The Bloodline System - Chapter 1042 Terrible Omen

Chapter 1042 Terrible Omen

Chapter 1042 Terrible Omen

Thank you, Endric voiced in response after retrieving them.

It turned out Endric had been in the tower waiting for Gustavs return since he left on the mission off planet. Since he was an MBO cadet and Gustavs little brother he was very much allowed to wait here.

Alright then were done here, Gustav voiced out as he turned around to leave.

I got something of yours recently, Endric stated before Gustav could take a step.

Hmm? Gustav muttered as he turned around.

Its yours but you cant use it just yet, Endric added.

Then whats the point? Gustav questioned.

Just come with me Endric voiced out as a glowing green dot appeared on his forehead.

To where? Gustav questioned.

Husarius, Endric called out and a bright green glow engulfed them in the next instant.

Miss Aimee who was approaching this area from the south spotted a glimpse of Gustav and Endric before they disappeared.

Oh? Two two fixed their relations.h.i.+p? She voiced with a tone of amus.e.m.e.nt.

He really has grown in every aspect especially mentally, A smile appeared on her face as she muttered.

The Gustav she knew would not let Endric be within five steps of him and both of them would always be trying to kill each other.

If would seem Gustav could let go of past grudges and she felt this was another thing that made him different from her since she couldnt do the same.

Where is this? Gustav asked as they appeared in an unknown plane.

All that could be seen was darkness and green glowing strides all around. However up ahead Gustav spotted a golden platted armor resembling a vest floating in mid air.

This vest oozed forth with a type of energy that caused this s.p.a.ce to quake occasionally. Gustav could tell that it was sealed yet it was immensely powerful.

That is the Cosmic Armor said to be amongst the most powerful armors in the universe with multiple boons attached to it, Endric voiced out.

For hundreds of thousands of years beings from all across the universe have been trying to acquire it so they could use its power it is overly powerful and in the hands of the wrong person can cause great havoc. I managed to acquire it recently with Husarius help of course after a difficult and dangerous travel to another dimension, Endric explained.

Hmm and you say its mine? Gustav questioned as he moved closer to it.

Yes it is yours As you probably already know, youre not in anyway normal. Your existence is a very abnormal one and despite this armor existing for as long as it has, it does belong to you, Endric responded.

Gustav stepped forward and stood right beneath the floating armor.

But I cant use it, Gustav stated.

No, not right now you cant, Endric replied.

Its too powerful for me and Id probably be blown to bits if I tried to equip it, Gustav voiced out.

Precisely, Endric responded.

*sigh* As expected Gustav raised his left palm as recalled Cohilia.

Cohilias power was still trapped within him and he was unable to access it despite them saying the power belonged to him.

So how many more items are left to acquire? Gustav also recalled that there were supposed to be more of his things scattered across the universe.


Four more thats as much as I can tell you for now. I cant give you any more info beyond that, Endric clarified after answering before Gustav could respond.

Sure sure, Gustav stated as he raised his hand to touch the armor.

Nice place you got here kid,

A feminine voice suddenly resounded from behind.

Gustav paused as he heard that and turned around.

Miss Aimee? He voiced with a tone of disbelief.

How did you get here? No one was more surprised than Endric.

This was a s.p.a.ce created by Husarius and even as a crystal Husarius was so powerful due to the sacrifice of all his kinsmen. This place practically existed in a private dimension.

Doesnt matter, Miss Aimee stated as she moved forward.


A green glowing crystal phased out of Endrics forehead in the next instant and floated to Miss Aimees front.

This one is no longer a normal being her existence has surpa.s.sed the threshold of every supernatural existence on earth. and this isnt even her highest potential. She has the capacity to become even more powerful than this Husaruis voiced out lengthily as it floated in front of Miss Aimee.

Its too bad shes

What are you supposed to be? Miss Aimee said with an intrigued tone as she stared at the floating talking crystal.

Thats Husarius he used to have a body and be a its a long story but he is in league with Endric and he revealed a bit to me about my true ident.i.ty, Gustav voiced out.

True ident.i.ty? Youve really been holding out on me eh kid? Miss Aimee responded with a suspicious tone.

Ive been out of camp for months but you were awol if not I would have told you everything, Gustav said while shrugging his shoulders.

What is that? Miss Aimee questioned with a curious tone while pointing at the armor.

Its very powerful, She added while scrutinizing its appearance.

It is said to be amongst the most powerful tools in the universe and according to them, it belongs to me but I cant equip it just yet, Gustav stated in response.

Uhuh another thing youve gotta tell me in great detail at least you and the other kid are getting along now, Miss Aimee stated after arriving beside Gustav.

Were not hes not its just a necessary partners.h.i.+p, Gustav voiced out.

Oh is it now? A smirk appeared on her face as Miss Aimee questioned.

Endric was turned into a third wheel here as Gustav and Miss Aimee began to argue back and forth with each other.

Are they fated? Endric questioned.

Intertwining fates yes but I sense a terrible omen, Husarius tone sounded heavy as he spouted out.