The Bloodline System - Chapter 1056 I Shall Welcome Them With Open Arms

Chapter 1056 I Shall Welcome Them With Open Arms

Chapter 1056 I Shall Welcome Them With Open Arms

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Gustav looked around and spotted more of these silver colored mettalic suits appearing out of thin air.

-Target, Gustav Crimson, has been acquired,

One of them voiced out as he moved to Gustavs front.

Their voices sounded tweaked with a mixture of raspy and robotic.

There were more than eight of them in the living room at this point and he knew there were people within these technological suits.

Its sealing my bloodlines and the suits they use completely hides from the superhuaman senses of a mixedblod although I did sense their presence to an extent, Gustav a.n.a.lysed internally.

Interesting cutting edge technology, zhe voiced out as he tried getting out of the net.

-It is futile even an Omega ranked mixedblood will have their bloodline sealed if they were trapped in one of these,

Another one voiced out as they spotted Gustav trying to get out of the net.

Oh I know its truly a good piece. I intend on acquiring it so I will not be damaging it in anyway, Gustav voiced in response.

-You wont be getting out of it either, Another one of them voiced out.

-Prepare to transfer the target out of here, The leader commanded.

*sigh* These fools never learn but its good, Gustav stated while shaking his head as he spotted the figures moving closer to him.

Genxodus yall didnt do your research well enough before trying to abduct me, He added as he sat up properly.

-Its no surprise you know who we are but you are still not getting out of

The leader was still speaking when Gustav stood to his feet and pulled the net off himself with a casual expression.

The leader;

The others;

They couldnt believe their eyes as they saw Gustav get out of the trap without stressing.

Their brains had not clicked fast enough to act when Gustav uttered a single word


The tone and intense power in his voice spreas across the vicinity causing every single one of them to buckle.

They were unable to struggle against the unfathomable power as they began to drop to their knees.

Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop!

Gustav held the net in his hands and scrutinized it for a bit, ignoring the kneeling bunch in front of him.

Thanks for the gift This will certainly come in handy, Gustav voiced out before keeping it in his storage device.

Step! Step! Step! Step!

He slowly began to step forward majestically as he walked past some of them, all of who were still kneeling on the ground unable to free themselves from the hold of his power.

I see you brought company, Gustav voiced out as his senses traveled more than a raduis of fifty thousand feet.

He could sense the approaching aircraft from the north.

I shall welcome them with open arms as well, He added with a smirk.

They all felt chills crawl down their spines as they heard this but they were unable to warn the rest of their comrades even if they wanted to.

They all felt chills crawl down their spines as they heard this but they were unable to warn the rest of their comrades even if they wanted to.

Two whitish aircraft could be seen flying above a desert area with very quick speeds. The yellow sands could be seen far and wide across the place but in a few seconds, a small city could be spotted up ahead.

All of a sudden

-Emergency! The team in charge of acquiring the targets have been compromised!

-Emergency! The team in charge of acquiring the targets have been compromised!

-Emergency! The team in charge of acquiring the targets have been compromised!

A message was being pa.s.sed across within both aircraft. The person who was voicing this out was like a commander and didnt give any other explanations besides the other team being compromised.

-Turn around and head back to base right now!

-Turn around and head back to base right now!

The commander voiced out once more causing the pilots and a few other members of the Genxodus within the aircraft to display looks of confusion.

Sir what of the others? One of the pilots voiced out through the communication system.

-Forget about them and head back right now!

The commander yelled out once more.

The pilots decided to follow instructions at this point and started turning both aircraft around.

However at the same momemt a wind breaking sound rang out heavily.


It sounded like the skies were being split in two as a figure was spotted bursting through the clouds at insane speed.

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

The alarms within the aircraft rang out crazily as the radar gave proximity alert.

However they barely had enough time to react before the object or rather person approaching arrived right in front of the aircraft on the left.


A loud sound of collision rang out as the aircraft paused in the air.

-I cant move!

-Were stuck! Were stuck!

They found out they were unable to completely turn around or even move anymore no matter how much they tried.

-Oh My G.o.d! Its him!

-He has us in his grasp!

-Echo Two run!

The pilots as well as the other Genxodus members within the aircraft yelled crazily.

They had already spotted the figure with dirty blonde hair and black t-s.h.i.+rt on the cams holding into the aircraft from the side.

The other aircraft had completely done a 180 turn at this point and sped forward crazily.

Gustav who was holding onto the other one, ripped it in two halves by pulling from side to side.



The pa.s.sengers and pilots yelled like pigs being slaughtered as they fell from the skies crazily.

Activate your suit!

One of them voiced out as they fell through the air.

Gustav who had ripped the aircraft in two didnt even wait around for the ones falling from the air, he had already sped forward with immense speed.


He bolted across the sky crazily, parting the clouds with his speedy figure.

The aircraft that thought it had gotten away suddenly saw a figure appear in front of it in the next instant.