The Bloodline System - Chapter 1072 Childish Sheila

Chapter 1072 Childish Sheila

Chapter 1072 Childish Sheila

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter


"Daum... what a waste..." Gradier Xanatus voiced out with a slightly disappointed look.

"I did get something though..." Gustav disclosed causing Gradier Xanatus face to light up with a look of interest.

"Which is?" Gradier Xanatus questioned.

"Hold on..." Gustav said as he placed his index finger on his forehead.

("I'll transfer the little data I was able to retrieve without activating the trap,") The system voiced in his mind.

After a few seconds a holographic screen within the aircraft popped up and multiple rows of data began displaying along with a few footage.

"How did you get this?" Gradier Xanatus questioned with an awe stricken expression.

"That is not important... focus on the data and you guys can make plans based on what is revealed from there," Gustav responded.

"I'll get some people to a.n.a.lyse it so we can find out more on the Genxodus," Gradier Xantus nodded.

"Keep me posted... might not be able to get them today but I plan to destroy them," Gustav stated as he took his seat.

"Today was a really long day... I wanna go home and rest now," He added as he strapped in.

Gradier Xanatus strapped in as well and the aircraft proceeded to lift off into the sky after a couple of seconds.

Gustav had decided he would go back to dealing with his issues and the matters he had to work on in the meantime. Getting rid of the Genxodus wasn't a one day work and he was well aware of that.

He still had multiple things he had to take care of before IYSOP began so he didn't really have much time. However he did decide that if he completed the things on his list earlier, he would definitely join the IYSOP training before it ended.

There was nothing wrong with training since there was no such thing as over preparation. Being more prepared increased Earth's chances of winning anyways.

'The selection should have begun by now... I trust they'll do well,' Gustav said internally as he heaved a low sigh of relief.

He knew there was nothing to be worried about since they even had Endric as an addition on their side. So long as they weren't pitted against each other, Gustav didn't doubt that they would all get into the main team.


"So the higher the level of Mixedbreed we get rid of, the higher the points?"

Within an isolated room an unknown dark skinned girl questioned.

"Seems like it..." A guy seating beside her responded.

On a large screen in front of the three people seated here, they could see multiple partic.i.p.ants moving around in a particular location.

Within this location, they would occasionally into Mixedbreeds and battle with them.

"Ahhh its so boring to sit here and just watch," She voiced out with a dissatisfied tone next.

"Sheila *sigh* can't you just sit in one place without complaining for a second?" The other guy spoke once more.

"Meh unlike you I like fun. You love boredom too much Vin," Sheila shrugged while voicing out with a ridiculing expression.

"Tch, I'll just ignore you for the rest of the selection," Vin said while closing his eyes and folding his arms.

"Hehehe Vin Vin," She jumped up from her seat at this point and moved towards him.

His face scrunched as he felt a finger poking at his face.

"Oy oy Vin Vin Vin you can't ignore me hehhehe," She laughed childishly as she poked his face repeatedly.

She moved to the left and poked his forehead, then moved to his back and poked the side of his neck. At this point his face was squeezed up as he displayed a look of annoyance.

"Heyyyy!" He grabbed her finger at this point as he opened his eyes.

"Stop being a nuisance," He shouted.

"Huhuhu you're no fun Vin hehehe," She chuckled repeatedly as she proceeded to withdraw her finger.

"I'll just play with the beautiful sis instead hmph!" She said while turning to the side to stare at the other girl who had been here all this time.

It was a very beautiful girl with three pigtails and a violet colored hair tye wrapped around her forehead.

She had been seating here silently this whole time watching the holographic screens that displayed the partic.i.p.ants going through the second phase.

Sheila moved towards her and reached out to try and poke her but the moment she did, the girl turned to the side to stare at her.

"Eekk her eyes look scary," Sheila paused her movement as she voiced out with a frightened tone.

"But I still wanna play with her," Sheila added as a smile appeared on her face and she reached out to try and poke the girl once more.

"If you're bored you could go and join them... I'm sure they'll be willing to let you join the selection," Elevora voiced out causing Sheila to pause.

"Hmmmmmm," Sheila placed her fingers on her lips as she dawned a contemplative expression.

"That sounds fun but they're too weak, I'd destroy every one of them," She voiced out and added a playful chuckle chuckle afterwards.

Elevora didn't bother responding after hearing this and turned to face the screen afterwards.

"What's the headtie for sis?" Sheila questioned with an intrigued expression as she began running her fingers across the headtie on Elevora's head.

"Sis?" Elevora said with a look of confusion.

"Yesssss you're my sis neow we'll work together in the future," Sheila said with a look of enthusiasm as she grabbed Elevora's hands and held them together to her chest with a caring look.

"Sis, I can tell there is immense power hidden underneath that headtie, we'll conquer planets together!" Sheila voiced out with an intense look.

"...okay," Elevora retained an expressionless look as she answered.

The situation was all to weird to her but she neither disliked or liked it so she remained neutral.

"Sheila don't bother the young lady," Vin voiced from the side after hearing Sheila's incessant babblings.

"Meh you didn't wanna play with me so sis will do a better job," Sheila voiced out with a look of defiance as she stared in Vin's direction.

Both of them began arguing back and forth and Sheila proceeded to move towards him and bit his ear after their argument turned heated.

'What a strange girl...' Elevora could not help but say this internally.

It was still a shock to her that Sheila was one of the two people who she sensed to be Kilo ranked earlier.

It turned out the others might be lucky since Sheila already had a reserved slot on the main team like her and Gustav so she didn't have to partic.i.p.ate in the selection.

Vin was also reserved a slot so that made it four of them who were reserved a slot from the very beginning. Vin and Sheila seemed to be familiar with each other as Vin didn't seem bothered about her personality like he was already used to it.

Unfortunately Vin wasn't the other mixedblood who was Kilo ranked. Elevora had already sensed his bloodline to be at the peak of Echo rank which was higher than hers but still not up to Kilo rank.

She was a bit surprised that the other Kilo ranked was not reserved a slot whereas herself and another Echo rank were given slots.

Despite Gustav being an Echo rank as well she didn't question that he got a spot specially because Gustav could not be compared to normal mixedbloods so his case still made sense.

Thinking about it, the only way she could make sense of her own case was the fact that she was younger. Sheila and Vin were both officers in the MBO and had been in service for up to a year so there was no doubt that they were at least twenty year old.

Despite Sheila acting all childish, it made sense how she was a Kilo ranked being up to twenty years old. What she said about destroying the others if she entered the selection was not in anyway false as she wasn't just a Kilo ranked but a third step Kilo ranked.

She was no doubt the most powerful Mixedblood partic.i.p.ating in IYSOP with the exception of Gustav since they couldn't judge Gustav prowess by normal means.

The most powerful was definitely between them both.

Elevora decided to stop thinking about this for now and focused more on a particular part of the screen.

'They're doing well so far... I hope they make the main team,' She said internally as she watched.


"That's a level 69 Furry Giant successfully dealt with," E.E voiced out as he stared at the corpse of the creature on the ground in front.

"It only gives a hundred points," Falco added.

"That's ten point each since there's ten of us," Angy clarified.

"Not enough, we have to find more powerful Mixedbreeds... That way we'd get better points when there collective effort in putting it down," Aildris voiced out.