The Bloodline System - Chapter 1058 Increased Enmity

Chapter 1058 Increased Enmity

Chapter 1058 Increased Enmity

Authors Note: Unedited Chapters

At this point he had already called Gradier Xanatus, explaining the current situation to him and telling him not to bring a lot of MBO officers here because he still wanted this place to remain a secret.

Gustav had to hold on and in the process he began to interrogate the members of Genxodus he abducted.

He wanted to find out why the others didnt get the same treatment with the ones he first dealt with and how their heads hadnt exploded yet.

[G.o.d Eyes Has Been Activated]

Gustav looked through the skulls of these Genxodus members one after the other first while they were still unconscious.

These four have the bombs and cams in their brain Gustav spotted four out of the Genxodus members who had mini cams and bombs implanted in their heads.

He moved towards them and stretched out his hand.

These ones have to go, Gustav muttered as his palms glowed with milky colored light.

[Atomic Disintegration Has Been Activated]

Gustav proceeded to wrap his hand around the first one head and disintegrated it into nothingness with atomic disintegration.

The entire head was gone, from the brain, to the skull, to the blood and practically every tissue, nothing was left after Gustav was done.


The headless body fell to the floor in the next instant.

Gustav proceeded to grab hold of the next Genxodus member with a bomb and cam implanted in their skull and performed the same action.


In an unknown location a group of masked people watched an holographic display together.

The entire vicinity was dark and there were hundreds of them cl.u.s.tered in this unknown location together watching this footage.

They could see a figure with dirty blonde hair destroying heads one after the other.

The holographic screens on display would lessen by one after he destroyed a head.

-Are we just going to sit back and watch him slaughter our kind like this?

-This is an unjust act against the Slakovs,

-Gustav Crimson is no hero! He is a villain and needs to be destroyed!

These masked people began to yell out one after the other as the holographic screen only had one on display at the moment.

-He must be destroyed!

As they yelled out, the figure on screen had his hand wrapped around the head of the last person who the footage seemed to be coming from.

Dont worry fools, Ill come for you lots,

The figure on display voiced out before destroying the last head.


Static sounds rang out next as every of the holographic screens stopped displaying footage.

The crowd began to yell out the injustice that they had just witnessed and the atmosphere turned heated.


A bright light suddenly landed on a particular area within this unknown structure. It fell upon a figure clad in silver colored outfit and helmet.

Everyone relax, The instant he voiced out, the place quietened.

As you all know, Gustav Crimson isnt an easy opponent He paused for a bit as he arrived at this point.

Nonetheless we will make sure to get rid of him as soon as possible especially now that he seeks to rid the earth of our freedom organisation, The unknown silver armored man voiced out once more.

He will now be placed on our priority list however unlike this failed mission we shall send powerful mixedbloods after him,

After voicing this out, the entire place was filled with chatters once more. Some voiced out their surprise at this sudden decision and others had different thoughts as well as opinions.

-How can we make use of Mixedbloods when were trying to get rid of them?

-Isnt that hypocrisy? Trying to use what were fighting against?

Some of them voiced out disagreements as well.

Relax everyone, The silver armored man voiced out once more causing the place to quieten.

Look at it this way were using the opposition to get rid of the opposition. These idiots lack the unity we do, pay them off and theyll be getting rid of each other without us having to put in a single effort He paused a bit as he got to this point, noting the expressions of the audience in front of him that were starting to look favourable.

Those fools would easily kill their fellow species for money since theyre a corrupted bunch, we just have to use them to our advantage. This way we can even protect our kind better since it would be dangerous sending our own kind after some of them as you know we value the lives of our brothers and sisters unlike those animals,

At this point cheers could be heard coming from every direction. With the explanation of this man in silver armor the rest of the members currently in this location wholeheartedly agreed with the method they were going to use to get rid of Gustav.

They were going to capitalise on the division between Mixedbloods.


You really redecorated the entire living room, Gradier Xanatus voiced out as he stood in Gustavs living room.

Blame them I still wonder how they figured out the location of my house, Gustav voiced in response.

Might be sloppiness on the part of the world government or with Genxodus high end technology they could easily source out the information by hacking into the government database or there could be a mole, Gradier Xanatus listed out these options which Gustav nodded to.

All which you have already thought about, Gradier Xanatus noted Gustavs expression.

And more but actually every single one of these options may be correct. We have Slakovs working with the world government as well, Gustav voiced with a tone of a.n.a.lysis.

So what was the reason the heads of the others didnt explode? Gradier Xanatus questioned as they moved outside.

A few MBO officers could be seen moving the Genxodus members into an aircraft parked in Gustavs runway.

They were all restrained and had some mouth guards strapped to their mouth as well since it was recalled that the first Genxodus member Gradier Xanatus and Red Shadow caught committed suicide through his mouth.