The Bloodline System - Chapter 1046 Work Continues

Chapter 1046 Work Continues

Chapter 1046 Work Continues

Authors Note: Unedited Chapter


Good boy, youve done well, Gustav voiced as the he rubbed the s.h.i.+ny surface of the Jewel after it floated towards him.

Yeah you really would have been a great help if I took you with me but it was an impromptu mission at least Im back in one piece, Gustav kept rubbing its s.h.i.+ny surface like it was a pet while voicing out.

This was because the sentience within the Sacred Jewel was growing stronger as the light within its translucent circular frame kept getting bigger.

This was why communication between both of them was better even though the Sacred Jewel couldnt speak. Gustav could understand it quite well and it could understand him as well.

I have something for you, Gustav voiced as he snapped his fingers..

Zing~ Zing~ Zing~ Zing~ Zing~

Multiple whitish glowing orbs appeared all around Gustav in the next instant.

They exuded so much energy, the s.p.a.ce was slightly affected due to that.

The light within the Sacred Jewel began to blink repeatedly as it spotted the glowing white orbs. From the looks of things, it was excited.

Go on, enjoy the meal, Gustav said while tapping it a few more times.

The sacred Jewel proceeded to fly towards one of the orbs and began to absorb the energy within.

These orbs were filled with the energy Gustav had absorbed during the expansion of the cracks in s.p.a.ce.

The Sacred Jewel was only compatible with some types of energy and this type of energy happened to be amongst the energy it could consume.

It would only get stronger the more it devoured energy so Gustav made sure to feed it when he acquired energy that suited its taste and luckily these ones did.

Gustav proceeded to move towards the equipment they were building so he could continue from where the Sacred Jewel had stopped.

Time pa.s.sed by very quickly and the next day arrived. Gustav wanted to remain in this s.p.a.ce for all time till he was done with what he was working on but the gang was arriving today.

E.E, Aildris, Angy, Elevora, Glade, Falco, Vera, Ria, Teemee and Matilda were all arriving back at the second base.

Gustav would have to go over there eventually. Especially when he had not even set eyes on E.E, Angy and the others for months.

Luckily Falco and the rest who went on the Genxodus raid mission were also done on their side. It would have taken longer but as soon as the group was notified of the MBOs arrival in the city a lot of them fled.

The MBO officers sent there were still able to get some of the Genxodus members so the mission wasnt a total bust but with the information they had acquired so far, things were gonna get even more difficult in the future.

Endric had gone on a solo mission two days back and probably wouldnt be arriving back within two weeks to a month time.

His situation was similar to Gustavs. The higher ups had seen his stats and knew what he was capable of so they didnt hesitate to send him on missions higher than a normal new MBO officer could handle.

Its been a while since I visited my house Maybe I should take them there, Gustav voiced out loud.

Gustav had gotten a very large mansion from the world government back then when he saved the earth from Yung Jo clutches. This house was located in another city because Gustav didnt want it to be anywhere close to Plankton City.

If that happened, the world would know where he lived and he knew staying in his house privately would be impossible.

There would always be paparazzis or tons of fans at his doorstep each day which would be a major turn off for him.

Gustavs house was located in another city close to one of the largest deserts in the world. He knew this way, he would have privacy and since he wouldnt go there everytime it would be very difficult for him to get spotted by anyone.


I should probably get a private aircraft too, Gustav voiced as he moved out of the s.p.a.ce.

He didnt know if he was rich enough to buy that because he hadnt checked his account balance in a long time.

All this time the MBO had been providing everything he needed and he didnt need much.

Gustav took out his device at this point and checked his bank account balance.

Those are a lot of zeros, Gustav muttered with a surprised expression.

(Four hundred and twenty seven million rads,) The system voiced in his head.

Yeah its more than i expected. Last time i checked it was less than fifty million, Gustav voiced out but then he realised it was normal for him to have this much.

Not only did he have his Crimson hunting agency that had now expanded to other cities he also had a business collaboration with one of the richest in the city, Sir Gon, as so money was streaming in from more than one source.

Besides this, the pay for being a Major ranked MBO officer was not little so he did have multiple streams of income.

Daum, Im really a multi millionaire, Gustav said with a tone of realisation internally.

This made Gustav remember when he wanted money so much back then and now that he had it, he wasnt spending much.

I should really take a day off to spend as much money as possible, Gustav knew just how much he usually got busy with one issue or the other so he knew he needed to take a vacation sooner or later.

He realised his life had gotten too serious to the point he was not having enough fun despite having all these much benefits.

But theres the equipment i have to build, investigate more on the Planetary displacement, IYSOP, theres the items I have to join Endric in recovering