The Bloodline System - Chapter 1059 Interrogation Discoveries

Chapter 1059 Interrogation Discoveries

Chapter 1059 Interrogation Discoveries

These ones are slightly higher in level compared to the others, Gustav disclosed.

Thats why they dont have cams and bombs inplanted in their heads? Gradier Xanatus found this answer to be a little weird.

They have a hierarchy and in this hierarchy once youre at a particular level, according to the leaders the trust has been established so they take out the head cam and bomb but the lower leveled ones retain the cam and bomb inplanted in their heads, Gustav explained.

Whenever theyre on missions they send the teams mixed so the higher ups or commanders get to see footage of what is happening in the mission location which is why there were mixed in this one as well, He added.

Gustav explained how the aircraft that was headed for his house to take him to whenever they were supposed to after subduing him, turned around before arriving here.

It was all due to the cams so they were aware of how Gustav had overpowered the others since they were watching.

Thats hmm how did you get them to spill? Gradier Xanatus was surprised Gustav got this much info out of them.

Interrogation By reaching into theirs minds, Gustav replied.

Did you get their location though? Gradier Xanatus questioned.

Unfortunately the information I have revealed to you so far come from a collection of minds. I had to take different parts of information from separate minds before joining them so I wasnt able to garner so much information their minds couldnt take any more before I got to the part where I could retrieve information about their hideout, Gustv explained.

Gradier Xanatus had a slightly disappointed look on his face as he heard this.

Slarkovs have normal strength like humans so they cant handle my ability like Mixedbloods but I did get the location they were supposed to deliver me to, Gustav disclosed.

Really? Gradier Xanatuss face lit up with a look of interest.

Yeah. Even though their mission ended up being a burst and they wont be expected we could still check out that location, Gustav responded.

Its definitely a good lead and the only one we have in the meantime as well, Gradier Xanatus stated.

Also I didnt completely destroy the aircraft so the MBO technicians could go check out their map data to see if they can trace where they took off from, Gustav voiced out.

Hmm Ill tell them to do just that, Gradier Xanatus replied.

What do you wanna do now? Gradier Xanatus questioned.

I want to head to the location? Gustav replied.

You definitely need a team. You dont know what you might meet there, Gradier Xanatus suggested.

My team is currently unavailable so Ill have to go myself, Gustav said while shrugging his shoulders.

Then let me help you gather a new one, Gradier Xanatus voiced out once more.

Nah, I prefer working alone anyways, Gustav shook his head slightly while responding.

Then let me help you gather a new one, Gradier Xanatus voiced out once more.

Nah, I prefer working alone anyways, Gustav shook his head slightly while responding.

Then I will come with you, Gradier Xanatus stated.


I wont back down on this one,

Gradier Xanatus stood his ground.

You dont have to watch out for me every time. Im not a baby, I can handle it myself, Gustav indirectly turned Gradier Xanatus down.

The young Miss will be on my neck if youre put in harms way again, Gradier Xanatus said.

Shes millions of miles away, dont worry youre safe, Gustav chuckled.

I insist,

Youll slow me down. Its safer for you to stay back,

What? I am still stronger than you are,

Im sure you dont believe that besides Im faster oh s.h.i.+t I dont have my dimensional bracelet, Gustav suddenly recalled this.

Which means you cant easily escape if something unexpected happens Im coming with, Gradier Xanatus closed off the argument with this.

Gustav knew theyd keep this going for two long if he still decided to argue back so he just let it end here.

Alright, but you stay in the aircraft some distance away while I observe the location myself I know how to remain unseen, Gustav felt a subtle approach would be better when they arrived at the location.

Gradier Xanatus agreed to this term and they proceeded to head towards one of the aircraft.

Despite being of higher rank in the MBO than Gustav, Gradier Xanatus was starting to look like a subordinate when it came to issues relating to Gustav.

Gustav was only actually trying to protect him just like he wanted to protect everyone he considered important in his life. Gradier Xanatus happened to be one of those people and he would rather put himself in harms ways than any one of the people he cherished because he never wanted a repet.i.tion of Boss Danzos case.

Gustav decided to head to the location this fast instead of waiting mostly because his house was already a bust.

During the time he was away, he expected it to get fixed so he would come back to a rebounded and cleared the place.

The MBO was already taking care of the issue so he wasnt bothered. He was also rethinking whether or not to continue living there in the meantime.

After some time Gustav decided he would still live there even though the location had gotten a little compromised.

If they want to send more people after me, it would be perfect let them come, I will be expecting, This thought crossed Gustavs mind as their blazed across the sky in the aircraft.

There was one thing that bothered Gustav the most. He didnt get this information from the others he interrogated with his mind so it was even more intriguing and he was interested in figuring it out.

Why exactly are they after me? Gustav questioned internally with a look of curiosity.

He felt this might have to do with the fact that he was responsible for ending their main sponsor and one of their founders, Yung Jo.