The Bloodline System - Chapter 1040 Angy's First Kill

Chapter 1040 Angy's First Kill

Chapter 1040 Angy's First Kill

Authors Note: Unedited Chapters

Angy turned to the side and noticed that Glade was still alive.

She got lucky this time, Angy said internally as she turned to face E.E next.

Good of you to save her a.s.s, Angy said before swinging her arm around to get the blood off.

What? Did you run all the way there without knowing I was gonna act? E.E questioned with a suspicious look.

It was either her or Aildris and you know who I chose, Angy responded while shrugging.

Glade had a weird look on her face as she heard that. She was speechless and felt a kind of intense hate from Angy towards her.

She had no idea why this was the case but at the very least she was glad E.E saved her.

What was that all about? Captain Spark could feel the weird vibe in the air after the situation was resolved.

They all ignored his question and Angy proceeded to move back towards the group as Davidson made a call to the Generals.

While it looked like she was okay on the surface, Angy was holding in the urge to puke.

It feels worse than i imagined phew phew phew its gonna be fine it was to protect my loved ones She kept chanting internally as her right arm trembled from time to time.

The first person to arrive where they were on the planet was Mack.

Does this mean weve completed the mission? Davidson questioned.

Yes leave the rest to me kids, Mack voiced out as he took a step forward.


He suddenly dissappeared from their sight.

Finally, now we can head back, E.E voiced as he let out a sigh of relief.

They all moved into the s.p.a.cecraft in the new few moments and it took off into the skies.

They were lucky Mack had arrived the time he die because the Mendologas had clocked in on their position at the checkpoint and were approaching in droves.

However the moment Mack arrived, his presence caused them to pause in theri tracks. The only item they had as leverage against him and against their planet falling were now in the hands of the MBO.

They really had nothing to use against Mack who was more powerful than every Mendologa elder on the planet.

Mendologas were considered pretty strong in the universe but compared to earth with powerfully Mixedbloods like Jack and Miss Aimee they really didnt stand a chance.

They had breached the treaty that practically protected them from the invasion of more powerful planets with their initial actions so they couldnt call for help.

Earth had every right to do whatever they wanted to the planet since they didnt start the whole situation.

E.E and the others no longer had any business here. Mack and the others would handle taking over the planet and subjecting its people.

They had played their parts, although not without casualties, they were free to head back now.

It had been a week since they were gone and it would take another three days of journeying before they got back to earth.

They were unaware of Earths current situation with the whole new planet issue but they would find out sooner or later.

So this is where I get off I guess, Gustav voiced out as he looked around.

The scenery was a whole lot better than before. A few cat like animals moving about, lushy green fields and sparkling pool like lakes.

The clouds looked more beautiful than Earths and Gustav couldnt help but admit the air here was fresher than that of Earths as well.

Now that you can create life do you plan on create any human lifeforms? Gustav questioned.

Not at all, Miss Aimee replied as she walked out of one of the lakes.

Her entire body dripped of wetness as the white robes like cloth she was clad in, glued to her body.

Any man that stared at Miss Aimee at this point with her beautiful but cold face and her glamorous looking body would definitely gulp down saliva.

Her majestic bearing and alluring body was immensely hot but Gustav being Gustav stared at her with an unbothered expression.

I do plan to create other lifeforms but aside copying the looks of animals from earth, i wont be copying any other lifeforms Miss Aimee voiced out once more.

It will take some time before I achieve what I have in mind but nonetheless I will visit earth from tike to time and maybe even protect those idiots when they need my help, She added.

I have to get off here I have things to get back to on earth, Gustav listed out with a tone of difficulty.

Why the rush? Miss Aimee questioned.

Earth is still a bit distant from here and I have spent longer time away than I intended to

Miss Aimee cut Gustav off before he could finish.

They should be arriving at any moment so no need to rush, well go together, She stated.

Who? As Gustav threw this question out the answer appeared in his mind.

The MBO? He voiced out next.

Theyre here already, Miss Aimee stated in response.

Gustav eyes squinted as he wasnt sensing anything from his surroundings but after a minute he stared at the Eastern sky.

Zhooonnn~ Zhooooon~ Zhhooonnn~

Several s.p.a.cecraft suddenly appeared in the skies, moving towards their location.

Are you ready to go home now, Miss Aimee said with a smile as she turned to stare at Gustav.

Minutes later Gustav and Miss Aimee were on their way back to earth. The MBO officers had politely asked Miss Aimee for a audience on earth according to the MBO higher ups.

She wanted to use this opportunity to see Earth once more before she went back to focusing on developing her planet.

She left a barrier surrounding her planet in the meantime just in case anyone tried anything shady while she was away.

She would sense it the moment there was an issue.