The Bloodline System - Chapter 1047 Reunion

Chapter 1047 Reunion

Chapter 1047 Reunion

help Matilda find that princess and who knows how many more issues Id encounter along the line Gustav was incapable of having an headache anymore but he felt he would be if he was human.

The list of things he had to do was choking and he realised this was why he might never have the time to enjoy the wealth he had gathered.

(I agree its a long list what will you do?) The system questioned.

Even if there is no time I still need to find a way to create time One of these days Ill have a vacation. Problems are unending so if I keep pus.h.i.+ng my time to relax backwards it will never happen Gustav voiced out in response.

But for now, Ill still have to push it backwards, He added before walking out of the room.

Gustav was heading to the second base at this point. The dimensional bracelet would have made everything way faster but now he had to use an MBO aircraft.

I need to get another one as soon as possible, Gustav said internally.

He decided he would talk to the Grand general at the second base when he got there.

Two hours later Gustav touched down on the second base and proceeded to head to the house that was usually reserved for him and Miss Aimee.

While approaching he gathered a lot of attention as usual from the officers in the vicinity and many of them greeted him with respect.

Closing in on the house, Gustav could already hear the voices of everyone within. He chuckled a bit as he approached the door.

Looks like everyones in,


The front door slid open as he arrived before it.



Yo Gus you sure took your sweet time hehe,

The major is back,

They all yelled out from within as they spotted Gustav.

Hey guys, A smile appeared on Gustavs face as he walked in.

Angy who was seated on the left side of the living room suddenly jumped to her feet and arrived in front of Gustav before anyone else could.

Gustavs found himself in the warm and soft embrace of a feminine body.

Angys sweet smelling fragrance drifted into his nostrils as she latched onto his upper body with her legs wrapped around his spine area, his face buried into her chest and her arms wrapped around the back of his head.

Both of them were embroiled in a pa.s.sionate hug right in front of everyone.

*cough cough* Explicit display detected, E.E voiced from behind with a slight cough causing Matilda to pinch him.

Ouch, come on now, E.E mumbled with an unjustified look.

Youre ruining the mood, Matilda said with a slight chuckle.

Angy Gustav voiced out as she slowly released her grip from his head.

Her face had turned beet red at this point as she didnt think she was capable of doing such in front of everyone. Her body had reacted before she could think.

She let go of Gustav and dropped down quickly before speaking, Welcome back, She said with a cute and shy tone.

Can we welcome him like that too? E.E questioned with a look of delight.

Ill cut it off if you do, Angy voiced out with a threatening tone while adopting a face full of smiles.

Cut what off? E.Es face shone a dreadful look as he inquired.

Try it and find out, Angys lips curved upwards even more as she stated.

Hehe I dont think I wanna find out, E.E response caused everyone to burst out with laughter as the atmosphere turned even merrier than it already was.

Aildris moved over to give Gustav a fist as well as a hug and so did E.E as well.

Vera moved towards Gustav and gave him a long hug too like they didnt just see each other about a week ago.

Gustav thought nothing of it as he proceeded to take a sit and started catching up with E.E, Aildris and the others.

The gang was back together now and how they would move progress from here was totally up to Gustav.

They went on to catch up on everything that had happened so far, the mission out of the planet and what had happened on earth while the others were away.

E.E on the others were told about the planet and how it ended up being Miss Aimees. Everyone was very astonished and couldnt imagine how powerful she was now.

They found out Gustav was with Miss Aimee for days and asked him to tell them how everything went with her.

Gustav had to narrate a lot as well as Aildris, E.E and the others because their off planet mission sounded exciting to everyone. A lot of officers were interested in off planet missions for so many reasons.

It was also later revealed that Angy killed a person in the last mission to save Aildris. This revelation shocked the rest of the group as they never expected she would cross that line soon enough.

Being in the MBO, murder was inevitable but everyone here knew how Angy would always hesitate when it came to taking that step.

While it was inevitable that she would eventually have to kill someone, they thought it would still take longer than this.

Is she okay? Gustav wondered internally as he glanced in her direction.

Angy looked absolutely fine but Gustav was still a bit disturbed and feared that she might not be completely fine internally.

(Probably just hiding how she truly feels but shell eventually get over it. There will still be way more deaths by her hand in the future,) The system responded internally.

Hmm I guess so For Gustav he never really felt bad about his first kill because to him it was warranted.

It was not only a mistake but it was also initiated by the second party who had bullied him for years and made him nearly commit suicide so he felt no form of pity at the time.