The Bloodline System - Chapter 1055 Unexpected Welcome

Chapter 1055 Unexpected Welcome

Chapter 1055 Unexpected Welcome

Authors Note: Unedited Chapters.


And yes your selection battle will most likely be in the open but since its an Iceland area, it will only be advantageous to mixedbloods with water type abilities so expect the disadvantage but work through it and win He added.

The entire place descended into silence for a bit as their faces shown look looks of contemplation.

Dinner? Gustav said as he stood to his feet.


Count me in,

Im famished,

They all voiced out one after the other.

Let E.E cook for you guys then, Gustav said with a mischievous look.

Really? E.E voiced out with an excited tone as he stood to his feet.

No way!

Definitely not!

I refuse to eat poison in the name of dinner,

Teemee, Aildris and Falco voiced out strongly.

Endric had a look of confusion on his face wondering if he missed something.

Come on guys, I promise Im a better cook now, E.E said with a pleading tone.



Oh h.e.l.l no!


Everyone bursted into laughter at this point.

The night went by very quickly and the next morning arrived. The group packed their things and left to the second base revetment.

Gustav followed them but he was actually heading to a different location. He got into a separate aircraft from theirs and left the base.

The group also left after a bit. They were being flown towards Niagra Icelands while Gustav was heading towards his mansion in one of the desert areas.

Its been a while since I last visited there but at least Ill be able to enter seclusion without any issues now, Gustav thought as he sat in the aircraft.

He still had transportation issues and was unable to find a level seven dimensional bracelet after checking for the past three weeks.

Gustav had also gone from base to base just to see if he could find any but it was to no avail. Not even level 5 dimensional bracelets were available because dimensional bracelets were always a rare commodity as a whole.

Gustav had made contact with the grand general in charge of the second base some time ago and asked if it was possible for it to be made but he mentioned their partners.h.i.+p with Jo technologies had been cut off.

Despite the controversial issues, Jo technologies was still the best in then world and they were specifically in charge of creating these types of gadgets and tools for the MBO.

The new technology companies could not hold a candle to them and in the meantime were still trying to reach that height so it was tasking for them to creating cutting edge gadgets or weaponry like Jo technologies.

In the case of the Dimensional bracelet, Gustav had placed a custom order for a level seven bracelet with the new technology company the MBO was in league with however they told him he would have to wait for many months as they were not sure they were capable of replicating it accurately.

Gustav didnt know whether to wait for them or just use the favour he had with Grand Commander s.h.i.+on to acquire a new one.

Anyhow things went, he had to make sure he did something about the whole situation soon.

In a couple of hours Gustav arrived at his house with the MBO aircraft. This area was a closed off city at the edge of a desert.

It wasnt a large city and was only fairly popular so it barely got attractions from the rest of the world.

Gustavs mansion was b.u.t.ter colored with a few red carvings at different spots. It had a runway and parking hangar for aircraft. Aside this there were also a few garages and two hover cars were parked within.

The mansion was very large with an exquisite design and multiple balcony areas with luxurious looking windows.

There was also a waterfront and bright lights with a small statue in front of a floating blood above the palm of a lady with wings.

Every area just looked absolutely beautiful no matter the angle one stared at it from.

The instant Gustav got off the aircraft he felt something was off.

The aircraft took off in the next instant since they had already fufiled their orders of dropping him off and they greeted Gustav respectfully while taking off.

Gustav nodded at them but adopted a calm face as he moved towards the house.

Welcome Sir Gustav, what are your orders,

As the main door slid open, a bot moved towards him while voicing out.

Gustav took off his jacket and pa.s.sed it over to the bot and proceeded to unb.u.t.ton a few of his upper b.u.t.toned t-s.h.i.+rt before moving towards the living room.

He heaved a heavy sigh that sounded like he was tired before moving towards the sofa. The living room was ma.s.sive with a big holographic tv switching on the momemt he arrived within.

The tiles on the floor were made of rare gla.s.s materials that made it look like one was standing on the surface of the ocean.

Gustav sat on the sofa and leaned backwards as he pushed his body down a bit.

He closed his eyes as his face adopted a relaxed state in his current position.

Moments turned into seconds and seconds turned into minutes. At this point it looked like Gustav had pa.s.sed out on the sofa.

All of a sudden


Four silver colored humaoid looking technological suits appeared out of thin air all around the sofa Gustav was sitting on.

The instant they appeared around the sofa, Gustav opened his eyes but at the same moment but they were each holding onto the ends of a golden glowing net that was spread across the entire sofa area above Gustav.

The moment they released their grasp from the net it fell and covered Gustav up completely.


Sizzling sounds rang out as four bolts connected to the floor from the four corners of the net, trapping Gustav in place.