The Bloodline System - Chapter 1071 A Work Station?

Chapter 1071 A Work Station?

Chapter 1071 A Work Station?

At this moment, E.E, Ria and Teemee stepped forward as well and proceeded to stand opposite the other three.

Despite their height, the others did not back down and stared up at the opposition with intense expressions.

Falco face turned dark as tattoos appeared all over.

"Ehhh! Who are these low life displaying their weakness!" Dark Falco yelled out as he also stepped forward.

They all stopped Endric from facing these four as they felt the need to protect him as Gustav's little brother.

"Hmm hahahaha," The short one began laughing hysterically after a brief silence.

"Good good show off... if you know what's best for you work with us to make sure every single private organization partic.i.p.ant fail in the next phase. They shouldn't be here in the first place because the chance to represent the planet should belong only to the MBO," He added.

"Pa.s.s. We'll only focus on successfully getting through the next phase. You guys can do whatever you want," Aildris turned their offer down instantly.

"Do you guys wish to be isolated from the others? If you fail to work together with your fellow officers to eradicate the that shouldn't be here we shall offer you the same treatment as them," The bulky girl voiced out next.

"We're not interested in joining you to ambush others except the instructions for the next phase centers on that, which i highly doubt," Aildris declined once more.

"s.h.i.+rama let's go," The short officer voiced as he turned around.

"Aye Yonda," s.h.i.+rama responded as she also turned around.

"If we ever get pitted against each other in any of the next phases, you guys are dead meat," s.h.i.+rama added as he walked away.

"Nice to meet you too," Aildris stated with a smile as he waved while they walked away.

"There we go... making enemies again," Falco voiced out as he regained control from his alter ego.

"Man up," Teemee said in response while tapping his shoulder.

"*sigh* y'all are really getting influenced by Gustav's ability to attract trouble," Falco facepalmed while speaking.

"Sorry about that," Endric apologised.

"You're not to blame for the behaviour of others," Aildris said in response.

The whole situation of turning on the others just because they're not a part of the MBO just didn't make sense to Aildris.

It was a compet.i.tive selection so he felt it was understandable if they were pitted against each other due to conditions or instructions. In that case he wouldn't hesitate to do what needed to be done but he decided he won't be a part to what these ones were planning just for the sake of leaving the slots open to just MBO officers.

"We'll need to watch out though. Hopefully the next phase will be favourable enough so we don't get jumped by our fellow officers," E.E stated.

"I'm sure we're not the only ones who refused them so it won't be that bad but we definitely have time be careful," Aildris responded with a look of contemplation.


A loud voice rang out in the next instant.

------------<> ing here, he was glad he found this place.

'They certainly have more places like this... interesting,' A smirk appeared on Gustav's face as he moved out.


"So we can't go down there?" Gradier Xanatus questioned Gustav after he arrived within the aircraft.

"No. The traps will be triggered the moment any presence is detected. I'm afraid you guys can't get any data from there especially since they already fled," Gustav explained.

"Daum... what a waste..." Gradier Xanatus voiced out with a slightly disappointed look.

"I did get something though..."

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