The Bloodline System - Chapter 1060 The Selection

Chapter 1060 The Selection

Chapter 1060 The Selection

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Still, Gustav also felt it might be more than that and there was an ulterior motive. It was the first time he was seeing the Genxodus trying to abduct a mixedblood instead of actually killing them.

Anyhow things went now he was sure they were now on each others radar and the two sides would not back down until one of them was gotten rid of.


Chatter! Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

In the middle of a plain ice land that spanned across hundreds of miles groups of youngsters could be seen cl.u.s.tered together.

They stood in place and discussed with one another causing the sound of chatters to reverberate across the entire vicinity.

There are so many unknown faces here, Falco voiced out with a look of curiosity.

There is no weak person here Matilda said while looking around.

These were all youngsters here but everyone exuded powerful bloodline energy as if in a bid to intimidate the others.

Since 20 years is the limit we definitely have some here who are below the age of 21 but up to 20 years already theyve had longer time to channel their bloodlines, Aildris a.n.a.lysed why some were this powerful.

Their group were amongst the set of MBO cadets that finished early so they were still around 18 years old. Some of these contenders were over two years older than they were.

Gustav was the only one that was up to 19 years old amongst them all. They were relatively amongst the small ratio of the youngest IYSOP candidates.

They had seen a few familiar faces from their set in the MBO but these were only other special that had completed their training session in the MBO camp.

There were also actual MBO officers who had finished from the MBO camp and had been on duty for up to a year. These even had higher ranks in the MBO.

The number of people here was in the hundreds and the number of slots left to be on the main team was only sixteen.

The main team had a total of twenty slots but four had already been occupied. Gustav and Elevora occupied two of the four slots and the other two who had occupied the rest were currently unknown.

This is not gonna be easy, Teemee said with a low tone.

With these numbers, it will take at least two to three days before the selection is complete, Aildris mumbled.

Well at least making the subst.i.tute team would be possible for everyone here, E.E said while shrugging his shoulders.

The subst.i.tute team had around 30 slots which made the total amount of slots with the main team included, fifty in number.

According to the announcement that had been pa.s.sed upon their arrival here, those with excellent performances who were unable to make the main team would be put on the subst.i.tute team.

Whats the point of being in a subst.i.tute team? Hmph! I must get a slot on the main team and battle alongside my rival! Ria voiced with enthusiasm.

There are multiple peak Echo ranked partic.i.p.ants but I think you guys would still be able to put up a fight Elevora said with a tone of encouragement.

The ones you guys should try to avoid the most are the two persons here who have already achieved the Kilo ranks, She added.



They exclaimed with looks of disbelief as they heard that.

Theres a Kilo rank? Angy voiced out with a worried tone.

Not one but two, Elevora responded.

While they knew there were a lot of Mixedbloods with higher bloodline rank than them, they had no idea that some of them had achieved the Kilo rank.

In their group, Falco, Matilda, Ria, Vera, Teemee and Glade were still at the peak of Falcon rank so this new situation worried Aildris and the others.

Every one of them was capable of handling mixedbloods slightly above their ranks but the gap between Kilo and Falcons rank was too large.

Even for them who had already achieved Echo rank, beating a Kilo ranked mixedblood was close to impossible.

Well really need to avoid them during the selection Good thing, theres only two of them, Aildris voiced out.

You guys just cant sense them because theyre hiding it I think they plan on taking the others by surprise, Elevora explained.

It wasnt surprising that Elevora could discern the hidden Kilo ranks since she had her special forehead eye. She was capable of sensing better than every single one of them.

Elevora was also the only person in their group besides Endric who had reached the second step of the Echo rank.

Aildris, Angy and E.E were at the first step of the Echo rank while Gustav who wasnt here was at the third step.

So long as we work together it should be no issue scaling through the selection, Endric who had been silently dwelling in their midst all this time finally spoke up.

Well you heard the kid, E.E voiced out as he wrapped his arm around Endrics shoulder.

We also have him here as well so theres nothing to worry about, He added.

Elevora, point out the partic.i.p.ants we need to avoid, Aildris requested.

While they were having their group discussion, other partic.i.p.ants were also taking note of the partic.i.p.ants who may give them a tough time in this selection.

They didnt notice that some of these partic.i.p.ants already had them on their radar and decided to avoid them as well.

-Theyre friends of Gustav Crimson, I dont think they will be easy opponents,

A group of forty cl.u.s.tered in a particular area of the Iceland seemed to be holding a meeting as well.

This group were dressed like high school students in white striped uniforms. However, it was obvious they werent high school students, instead, they were from some private organization.

This was a common thing here since this place was filled with partic.i.p.ants from all across the world.

-Theres only about ten of them and we are more than forty in number, theres nothing to be worried about,

Another one of the members voiced out.

-Just because theyre his friends doesnt make them as good as he is. The As.h.i.+ras have nothing to fear since the dreaded Gustav Crimson will not be partic.i.p.ating in the selection with them,

This time the person who seemed to be the leader of the group voiced out. He had white flowing hair that reached the back of his thighs almost like how Aildris had extremely long hair as well.

His words struck confidence in the hearts of his subordinates. They all nodded in agreement after hearing him speak and their faces shone with decisiveness.

In other parts of this Iceland, groups could be seen cl.u.s.tered together as well in different outfits.

Fifty percent of the partic.i.p.ants here today were MBO officers or cadets while the others were from different private organizations and special mixedblood higher inst.i.tutions.

It had been mentioned initially that mixedbloods from all across the board would be given a chance to represent the planet in IYSOP so this wasnt a surprising situation.

They only had to hold on for now as the selection hadnt begun.

Are we ready for phase one?

Within a secluded underground region, a man in a white outfit voiced out.

Phase one is ready for implementation sir, Amongst the people working here, a lady tapping on a holographic tab beside him responded.

Right in front of them, a huge holographic screen displayed the partic.i.p.ants waiting for the selection to begin.

Implement Phase one, The man in a white outfit commanded.

What about the candidates already chosen to be on the main team? The lady inquired.

Isolate them, The man responded immediately.

She nodded in response and proceeded to tap a few keys on the screen in front of her.

Implementing phase one, She muttered while tapping a few more times.


Huh? Where did Elevora go? E.E suddenly voiced out as he saw Elevora disappear with a flash of white light.

Its starting, Endric face turned serious as he voiced out.


The entire Iceland began quaking all of a sudden causing the partic.i.p.ants to be on alert.

A few lines of cracks spread from one area to the other and in the next few moments, the icy ground split open.

This took everyone by surprise as they had been informed of how st.u.r.dy these icy grounds were. It was said to be capable of withstanding powerful attacks from even Kilo ranked mixedbloods yet it was suddenly splitting open.

This split separated a lot of the partic.i.p.ants as the part of the icy ground they were standing on s.h.i.+fted in another direction.


As the icy grounds split open, intense flames suddenly spewed out from the s.p.a.ces within the splits.

This scenario took a lot of them by surprise. The flames oozing forth in multiple areas of the splits were not melting the icy ground they were positioned on yet they could feel the immense heat.

There was no doubt the flames were real due to the immense rise in temperature that was also battling with the low temperature from the icy region.