The Bloodline System - Chapter 1035 A Goddess

Chapter 1035 A Goddess

Chapter 1035 A G.o.ddess

A ma.s.sive blazing spherical structure could be seen moving at very insane speed. One couldnt actually tell how the the planet looked from this direction due to how much it was blazing intensely but for some reason this blaze wasnt even damaging the planet.

I need to find out if the kid is still alive Gradier Xanatus voiced as stood in a part of the s.p.a.cecraft while checking out the planet from afar.

Can we get a scope in that would get a picture of the planet in closer range? Gradier Xanatus questioned.

Have you thought of a name though? Gustav voiced out while laying on a bed of flowers.

Nope, Miss Aimee who was laying right beside him responded with an unbothered tone.

Want to help come up with a name? She proceeded to question him.

Nah, Im bad with names. Maybe you should name it after yourself Aimee Planet has a good ring to it, Gustav voiced in response.

You werent kidding when you said you were bad with names, Miss Aimee said while shaking her head.

Gustav proceeded to shrug casually as he stared at the beautiful scenario of large flying creatures playing in the sky.

So youre basically a G.o.d now? Gustav voiced out with an astonished tone.

G.o.ddess hmm the term seems too religious but Ill take it, Miss Aimee said in response.

But hey, dont you think people of earth will be worried with the planet getting closer to earth? Gustav said with a slightly troubled tone.

Nah I wont get too close it will still be as far away as the Sun is from Neptune and then Ill position my own sun in the other direction, Miss Aimee stated.

How long will that take? Gustav inquired.

In half a day we should get there, Miss Aimee responded.

You wanna eat something? She proceeded to ask.

Nah Im good hold on, A thought appeared in Gustavs mind as he sat up and turned to stare at Miss Aimee.

You can create anything that means you can create food too but what happens when I eat the food you create? Will it serve its original purpose or dissappear after reaching a particular point within my body? Gustav questioned with a serious look that nearly had Miss Aimee Cackling.

I have no Idea actually I havent tested that since I dont feel the need to eat anymore to stay alive, Miss Aimee responded with a clueless look.

Hmm, does this make you the strongest Mixedblood now? Gustav questioned.

Maybe, maybe not I can tell Jack was holding back in his fight against me the last time because both our strengths was capable of causing the earth irreparable damage if the fight went on so i have never fought him at full strength even back then.

I never knew the full extent of his strength and he never knew mine that time but I have a feeling he might have been slightly stronger just a hunch tho Miss Aimee stated out.

But I am a whole lot more powerful than I used to be I am no longer a normal Mixedblood again since what happened, still I cant a.s.sume I am stronger if I never knew his full strength, She added.

Gustav had a look of contemplation as he heard that

If youre stronger now, you may have ruined some things for me, Gustav muttered.

Huh? You cheeky brat you should take pride in the fact that your teacher is the strongest, Miss Aimee voiced out before grabbing his left cheek and pulling it.

Ouch, ow, ow,

How am I ruining things for you by getting stronger you dollophead?

No no I meant oh wonderful great master I am delighted at your newfound power,

That sounded so fake,

Miss Aimee pulled on Gustavs cheek even more and tackled him to the ground before sitting on him.

Gustav was unable to free himself for a long time despite trying to wriggle away like a snake.

After a bit they both started laughing again and one could tell that they had both genuinely missed each other despite not saying it outright.

Does this mean youll never step foot on earth again since you have your own planet now? Gustav questioned.

Since my body integrated with the infection, I retained the positivities but got rid of the negativities The earth will no longer be unconducive for me Maybe Ill visit every once in a while, Miss Aimee said with a contemplative expression.

That would be nice, A smile appeared on Gustavs face as he stated.

So how does it feel to be a G.o.ddess?

While the earth was reeling in fear and disaster of the incoming planet, Miss Aimee and Gustav were here chatting and laughing unbothered.

Hours later Gustav was sitting by a corner meditating and channeling his bloodline. At least that was what he told Miss Aimee when what he was actually doing was checking some stats.





<2 Years>




[Time Elapsed]

<2 Years>

How has it not changed? Gustav wondered internally as he stared at his strength progress.

He was expecting it to have reduced since Miss Aimee had gotten to such a level of power which was why he mentioned earlier that she may have ruined things for him.

Does this mean Miss Aimee is still weaker than Jack? Gustav felt it didnt make sense because no matter how Miss Aimee tried to downplay her strength n.o.body else in the history of Mixedbloods had managed to create their own planet.

It was no small feat and he had also been in the presence of both of them so he could sense an unfathomable level of power that wasnt present initially in Miss Aimee and never present in Jack.

Hold on she mentioned something about not being a normal mixedblood again after integrating with the ashy infection, This thought began to circulate in Gustavs mind.

Does this mean The stats dont count Miss Aimee as a Mixedblood anymore so there are no changes?

(Looks like you figured it out,) The system suddenly voiced in his mind.

So Im right? Gustav stated.

(Partly there are two reasons why Miss Aimees new found strength did not affect the stats First shes a different type of Mixedblood after the integration with the ashy infection secondly she created her own planet so that practically means shes no longer an earthling) The system explained.

I guess that makes sense Gustav responded internally.

He heaved a sigh of relief after this whole realisation. His progress wasnt affected and wont be except Jack suddenly got a huge boost in strength.

The thing about being weaker was the fact that his improvement rate was faster than theirs because the stronger they became the harder it was to advance.

They were the strongest in the entire galaxy and even across the universe Miss Aimee and Jack had always been considered amongst one of the strongest.

Gustav was ecstatic about this as well because even though Miss Aimee now had her planet and would be away most of the times, he now had someone on his side who was potentially the most powerful in the world.

This was a huge win for earth as well because Miss Aimee having her own planet wouldnt stop her from protecting earth.


A few hours later Gustav opened his eyes as he sensed something. He stood up and turned to look in Miss Aimees direction.

Someone is coming, Miss Aimee voiced out as she stood in place.

A blinding bright light covered her in the next instant and she was clad in a long silver outfit. It looked majestic and overbearing as she stood in place like a true deity because that was what she was at the moment.

Gustav who was still awestruck and about to ask who sudden spotted a ma.s.sive blue glow in the northern skies.

It looked like a ma.s.sive beam, penetrating the planets atmosphere from s.p.a.ce.

It shot down with intensive destructiveness like it was ready to destroy the planet.

Miss Aimee looked up with a nonchalant expression before raising her hand.


An invisible saucer like barrier suddenly appeared hundreds of feet above them and blocked the attack.


The sound of collision as it hit spread across the vicinity heavily and caused the entire environment to start quaking.

Gustav could feel the immense pressure radiating from the attack and he knew this wasnt the type of battle he could get involved in.

He turned to the side as he sensed something.

Miss Aimee, He voiced out.

Dont worry Miss Aimee said as she snapped her fingers.

A dome suddenly appeared around Gustav as multiple invisible saucer like barriers appeared all over the vicinity.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Seven more blueish destructive beams descended from above with instantaneous speed all slamming into the multiple barrier that Miss Aimee had created all across the place.