessed how truly powerful E.E could be and his capacity to destroy anyone within moments.

Since the Mixedbreeds in this location they were transported to were limited they wanted to make sure they gathered enough points before the other partic.i.p.ants made them scarce.

E.E, Aildris, Endric and the others kept moving from place to place across the location, slaughtering mixedbreeds and gathering more points as the time pa.s.sed.

They occasionally b.u.mped into other partic.i.p.ants in groups during this endeavour but they made sure to head to another location upon seeing if they spotted team was taking care of the mixedbreed they were after.

Time went by very quickly and before everyone knew it, only around an hour was left before the second phase would come to an end.

The group was still moving around at this time and they hadn't come across another Mixedbreed in the last thirty minutes of moving around this region.

"Maybe we should take that break now," Glade suggested.

"Hmm," E.E had a contemplative look on his face.

"There is a possibility every mixedbreed in this region has been killed already," Endric voiced out.

His a.n.a.lysis didn't seem wrong as the limited number of mixedbreeds has already been stated earlier.

With over four hundred powerful Mixedbloods put together in a secluded location like this, total annihilation before twenty four hours was a possibility.

"I still have a lot of energy left though," Teemee stated.

"Me too," Ria voiced out.

"And me,"

Most of them added.

"The issue is with finding a mixedbreed... if we keep checking and we don't see anyone in the next five minutes, we'll be taking that break," Aildris said.

He also wasn't out of energy so he was okay with them still checking but if the mixedbreeds had been completely slaughtered, he felt there was no point.

They kept moving forward and Angy speed across the vicinity checking for creatures around.


A little after three minutes, she appeared in front of everyone and voiced out.

"There's one up ahead,"

Everyone stared in the direction she pointed at and proceeded to start heading northwest.

Angy sped up once more getting ahead of them and they activated their bloodlines ready for battle.

They kept moving for about twenty seconds at full speed and despite not being as quick as Angy they were still pretty fast.

"Hmm? Where is it Angy?" Matilda questioned after noticing Angy's figure had disappeared.

They found themselves on a s.p.a.cious area void of trees but still surrounded by the forestry areas.

"Where is the Mixedbreed? I still can't sense the presence of any creature around here," E.E voiced with a confused expression.

"Guyysss something is..." Matilda didn't get to complete her statement as the ground began quaking intensely.

"What's going on!?" Falco yelled out with a look of confusion.

The ground suddenly leveled and began sinking quickly.

Aildris, Endric and E.E who had the quickest reactions in the group leaped upwards the moment the ground began quaking initially.

However, the instant they did so a ma.s.sive reddish colored cube appeared around the vicinity.


They all slammed into the solid frame of the barrier that suddenly appeared along with Falco and the others who had reached a bit slower.

They were all affected, with the exception of E.E.

He had created a vortex and pulled himself out of the AOE very quickly.