The Bloodline System - Chapter 1037 Overpowered

Chapter 1037 Overpowered

Chapter 1037 Overpowered

He was the closest Alpha ranked Mixedblood to earth so he answered the call and got briefed on his way here.

The plan was to halt the planet before it reached Neptunes...o...b..t so earth would be safe and since he powerful enough to destroy an entire planet like Aimee and the others, this was definitely a mission he was capable of completing successfully.

Unfortunately he had no idea that this was what he was gonna meet here.


The planet began travelling at insanely fast speed again right before his very eyes as he floated in s.p.a.ce.

In a few, it had completely disappeared out of sight despite its ma.s.sive size and how if was blazing intensely.

Time to head back, He decided to head back to earth at this point to give them the report.


He turned and flew forward with intense speed as well.

An MBO officer? Gustav voiced with a slightly disturbed look.

Yes, Miss Aimee responded as she took her seat outside a small crystalline looking pool she created recently.

I told you theyd probably be bothered, Gustav voiced out with a frustrated tone.

He had warned Miss Aimee earlier that, at the speed she was moving the planet with the area in s.p.a.ce she intended to occupy, the earth would most likely be worried a planet was approaching them.

Miss Aimee shrugged it off mostly because she didnt really care and now this Alpha had incited a battle that caused residue destructive waves to blast him to smithereens.

Dont worry I handled it, Miss Aimee said with a non challant expression.

Of course you did I hope you didnt kill the poor dude, Gustav said while shaking his head.

I was tempted but nah I pardoned his weak a.s.s, Miss Aimee responded with a light chuckle.

You call that weak?

Gustavs eyes turned hollow as he voiced out.

Then what would you call me? Gustav questioned with a ridiculing tone.

My baby the teachers pet my apprentice a super weakling which one do you prefer? Miss Aimee questioned.

Gustav; f.u.c.k you miss Aimee Ill become strong enough to overpower you one day,

Sure, hehe, Miss Aimee responded like she could read Gustavs mind.



-Are you saying the young Miss had been behind this the whole time?

Yes, I met her about thirty minutes ago and she protected the planet from all my attacks,

-We noticed it stopped for a bit, was that you?

She did that herself to face me I am not powerful enough to face her,

-Is she an hostile?

-Has she finally turned against earth?

-What exactly is her motive?

Within a board room will multiple MBO higher ups, Fred could be seen standing in front as he narrated his experience to them.

She hasnt turned against earth, she has almost reached her destination the planet should stop moving soon,

-So youre saying the planet belongs to her?


So she implied

-We should take this as an attack on earth and deploy forces to stop her right away.

-I agree, she must have turned and became an enemy of earth now.

-Gentle men, lets relax a bit, according to Fred she hasnt arrived at her destination,

-Will you take responsibility if we decide to wait and eventually she doesnt stop at where she claimed she would?

-Will you take responsibility for slow inaction because the earth might get destroyed before were able to act,

-There wont be any responsibility to take when were all dead,

-I dont see any reason why she would want to destroy earth in the first place,

-Can we just hold on and find out how long till she arrives at her expected destination?

-Lets take action right away,

The board room turned rowdy as some of the higher up proposed for action to be taken immediately some decided to stick to waiting.

-Sirs, I believe the young Miss had never acted nefariously against the earth before so yes she deserves the benefit of the doubt, Gradier Xanatus who happened to be in the meeting with them, voiced out.

He was allowed to join the meeting as he had been in charge of the investigation since the whole situation began weeks ago.

However since he was still in s.p.a.ce, he joined the meeting in holographic format. He was still watching over the planet.

Officer Xanatus makes a good point, Fred voiced out as well after seeing the higher ups argue all this time.

Internally there was a reluctance building up especially after seeing how powerful Miss Aimee was. He knew her personality all too well so he knew that if she was coming to destroy earth she wouldnt hide it.

She would say it confidently that she wanted to do that because she wasnt the type to fear anyone or lie about anything. It would be a grave mistake if they were to cross her with how powerful she was at the moment.

Fred was a bit disappointed about the higher ups because their thoughts right now should be on how to make her more of an ally instead of a foe.

-Officer Xanatus, do you have eyes on the planet at the moment?

Yes I do, Gradier Xanatus responded.

-And how fast is it moving?

Gradier Xanatus went on to reply them with the data.

-And that doesnt ring bells to some of you? She obviously has the intension of destroying us all for unknown reasons,

-We need to act right now so earth doesnt suffer any crippling damage,

The higher ups began to argue again about which step to take and they decided, more apha ranked Mixedbloods will be sent to stall the planets movement while more troops are gathered to take Miss Aimee down.

Since Jack was currently unavailable they had to gather multiple Alpha ranked to match his strength. They still didnt believe Miss Aimee was stronger even after Freds narration.

Sirs Gradier Xanatus suddenly interrupted their planning.

-What is it officer Xanatus?

The planet is slowing down, He voiced out.

-Huh? Are you sure?