The Bloodline System - Chapter 1057 From Oppressors To Oppressed

Chapter 1057 From Oppressors To Oppressed

Chapter 1057 From Oppressors To Oppressed

Authors note: Unedited Chapters



Gustavs palms were pushed forward and the aircraft collided with it, causing the aircraft to instantly pause in mid air.

The part of the aircraft with Gustav palms on them, had a big dent due to the sudden pause in mid air.

Come on now, you just arrived where do you think youre going? Gustav questioned as a wide grin appeared on his face.

What kind of host would I be if I didnt give you lots a bit of entertainment, He added as he held the aircraft in place.

Chills ran down the spines of the pilots and everyone else within the aircraft at the moment.

Not only did this type of aircraft weighed almost five hundred thousand kilograms and with how fast it was moving, the amount of destructive force it was carrying was enough to crash through tons of high-rise building without its momentum reducing.

They had heard about how powerful Gustav was for his bloodline rank but they felt the information given was too inaccurate compared to how powerful he truly was.

The pilot within gritted his teeth as he pushed a b.u.t.ton within the c.o.c.kpit causing more thrusters to appear behind the aircraft.

Zhiiiizzhhhh~ Booom!

The thrusters shot out like crazy and these were supposedly supposed to increase the speed of the aircraft by ten times its original speed.

To their utmost surprise and disbelief, Gustav remained in front of the aircraft unyielding.

Time to join your companions on the ground, Gustav voiced out before pus.h.i.+ng his fingers deeper into the outer covering of the aircraft.

He pulled both hands towards the side, ripping the entire s.p.a.cecraft in two.



The Genxodus members yelled out as they fell through the air.

Gustav remained suspended in mid air as he stared at the falling figures.

[G.o.d Eyes Has Been Activated]

His sight phased forward with intense speed reaching the area he had ripped the first s.p.a.cecraft apart.

He spotted some of the Genxodus members fully clad in the same technological suits as the others he dealt with in his living room.

This was a really wonderful welcome by the way, Gustav muttered with a smile as he dashed across the sky once more.


The Genxodus members who had started flying were helping out the others who didnt have the suit.

The instant they spotted Gustav fast figure flying in their direction from up ahead, they activated their weapons system.

Thwhii! Thwhii! Thwhii!

Multiple blue colored lazer beams shot out speedily.

Rubbish, Gustav muttered as he pushed his hand forward.

A gravitational force spread forth from his being which ended up deflecting the multiple projectiles headed for his direction.

Gustav arrived in front of one of them in the next instant.

Stay down,

He voiced out while sending out a fist.


His fist collided with the chest of this Genxodus members, blasting a hole through his suit as he plummeted downwards with the person he was carrying.

Gustav proceeded to charge towards the next one and in a matter of momemts, multple blasting sounds rang out.

Bang! Bang Bang! Bang!

In the blink of an eye the entire sky was clear of these white suited members. All of them had fallen into the desert sand below.

Gustav turned around at this point and bolted across the air once more.

The same scene as earlier played out as some of these Genxodus members also activated the technology suits to help them in descending from the sky slowly.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

In a couple of seconds, Gustav had cleared the skies in this particular location as well and every single Genxodus members had plummeted to the desert sands below.

Gustav finally floated downwards at this point towards the a.s.sailant.

Its time for you lots to follow me back oh well I guess you cant so Ill be taking you all back with me, Gustav smiled cheekily as he stared at them.

Some of them were trying to pull themselves out of the sands and some had already pa.s.sed out.

However, none of them were seriously injured as the sand had cus.h.i.+oned their fall like Gustav expected.

[Gravitational Displacement Has Been Activated]

The Gravitational force around him suddenly changed as these Genxodus members began to float. Some of them were pulled out of the sand by the Gravitational Displacement and even some of the desert sand floated into the air.

Lets go boys, Gustav stated as he charged forward once more.

All of these figures were firmly grabbed in place by his Gravitational Displacement as he flew forward with multiple bodies floating in the air after him.

He arrived at the other place where he dealt with the others and the same thing happened.

Gustav proceeded to fly into the air in the direction of his home as the other floated in the air along with him.

Looks like my living room has been redecorated, Gustav voiced out as he stood within his living room with a slightly astonished look.

There were headless bodies everywhere with blood splattered across the floors, walls and his sofas.

The bodies of the Genxodus members lay on his floor while still clad in the technological suit but headless.

The ones he had dealt with were outside all incapacitated but the ones he left here that tried to abduct him were all dead.

Gustav squatted and stared at a part of the blood puddles mixed with brain matter.

[G.o.d Eyes Has Been Activated]

His eyes zoomed in on a very small piece of unknown physical matter that looked like it could easily go unnoticed. It was as small as the size of the pores in human skin.

It was practically microscopic level but Gustav was able to point it out as something foreign that wasnt a part of the human body.

Desensitised material size reduction Gustav noticed that the original size of this item had been tampered with.

He also noticed it was still missing a big piece but even despite that Gustav was able to study what was left of the item to uncover what it was.

A bomb and a camera mixed together thats some crazy tech, Gustav muttered with a look of fascination as he discovered what it was after careful examination.

Gustav still considered himself a man of science since he had messed with so many science related items and even studied many researchs related to it as well.

This made it easy for him to figure things out in situations like this because he would link everything to what he had previously studied.

(I guess it makes sense now how they knew you were coming and started turning around,) The system voice in his mind.

Yeah Gustav said as he stood uprightly.

But how come the others I captured are not dead yet? Gustav thought out loud as he turned to stare at his entrance.

The others he captured from the aircraft were still very much alive despite being incapacitated. If these ones also had bombs and cameras inplanted in their brains, they should be dead like the ones in his living room right now.

Or so he thought

Gustav couldnt wrap his head around why they hadnt killed those.

Genxodus I know you can see and hear me right now Even though theres brain matter splattered all across my living room I can tell the cameras are still functional, Gustav said as he chuckled lightly while speaking.

Youve poked the hornets nest I really wasnt intending to add you lots to my agenda but now A scarlet glow appeared in Gustavs eyes as he got to this point.

I promise to end your organisation and wipe you lots out! He said with a powerful tone that caused the entire vicinity to tremble.

Anytime Gustav spoke like this, he would also exude streams of Comsic Superior energy involuntarily and he had no idea what this such was causing.

His Cosmic Superiority was now at least three times more powerful than before which had some boons even Gustav had not figured out yet.

Do you recall I got rid of your predecessor who was hundred times smarter and shrewd than you lots? Gustav said with a dangerous tone.

Dont worry about looking for me Ill come to you lots myself, He added as his grin widened.

Alright good chat,

[Atomic Disintegration Has Been Activated]

Purification, He voiced out as he streched out his right hand.

A milky colored glow fell from his hand onto the floor.


A bright light engulfed the entire living room and in the next instant, everything within was disintegrated.

Blood, bodies, sofa, walls

Looks like I didnt properly control the quant.i.ty, Gustav said as his face displayed a oops expression.

Might have to reconstruct He added as he walked out of the house.

At this point he had already called Gradier Xanatus, explaining the current situation to him and telling him not to bring a lot of MBO officers here because he still wanted this place to remain a secret.