The Bloodline System - Chapter 1039 Raiding Genxodus Members

Chapter 1039 Raiding Genxodus Members

Chapter 1039 Raiding Genxodus Members

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There was no doubt that Slarkovs and even humans existed with deep hate for Mixedbloods mostly because those without bloodlines are seen as lower lifeforms. The issue now was how were they getting recruited.

What secret channel were the Genxodus using to get across to potential Slarkovs and turn them into members.

No one seemed to have figured this out yet and the world government as well as the MBO knew well enough that the longer it took to weed them out the more this group would grow in numbers.

The population of Slarkovs and humans were not so high compared to mixedbloods, they merely managed to occupy ten percent of the worlds population but if that ten percent managed to band together with the crazy advantage in technology they had, it would be a great issue.

It was already difficult to weed them out now that they werent so high in population, one could wonder how insane it would be if they all came together.

Should we join them on the next raiding mission after this one? Matilda questioned with a curious tone.

As interesting as that would be, I dont think we get to pick our next mission ourselves, Falco responded while shaking his head.

Gustav said something about how we needed to complete this mission properly so he could add us to his platoon, Teemee stated.

Maybe after we do this and successfully get added into his platoon we could ask him to get us a.s.signed for this type of mission again, Matilda voiced out.

Or we could do it with the full squad including my rival, Ria added as well.

Vera eyes beamed up with interest as she heard Gustavs name getting added to the conversation.

According to what Ive heard from the other groups, he was involved when the whole thing started so it wouldnt make any less sense if he decided to get involved, Falco stated.

Didnt he mentioned he was going to be busy with something though? Teemee questioned with a contemplative expression.

Also IYSOP training is starting in a month from now so we cant be involved in this till the end, Matilda voiced out with a tone of realisation as well.

Veras expression turned sour once more as she heard that. They were lucky every single one of them got drafted for IYSOP so they could still work together in that aspect too.

However, according to what they heard, there were still more than hundred potential candidates being drafted from all across the world, not just from the MBO.

At the end of the day, they would still have to defend their spots to be on the maim team or being a subst.i.tute would split them up.

Group twenty four, gather in base for the next raid briefing, t minus two minutes, A voice suddenly called out to them from behind.

Everyone stood to their feet after hearing this and turned around.

Lets go,


-Mendologas Planet

You all did well,

A man in dark jacket reaching the back of his heel voice out to a group of seven standing behind a small mountain.

A large s.p.a.cecraft as tall as a three storey building could be seen stationed up ahead and a group of MBO officers could be seen placing a silver colored circular object into a container.

But theyre both dead, Angy voiced with a slightly disturbed tone.

It doesnt matter. If they were already corrupted, without killing the Mendologas responsible its impossible to free their minds and you fledglings are too weak to handle a true elder, talk more of two, The man responded brus.h.i.+ng aside the fact that there were two bodies laying on the ground by the side.

These two bodies belonged to a male and female and it was obvious that they were both dead.

One had a hole in the chest and the other had been decapitated.

Its a pity if there was any other method we would have taken it but since this was the only way out, there was really nothing we could do, Aildris voiced with a slightly sympathetic tone.

These two were none other than the other two left from the team sent on this mission before them. Unfortunately now the entire team had been wiped out because of the intial situation.


Hand it over, right now, Jade yelled out with her hand wrapped around Aildris neck.

Aildris stared directly at Angy at this point and didnt utter a word anymore.

Dont do anything stupid or you wont be able to save them both, Jade shouted out once more.

I could care less about what happens to Glade,

Jade was unable to process what had just happened as she the voice she just heard sounded right beside her ear.


It came with a burst of wind.

The instant she turned to the side she spotted Angy standing right beside her but Angy was not just standing in place. Her right hand was stretched forward.

Bleergghh! Jade vomited out a mouthful of blood onto Angy as she slowly stared down the hand that was halfway through her chest.

She subconsciously let go of Aildris as the reality finally hit her. They were unaware that someone in this group was capable of moving so fast.

Angy literally speed blitz her. Angy could move at over three hundred thousand feet in a second with her normal speed and they were only about twenty feet away.

This meant Angy was able to arrive right beside her in practically an instant. No one was able to follow Angys speed.

The other officer instantly got the cue and tried to shatter Glades windpipe but at the same moment the whole ruckus was caused by Angy a ring like vortex had appeared around his neck.

E.E had been secretly preparing this with his fingers swirling behind him so the moment Angy made her move, he allowed it appear.


The vortex shrunk and in the next instant, the other male officer had been decapitated.