The Bloodline System - Chapter 1074 Telekinetic Division

Chapter 1074 Telekinetic Division

Chapter 1074 Telekinetic Division

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter


Besides that, she was fast enough to evade the explosions so fortunately they all managed to get away from there with the exception of one person.

"Where is Endric?" Aildris voiced out as he looked around.



Angy and E.E yelled out each other's name simultaneously.

"You didn't get him?" E.E questioned with a worried tone.

"I thought you did," Angy responded with a disturbed look as well.

Everyone turned around to stare at the AOC of the explosions.

Despite E.E and Angy getting them a far distance from the location, the impact from the non stop blasts were still spreading to their position.

The winds generated from it were causing their clothes to flap intensely as they squinted their eyes.

"s.h.i.+t," Teemee voiced out as he spotted the continous damage.

"The Tar Bird uses this ability when has been put in a position where there is no other option... It causes millions of explosions within a particular time frame and any enemy within range would be blasted to smithereens, leaving not even a single atomic body part left," Falco explained.

"Angy can you get him?" Aildris questioned.

"The explosions are currently too concentrated... if she runs in at the moment she will be affected," Falco answered before she could.

"I'll still go," Angy voiced out as she adopted a running form.

"...It's already ending," Falco stated.

"What?" Everyone voiced out with looks of confusion as they heard Falco say this.

Truly just as he had voiced out, in the next instant explosions began to reduce.

"It is expected that after this ability wears off, the Tar bird would go into a weakened state due to the high amount of energy needed to trigger such an attack. It is also expected that anyone within the concentrated vicinity would be destroyed too so..." Falco explained with a tone of implication.

"That's not..." Just as Matilda was about speaking they sensed a violet outburst of energy from up ahead.

"Huh?" Everyone was instantly on the alert.


E.E opened up a vortex and they began to jump in.

As they arrived within a gigantic crater covering more than fifty thousand feet, they met a gigantic corpse.

A familiar figure was standing on the blackened ground, right in front of the ma.s.sive creature's corpse.

The corpse was split into two halves according to what they could see and blood oozed out like a fountain. They couldn't help but stare at him with bewildered expressions.

"Endric?" E.E voiced out.


Sconds earlier before the explosions began Endric waved his fingers in a weird manner within the covering of the black smoke.

An invisible telekinetic dome appeared around him in the next instant and pulled all the black smoke out of the dome with him.

"Will Empowerment," Endric clasped his hands together as he strengthened the telekinetic dome surrounding his figure.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The explosions began ringing out repeatedly causing the ground he was standing on to begin crumbling as it sank.

However even with this, Endric remained focused in keeping the dome active while the explosions kept ringing out.

His legs buckled occasionally and he was so close to losing it but he managed to scale through. This was due to the fact that even though the explosions were very destructive within a particular range, they didn't last for a very long time.

Immediately after the explosions ended, Endric got rid of the barrier and breathed in and out profusely.


He waved his hands and the smoke surrounding him instantly vanished from the wind generated.

"It's in a weakened state," He spotted the Tar bird up ahead making some weird sounds as it stood in place.

It's entire flesh seemed like it was wriggling as well which also depicted that its skin might be softer than before.

"Time to die," Endric eyes turned silvery blue as he joined his right index finger to the middle on and raised it.

A burst of energy was sent forth from his being as he charged himself up causing the creature to be alerted. However the others were alerted as well upon this outburst of energy.

The creature raised its wings as quickly as it could, ready to flap it and run away but Endric was quicker.

"Telekinetic division," He voiced out as he raised his hand with the two fingers joined together.

He flung it down in the next instant like he was swinging at someone with a blade.


An Intense and sharp telekinetic line cut forward crazily, causing the grounds to split open with cracks as it traveled towards the creature.

Upon collision, it instantly cut through the creature from the middle of its head down to its rear area. The attack kept traveling forward for another three thousand feet destroying everything in its path before it stopped.

The creature that had managed to flap once, only had both halves of its body ascend into air for a few feet before they fell back towards the ground with blood gus.h.i.+ng out intensely.

Endric eyes returned to normal at the same instant a vortex appeared behind him.

"Endric," He heard a familiar voice call out to him.

He turned around at this point and spotted the calvary.

"Are you alright?" Aildris questioned.

"Never been better," Endric responded with a slight nod.

"I took care of the creature," He added.

"We can see that," Angy said as she moved forward to inspect the creature.

"The points... they updated," Teemee stated as he stared at the ribbon strapped to his wrist.

"Fifty points," Ria confirmed.

Everyone else nodded as well as they had also gotten equal points from the creature getting destroyed despite Endric being the person who landed the finis.h.i.+ng blow.

Now it looked like Endric was strong enough to take care of such high leveled Mixedbreed himself .

"Falco you know better about the Mixedbreeds than anyone else so warn us ealier about such situations next time," Aildris said.

"I didn't think we'd inflict enough damage on it within such little time that would cause it to use that, my bad," Falco responded with an apologetic tone.

'I didn't remember till I saw the smoke... Gustav is way more knowledgeable than I am in the mixedbreed aspect though,' These were Falco thoughts internally as he recalled Gustav was responsible for making Falco learn more about Mixedbreeds.

This was mostly due to Falco looking for an answer for having Dark Falco within him and Gustav put him up to study in all parameters.

"Everyone has around four hundred points now..." E.E voiced out.

"Let's keep moving then... we still have a whole lot to hunt and a high number of points to acc.u.mulate," Aildris urged as he began to move forward.

They all followed after him with looks of enthusiasm.


Within a large warm bath, Gustav heaved a sigh of relief.

"At least the house has been repaired," He muttered as he leaned his back against the wall within the bath.

The soapy water reached a little above his abs and his chest was on display.

There was an occasional golden spark in the middle of his chest but it would dissappear the instant it gleamed so it was barely noticeable.

("What do you plan on doing about the Genxodus?") The system questioned.

"You live in me... read my mind," Gustav responded.

("I don't want to go through the trouble... you guard your thoughts a lot these days,") The system stated with a irritated tone.

"Oh? Hahaha that's just my mental state getting more powerful," Gustav clarified.

("I would still have access to your inner thoughts even though it proved very difficult but now it's like I can't even invade anymore...") The system pointed out.

"Of course... that's my inner mind. Man needs a little privacy lurker," Gustav chuckled as he voiced out.

("Hmph! I live in you, there shouldn't be any privacy at all,") The system voice had turned sour as the girly tone turned shrill.

"Haha no..."


"Anyways... I don't really have plans for them at the moment. With the information we got the last time and my a.n.a.lysis of the current status, its up to them to make investigations," Gustav began voicing out.

"As I have mentioned before, they most likely have other work stations underground just like the last one and these work stations will not be abandoned because they have no idea I already found one of them... the MBO just needs to find the locations now. I will be able to act after they have done so," Gustav added with a tone of interest.

("Hmm, so till that time, it's back to working on the s.p.a.ce device and Scientist Zil's research?") The system inquired.

"Precisely," Gustav responded.

"Especially since you have failed to give me more information on the incoming doom so I'll have find out myself," Gustav added.

("Patience... I will reveal something to you after the IYSOP,") The system disclosed.