The Bloodline System - Chapter 1036 Sudden Attack

Chapter 1036 Sudden Attack

Chapter 1036 Sudden Attack

Authors Note: Unedited Chapters

Despite all these attacks getting blocked, the speed of the planets movement had slowed down a little due to its intense power.

Miss Aimee looked upwards and began to float across the air.

Her entire figure was still glowing intensely as she rose into the sky.

Stop being a bother, She voiced out with a light tone that surprisingly travelled so far, it reached s.p.a.ce.

The person responsible for the multiple attack flew across s.p.a.ce, following up with the movement of the planet. He heard the voice and his face squeezed up.

He was clad in a blue jacket and hat. His eyes glowed blue completely and his body had a destructive aura oozing from it.

So you are the one responsible for this? Halt the movement of this planet right now or I will destroy it, He voice out with a loud voice as well from the upper atmosphere of the planet.

Destroy? Youre a million years too young to successfully do so, Miss Aimees voice travelled out from the planet to s.p.a.ce once more.

This Mixedblood who was obviously an Alpha ranked instantly got incensed as he heard that.

Starlight Enhancement! He voiced out with a loud voice, causing all the stars within range across s.p.a.ce to start oozing out a stream of energy.

These energies flowed towards him from every direction of s.p.a.ce as his body glowed up with a more destructive blue aura.

A ma.s.sive blue circular like beam which looked as gigantic as the Earths moon appeared below him.

Zing! Zing! Zing! Zing! Zing!

That wasnt the end as multiple others appeared as well and surrounded the planet from every corner.

In a few over thirty of them had appeared and one could tell that even a single one of these destructive circular beams was capable of wreaking immense havoc.

It would be unwise on your part to keep this up. Any further act to damage my planet will be seen as a maliable act and I will not hesitate to destroy you, Miss Aimees calm but very loud voice drifted into s.p.a.ce once more.

The Alpha Mixedblood totally ignore her warning and his hand that was raised initially, swung downwards.

Fwwhiii! Fwwhiiii! Fwwhhiiiii! Fwwwhiii!

All of the moon sized blueish beams hurled down towards Miss Aimees planet with intense speed, ripping through s.p.a.ce as they carried destructive energy along with them.

Miss Aimee Planet suddenly came to a stop at this point as a whitish barrier appeared and surrounded the entirety of the planet that was three times the size of earth.

As if thats powerful enough to stop my rain of destructive b.a.l.l.s, He voiced out as he watched the b.a.l.l.s collide with the barrier and let out destructive energy.







Destructive ripples were spread across s.p.a.ce upon collision as the ma.s.sive moon sized beams exploded with intensity.

The man stood in place with a look of gratification as he felt he had handled the situation.

However in the next few moments his eyes widened with a look of disbelief. As the destructive waves cleared, the planet was still whole without even sustaining a single damage.

The barrier that had surrounded it at the last second was not even cracked in the slightest, neither was there a scratch on it.

He couldnt believe his eyes as he stared at the planet.

Did I suddenly turn weak? He muttered with a tone of confusion.

No fool but youre weak against me, He heard a feminine voice from right beside him.

The instant he turned to the side with widened eyes, a hand had already stretched out to grab him by the throat.

Didnt I warn you to stop, Fred? Miss Aimee questioned as her hand tightened around his throat.

Aimee..? He had a look of disbelief on his face as he saw who it was.

How did she appear beside me without me realising? Isnt she reported missing? How is she related with this whole emergency situation? He had so many questions running through his mind at the moment.

I have no ties to you so I have no problem in destroying you right now but I am considerate enough to not cut down Earths strength so Ill spare your pathetic life, Miss Aimee voiced out before letting him go.

He breathed in and out heavily after she had let go of his neck.

How did I suddenly lose all my strength the moment she grabbed me? It doesnt make sense our strengths werent too far apart initially but now its like she has unfathomable power, This thought ran through Freds mind as he pondered on what could be the answer to these his multiple questions.

Get out of here before I change my mind, Miss Aimee stated as she began to float downwards towards her planet.

Wait please wait, Fred called out quickly before she was out of sight.

What is it? Miss Aimee questioned with an hostile tone.

No one had any idea that you were responsible for this they are just worried that this is a threat to earth, Fred tried explaining.

No need to be worried I have almost arrived at my desired destination before you interrupted the journey, Miss Aimee voiced before flying downwards.


She left him floating there with loads of questions still running through his mind. He was really interested in asking her but he knew better than to try and be invasive again after what had just happened.

Fred was considered the third most powerful Mixedblood after Miss Aimee and Jack. It was always debatable about who was more stronger between Miss Aimee and Jack amongst the MBO but Fred was undeniably third place.

However he didnt used to be that much weaker than Miss Aimee even though he was still weaker.

He initially wasnt on earth but he was requested to arrive as soon as possible by the higher ups due to the impending doom they presumed was approaching.

He had reached here as soon as he could especially after he heard Jack was still on a mission several galaxies away and Miss Aimee was still Missing.