The Bloodline System - Chapter 1048 Spend Time With You

Chapter 1048 Spend Time With You

Chapter 1048 Spend Time With You

Authors Note: Unedited Chapters


He also felt every other death by his hands after that was very much necessary as well since they were evil beings.

The problem with Angys situation was the fact that the person she killed was another officer whos mind had been taken over by one of the aliens.

Not only was this person supposedly on their side, it was possible for them to be freed from the hold of the alien. Besides this Angy was someone who wasnt so open to hurting others so killing this person out of circ.u.mstance to save Aildris might have caused for internal issues for her.

These factors put together made Gustav a bit worried and he decided he would speak to her later.

The gang spent hours chatting and Gustav eventually moved to the kitchen to prepare a meal for everyone. Some of them joined to a.s.sist but Gustav didnt allow them to do much because he didnt want the flavor of any food he cooked having a different taste than he intended.

Time went by very quickly and before they knew it, midnight had arrived.

The house had more than ten rooms so everyone could pick their sleeping s.p.a.ce without any issues. They had spent the entire day catching up with each other and telling some interesting stories so it was finally time to sleep.

Everyone besides Gustav was just returning from a mission so they really needed to rest.

Alright bud, till next morning,

Yeah guys later,

They fist b.u.mped each other before heading to their rooms one after the other.

Gustav proceeded to head to his room as well and sat on his bed. He still had work to do with the equipment he was building so he was thinking of opening the spatial construct so he could continue it in the middle of the night or he would channel his bloodline.

He was currently at the third step of the Echo rank and everyone else was either at the first or peak of Falcon rank. Endric and Elevora were the only ones whose rank were close to Gustavs.

Endric was ranked in the seventh place when they were still in the MBO camp but no one was actually aware of how strong he truly was.

Endric never tried to challenge the cadets above him on the ranking and only battled openly when others below challenged. He never showed his true prowess yet he always won against the challengers.

After meeting him the last time Gustav felt Endrics strength was most likely amongst top three in their group and didnt doubt that it rivalled that of Elevoras.

It would be foolish to underestimate someone who doesnt show his full prowess because Gustav knew very well of how enemies that underestimated his strength in the past met their end.

Gustav moved towards the bed and sat on it. He was thinking of going into a few months of seclusion to properly chanel his bloodline so he could get to the peak of the fourth step before IYSOP began.

However he decided he would only do this after creating the device he was currently working on.

Kom! Kom! Kom!

While Gustav was in his world of thoughts, he heard the sound of soft knocks on his door.

Oh, He muttered as he realised who was knocking.

Gustav stood to his feet and went on to open his room door.



They both voiced with tones as they stared in each others eyes.

Can I come in? She questioned after a brief silence.

Sure, Gustav moved to the side to let her in.

After closing his door, they both moved towards his bed side and sat on it.

Its late, you should be asleep by now, Gustav voiced out.

Pa.s.s, Ill do that later Angy responded while moving closer to him.

What I want to do now is Her face closed in on his till her two little horns made contact with his forehead.

Spend time with you As she finished saying this she locked lips with Gustav.


Gustav slightly parted his lips and proceeded to pa.s.sionately suck on Angys lips as well.

She reached out and wrapped her hand around his neck as she pulled his body closer to hers.

Gustav hands moved towards her waist and he proceeded to rub his fingers across her slim waist down to her b.u.t.t area.

Angy pushed her body on his and Gustav fell on his back as they kept kissing each other pa.s.sionately.

The low sound of lips locking kept ringing out in the room continously for more than five minutes.

Angy was currently in a tight khaki shorts and blue tank top so her smooth back was currently on display. This gave Gustav the chance to trail his fingers across them as they kissed each other.

He proceeded to move further downwards and grabbed Angys b.u.t.t. He couldnt understand why but at this time he felt they were bigger than he remembered.

Gustav began undressing Angy from her shorts, to her tank to and she helped in pulling off Gustavs singlet as well, revealing his broad chest and well chiseled body.

They stared at each other for a bit with looks of desire and fascination before locking lips once more.

In the process of beginning another pa.s.sionate round of kisses, Gustav unhooked her bra, freeing her medium sized and causing them to press onto his chest.

He pushed her onto the bed once more and grabbed them with both his hands before proceeding to feast on them.

Gustav placed one of her nipples in between his lips and started sucking on them.

He would occasionally switch and then swirl his tongue around them causing Angy to moan in pleasure.

She could feel her nether regions getting flooded as Gustav continued to leave trail of kisses and sucking across her entire upper body.

At this point, Gustavs member was raging hard and kept poking Angys lower belly region.