The Bloodline System - Chapter 1073 The Second Phase

Chapter 1073 The Second Phase

Chapter 1073 The Second Phase

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter


"Not enough, we have to find more powerful Mixedbreeds... That way we'd get better points when there collective effort in putting it down," Aildris voiced out.

They all agreed with Aildris point of view and proceeded to move forward.

This phase of the selection was one where individuality was a better option. This was due to the fact that killing certain levels of mixedbreed brought about points.

When they dealt with the mixedbreed together, the points would have to be shared amongst them but if a person was to deal with a Mixedbreed solo all the points would go only to that one person.

The reasons they still decided to do this as a team was not only because combined effort made it easier to get rid of higher leveled Mixedbreed but because anyone of them could into the officers they met in the waiting room earlier.

Meeting them individually would be a problem but if they were together when that happened, they could easily watch each other's back.

The four had a large group of MBO officers they had managed to sway so there was no doubt that meeting individually would end up bad for anyone from their team perhaps besides Angy since she was pretty fast.

They just decided they would have to deal with higher leveled mixedbreeds together especially since it wasn't very wise dealing with one without a team anyways.

There was no limit to how many points the partic.i.p.ants could acc.u.mulate, neither was there an announcement on the number of points needed to proceed to the next phase.

It was obvious that only the partic.i.p.ants that had managed to acc.u.mulate the highest points before the timer ran out would successfully move on to the next phase.

Currently they still had over twenty two hours left since it was a twenty four hours long phase.

The ribbons that were initially in their grasp was now wrapped around their wrists and displayed a screen which had numbers on them.

This screen happened to be displaying the timer as well as the points acc.u.mulated by the partic.i.p.ant wearing it.

It also had one more function which was the detection of nearby mixedbreeds with its level.

"Level 57 Knoix Mixedbreed up northwards," Falco voiced out.

"Too low, we're skipping," Aildris stated as they made a small turn to alter their direction.

They were currently on a spa.r.s.e forest path with some trees scattered across the place but the further they travelled the the forest turned.

Each of the trees here were the height of high rise buildings with a bunch of silver purplish leaves all around the branches. These branches had turned into a canopy that almost completely blocked out the rays of light from above.

It was as if they were moving in darkness currently but mixedbloods of their level all had honed senses so this wasn't a problem.

The location of the current phase had some really weird terrains but they still had over twenty hours to figure things out.

They kept running for a few more minutes before they got another mixedbreed on the radar.

"A Level 92 Tar bird mixedbreed," Falco announced.

"It might be a bit inconveniencing since it is capable of flight but we can defeat it... that's 500 worth of points," Aildris voiced out.

Everyone nodded in response ready to engage as they charged forward past a few trees.

They spotted a ma.s.sive nest stringed together and held from multiple angles by vine looking threads. This nest was really as gigantic as multiple buildings joined and there was no doubt that the Tar Bird Mixedbreed was a large one.


A loud shrieking sound reverberated all across the vicinity as the creature sensed the presence of intruders.

The nest shook vigorously as a head with a ma.s.sive beak peered through the top. The bird had two ma.s.sive black eyes by the side of its head and two smaller red ones side by side in the middle.

It's head was dark and murky looking. It stood up completely and raised its wings which were extremely gigantic as well. Its entire body had red glowing lines around while black patches that looked very thick covered most parts.

"Yosh, everyone let's do this," E.E shouted as he opened a vortex the instant the creature flapped its wings.

Everyone spread out in the next instant as the creature blasted forward.


Heavy winds spread across the place with a single flap of its wings, causing the trees around to arc and leaves to be blown across the place.


The creature landed where they stood intially but everyone had managed to move from that spot on time.

E.E had gone through his vortex arriving hundreds of feet in the air. He began free falling towards the creature as he stretched forth his hand to open another vortex.


Angy was speeding around the creature increasing its ire and confusing as it found it difficult to react to her speed.

Dark Falco had taken over and was charging towards the creature from behind while Endric was preparing a telekinetic attack from the left.

Glade had conjured her ma.s.sive red glowing sickles and flung them from the right. Teemee was charging forward as well as a reddish light surrounded his figure.

Matilda had taken on a silvery armor form beside him and held out a Lance that was radiating with immense energy.

Aildris was the only one leaping towards the creature from up front with his eyes closed.

The creature could tell it was getting flanked from all angles despite Angy confusing its senses by speeding around it.

It spread out its wings and flapped once more in a bid to move but the ma.s.sive vortex E.E had opened up appeared right below it.


The vortex closed up around the legs of the Tar Bird trapping it in place.


Even after flapping its wings, it was unable to get out of E.E's vortex that had trapped it in place.

At this same instant the multiple attacks arrived before it.

Endric's wave of telekinetic wall rushed forward and slammed into the creature from the side multiple times causing loud sounds of collusion to reverberate across the vicinity.

Glade's sickles increased in size as they travelled forward, becoming more than forty feet in length each before colliding with the body of the mixedbreed.

Ria who had been conjuring multiple ma.s.sive boulders sent them forward with intensity causing them to crash repeatedly into the creature's back.

Aildris, Angy, Matilda and Teemee all attacked in close quarters as they rained barrages on fists on the body of the creature after closing in on it.

After making contact with its skin, they realised how truly st.u.r.dy the creature's body was and urged for the others to keep sending attacks towards it.

E.E had landed on its back at this point but he didn't attack because he had to hold concentration for the Vortex he used in trapping the lower half of the creature's body.

The mixedbreed was not weak at all so it was very difficult to maintain this and he knew a single slip up could cause him to lose the hold so focus was necessary.

Their attacks were working but they were still far from completely dealing with the creature because its outer covering was like an armor that reduced the impact of their attacks a lot.


The creature shrieked out again in pain as black smoke suddenly began phasing out of its body.

"Uh?" Everyone had looks of confusion as they spotted the black smoke phasing out of its body.

"We have to distance ourselves right now..." Falco yelled out as he seemed to be the only one aware of what this meant.

However the smoke had completely spread across thousands of feet in barely an instant and was still spreading so they had found themselves within it before they even had the chance to react.

Everyone turned around at this point to distance themselves but in the next instant...

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

A series of explosions rang out across the vicinity as the smokes began exploding.

The region was instantly turned into a explosion ground as these explosions kept ringing out repeatedly.

Each one was pretty powerful and with so many exploding at once, the destructive ripples getting spread across the vicinity was no joke.


A silver streak strode across the region back and forth without getting affected nirthwards while a vortex also appeared thousands of feet away and a couple of people jumped out of it.

Black smoke also phased out but the vortex quickly closed up just as it had appeared.

E.E had opened vortexes for some of them at the moment Falco advised them to distance themselves while Angy had used her speed to escape the AOC.

Angy could move as fast as three hundred thousand feet in a single instant in her base form so she was able to carry others back and forth before the explosion could spread across the entire area.

Besides that, she was fast enough to evade the explosions so fortunately they all managed to get away from there with the exception of one person.