The Bloodline System - Chapter 1041 Back On Planet Earth

Chapter 1041 Back On Planet Earth

Chapter 1041 Back On Planet Earth

I just knew youd be okay kid, Gradier Xanatus voiced out within the s.p.a.cecraft.

He had a look of relief now that he had truly confirmed Gustav was alive.

Gradier Xanatus was amongst the officers sent to humbly request Miss Aimees visit to earth and his s.p.a.cecraft was specifically the one bringing them back at the moment.

You did a lousy job of keeping him safe, Miss Aimee voiced out from the other end.

Gradier Xanatus froze in place as he heard that.

Erm young Miss, Gustav is quite the trouble finder he never listens, Gradier Xanatus explained.

I would have shred earth to its very last atoms if anything had happened to him, Miss Aimee voiced with a nonchalant look.

Her tone didnt sound very serious but Gradier Xanatus was well aware of how she nearly destroyed Burning Sands City because Gustav was missing. They knew just how capable she was especially now that she was way more powerful than before.

Its n.o.bodys fault except mine. He tried his best but yes like he said, I wanted to investigate the situation despite its danger because I could sense a connection and I was right, Gustav voiced out, trying to calm Miss Aimee.

They glided through s.p.a.ce for less than an hour before arriving back on earth. By the time they did, it was already nightfall.

There were tons of MBO officials awaiting their arrival the moment they landed. It had already spread all across the MBO that the person responsible for the new planet was Miss Aimee.

The world government had not made it public yet because they still wanted to have a meeting with Miss Aimee before they could decide on how to proceed with things.

The meeting began almost instantly and Gustav had to wait in a secluded area as he wasnt allowed to partic.i.p.ate. It was only for MBO higher ups and about two world government leaders were present at this particular location.

Gustav didnt mind staying out of it because he knew Miss Aimee would be able to handle any situation herself.

This meeting was taking place within the MBO tower in Plankton City so Gustav decided to move around after a while.

Officer Crimson, Someone called out to him while he was walking along a corridor.

Yes? Gustav responded while turning around.

Theres someone looking for you, The female officer who called out to him stated.


Actually theyve been looking for you for the past three days now but you were off planet so I asked him to wait,


Within the board room where the meeting was going down, questions were being thrown out occasionally.

Just relax oldies, my planet poses no threat to earth. It will maintain its current distance from earth and there will never be a confrontation in the future, Miss Aimee voiced while rolling her eyes.

-How did you manage to achieve such a feat?

-Will you still be a part of the MBO?

If youre asking if I would still protect earth when its necessary then nothing to worry about. My planet and earth will be alies, Miss Aimee voiced out.

-How about letting earth commandeer your planet? Well share the resources it has to offer,


What did you just say?

A sudden powerful pressure suddenly descended upon the entire place as Miss Aimee voiced out.


What did you just say?

A sudden powerful pressure suddenly descended upon the entire place as Miss Aimee voiced out.


The entire MBO tower began quaking intensely as this pressure radiated from Miss Aimee, causing every single person to stare at her with looks of reverence.

-Well Erm Your planet

The higher up Officer who had just voiced that out stuttered he felt the immense pressure radiating from Miss Aimee.

They would usually not fear her since Jack power was undoubtedly seen as the highest in the past but now it seemed like a different case.

The majestic and ethereal aura Miss Aimee gave off was truly like being in the presence of a deity. If she could create a planet now, no doubt she could make everyone here disappear in an instant if she wanted to.

She was practically on par with Jack at the Alpha rank and now she had achieved the Beacon Rank.

What they didnt know was Miss Aimee was really restraining her presence at this point and releasing it fully would cause the destruction of earth in an instant.

-I think what Grand General Kurtis meant to say was Earth would very much like to be in acquaintance with your planet,

One of the higher ups quickly voiced out with a respectful tone, causing Miss Aimee to calm down.

Better I like the sound of acquaintances, Miss Aimee said before standing to her feet.

This meeting is over, She stated before proceeding to walking towards the exit.

The higher ups sat in place for minutes with looks of relief on their faces as some of them bashed the other higher up.

-Grand general Kurtis are you crazy?

-Instead of showing Earths selfishness why dont you come up with better cooperation ideas,

-She created a planet and is practically a G.o.ddess now, best not to try and p.i.s.s her off,

Grand General Kurtis had a disgusted look as he heard them speak, Hypocrites didnt you all agree to attack her planet a few hours ago.

Miss Aimee had left to go look for Gustav at this point while the rest of the MBO officers within the tower were left to wonder why the entire building was quaking a while ago.

Hmm, so you just need me to sign some doc.u.ments? Gustav questioned.

Yes or Ill be put back in camp till I reach the age of 16, Endric responded.

I denounced the Oslov name though so legally were not related, Gustav reminded.

Then you can act as a guardian please, Endric begged.

okay, Gustav finally gave in and collected the required doc.u.ments from Endric.

It took a couple of minutes for him to finish but he proceeded to pa.s.s them to Endric afterwards.