The Bloodline System - Chapter 1045 Emotional Goodbye

Chapter 1045 Emotional Goodbye

Chapter 1045 Emotional Goodbye

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and I was concerned it would never happen if i didnt find a way to leave, Miss Aimees smile turned even more radiant at this point.

So dont blame me for smiling this way after seeing you again because it was all I wished for at a certain point in time, She rubbed Gustavs cheek even more affectionately before turning around.

Alright time to go now for real see you soon kid, Miss Aimee didnt even wait for him to respond before she blasted off into the sky.

Gustav was left there looking awestruck for a couple of seconds before his mind trailed back to reality.

See you soon Miss Aimee, His face had turned a bit red as he reached out to touch the same part of his cheek Miss Aimee caressed.

The bond between both of them was way higher than Gustav realised and he honestly couldnt imagine how things would have gone if Miss Aimee never found a way to return or if he never found her.

Miss Aimee had become so important in his life that she was no less than family to him just like Boss Danzo was. They really loved him the way family never was able to and he couldnt deny the fact that he loved them as well despite portraying the non emotional expression most times.

Gustav stared at the sky for a few more minutes after Miss Aimee had gone before heading back into the apartment.

It had already been revealed all across the world that the planet initial heading for earth had stopped in a part of the Milky way.

Not a lot of people on earth knew Miss Aimee but when it was revealed that the planet was created by a mixedblood, the people of earth were astonished.

The mixedbloods, Humans and even Slarkovs were finding it difficult to believe that piece of information. Not only was the Mixedblood able to create an entire planet with a little bit of life but also moved the planet from the edge or the Milky way to another location.

It was unheard of and really left people wondering if this was a good or bad thing. A lot of them felt this was good since earth would have an extra place to stay if anything ever happened to earth and they also felt since one od their own was this powerful, earth would have extra security and protection.

Meanwhile some felt it was too much power for one person since she was literally G.o.d now. What would happen if she suddenly went crazy, it would be so easy for her to wipe lives off the face of planets.

At the very least the government managed to stop the spread of panic and announced that they were in collaboration with the new G.o.ddess and she had ensured she would remain a friend to earth and offer help or protection when needed.

Miss Aimee had done a little video recorded announcement where she addressed the world because she didnt want to be interviewed by any press. She still hated being around people.

The whole hype wouldnt be dying down anytime soon as all media outlets were talking about it and it kept trending across social media platforms.

It had also been revealed during this time that Miss Aimee was the teacher of Gustav and this further boosted the ideology that she would never turn against earth since Gustav had saved the planet on more than one occasion.

Its been a week now time to get back to the equipment I was building, Gustav muttered as he cleared the dining table.

Aishh my dimensional bracelet is destroyed transportation would be a lot more difficult now, Gustav said with a frustrated tone as he recalled his dimensional bracelet got destroyed by the heatwave.

Ill need to get another level seven I guess its time to call in a favour, Gustav muttered as he moved back and forth.

The dimensional bracelet was a level seven which was the rarest of all dimensional bracelets on earth.

At the Gustav acquired it, Grand Commander s.h.i.+on had mentioned only five were manufactured since the time of its creation since the materials used in creating a level seven was super rare.

Gustav knew he wouldnt be able to get it again if he decided to check any of the MBOs weapon vaults in the different MBO bases.

His plan right now was to cash in the favour Grand Commander s.h.i.+on owed him and asked for another level seven dimensional bracelet.

(You really want to use the favour on this?) The system questioned.

I really need my flexible means of transportation back it has saved my life so many times. Especially since I cant move as far in an instant, it is a great tool, Gustav voiced in reply.

(Not disputing the fact that it is, Im saying look for other alternatives to getting it or at least try to see if you can get it to be recreated or something, instead of cas.h.i.+ng in your favour like this) The System explained.

Yes I already thought of that but just in case it doesnt work out Id have to cash in my favour C

Grand Commander s.h.i.+on would do whatever it takes to get me another one but till then I guess, Gustav voiced as he took care of the dishes in the kitchen.

I should get back to creating the s.p.a.ce equipment in the meantime, After tidying up the entire place, Gustav decided to leave.

This part of the city was quite secluded from the open parts of the city to make sure Miss Aimee enjoyed her stay here without disturbance from anyone.

Now that she had left Gustav would have to relay this to the higher ups since they still thought she was on earth.

Minutes later Gustav was back in his room and proceeded to open the spatial room where he kept the Sacred Jewel before leaving earth the other time.