The Bloodline System - Chapter 1043 Low Chances

Chapter 1043 Low Chances

Chapter 1043 Low Chances

Authors Note: Unedited Chapters


What do you mean? Endric said with a troubled tone.

Something has changed a tide has been triggered and we are are now arriving at an intersection that branches in different paths only one of these paths leads to a future without tragedy as for the others not so much. While some are not filled with so much tragic events, just a single tragic event could cause so much catastrophe in his life which could eventually lead to a dark awakening Husaruis voiced out lengthily.

Its confusing, Endric stated in response.

The fates always are Husaruis heaved a low sigh.

What are the chances of following the path without any tragic event? Endric questioned.

A few minutes ago it was 0.3% but it has decreased even further now its 0.1 and it keeps decreasing by the minute Husarius answered.

WHAT? Endric could not help but voice out in shock.

What is it? Gustav voiced out as he turned around with a confused look.

Keep it from him or anyone else or the situation will worsen, Husarius quickly cautioned.

Oh nothing I was just practicing for something, Endric voiced in response.

Gustavs eyebrows creased as he heard that. His face shown a look that made it seem like he was saying A bit weird to be practising such in a place like this but Gustav brushed it off and turned back around to keep observing the armor.

What is causing this? There must be a reason why it keeps decreasing, Endric questioned with a low but concerned tone.

There is but I havent figured it out If I was to guess Id say it must be the same thing that caused multiple future branches to appear originally there were only two paths but now there are more than ten of them whatever caused the branches to increase is also reducing the possibility of following the non tragic path, Husarius explained.

What can we do about it? Endric asked.

For now, wait. One thing about the fates is, the more you try to influence according to your desired outcome the worse its most likely to become There are beings in the universe such as myself capable of not just connecting with the fates but tampering with them as well but we all make sure to refrain from doing so because there will always be an inescapable future consequence, Husarius voiced in response.

Ill keep checking for now so just wait until I have something for you but I must ask you are you ready to get your hands b.l.o.o.d.y for the sake of your brother? Husarius questioned.

Endric stared at Gustav from behind at this point as memories began playing in his mind. Playing as kids to growing up as enemies and him really being amongst the villains in his big brothers life.

I have failed him in the past I will do everything to atone for all the wrong I have committed. So long as I am able to keep him safe and away from pain Ill do anything. He has suffered enough already, Endric said with a sentimental tone.

Hmm alright then. Prepare yourself because you might have to do some really troublesome things to keep that motive, Husarius added.

Hnm. Endric nodded in response.

Hey when am I going to be strong enough to Equip this? Gustav questioned internally.

(Youd have to be close to the Alpha rank) The system responded.

d.a.m.n thats still very far away Is there even any item I own that I am can use with my current level of strength? Gustav questioned.

(Hmm just one,) The system replied.

Which is? Gustav questioned once more.

(Good try you know I cant reveal that until we arrive at the time frame where they are recovered one after the other,) The system responded.

Gustav; Tch,

Lets go, Gustav voiced out as he turned around.

Too bad you wont be able to make use of it in the meantime but its gonna destroy this dimension eventually cos this place is not strong enough to hold it, Miss Aimee voiced out.

Hmm? I can sense the s.p.a.ce trembling as well, Gustav paused his movement as he turned around once more.

It needs to stay here till youre strong enough to Equip it or every single crazy being looking for it all across the universe will come after it. Its like putting a target on our backs cos it lets off a signature energy that will help them in pinpointing its location, Endric explained.

Hmm I see, Miss Aimee said with a tone of understanding as she snapped her fingers.


An invisible field of energy was instantly erected around the armour.

Gustav instantly sensed the powerful energy spreading from the armor decrease drastically.

I just put a barrier around it This s.p.a.ce will be able to hold it without problems now, Miss Aimee voiced out.

Oh, nice, Gustav exclaimed before turning around once more.

Im partic.i.p.ating in IYSOP Ill join you in retrieving the rest or at least help, Gustav said as he approached Endric.

That would be a great help but I believe you have some other matters to attend to after IYSOP there are other things you have to scour the intergalactic s.p.a.ce for but if you can help, there will be one where I will require your a.s.sistance, Endric statement made it seem like he knew everything about Gustavs plans even though Gustav hadnt mentioned anything to him.

He definitely knows about my five years quest, Gustav thought.

(The crystal Husarius knows everything so its normal that Endric does as well,) The system responded.

Which one am I supposed to join you in retrieving? Gustav questioned.

Ill tell you when the time comes You need to be with your entire team too. When the time comes they will be of great help and receive some boosts known as the ent.i.tlement. As the time candidate I need to make sure everything goes according to plan. That is my duty, Endric said with a decisive tone.