The Bloodline System - Chapter 1032 I Killed Him

Chapter 1032 I Killed Him

1032 I Killed Him

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


She turned to stare towards the west sky at this point where the Sun was being formed.


She took off into the sky in the next instant and appeared right in the midst of the cracks that still spread on farther than expected.

She was unaffected in the slightest by the heatwaves, but as she traveled further she noticed the rips in the sky and a part of the area the cracks covered transitioning into a different place.

"s.p.a.ce..." Miss Aimee instantly recognised this to be s.p.a.ce the further she flew.

It was surprising to her because she had no idea the cracks had already breached through s.p.a.ce from out of this dimension.

She heard the yell once more and stared forward. This was when she spotted a figure holding onto a head sized cylindrical object while floating in place with their body ripping apart and mending at the same time.

"Gustav?" Miss Aimee had a look of shock as she recognised the figure to be Gustav.

'He can't take anymore of this,' She noticed and quickly sped forward once more.

The moment she arrived in front of him she noticed he was on the verge of losing consciousness.


Miss Aimee snapped her fingers and in the next instant a bright barrier covered the both of them up, s.h.i.+elding him completely from the heatwave.

The energy he was absorbing stopped flowing in at this moment and Gustav's eyes finally closed completely as he fell forward.


Miss Aimee grabbed hold of him, hugging Gustav to her body.

A beautiful smile appeared on her face, which was a very rare scenario. Miss Aimee proceeded to stroke his hair softly as she continued holding onto him while they descended from the air.

Gustav was a head taller than Miss Aimee but she still managed to hold onto him like he was a baby.

She was curious about the whole s.p.a.ce issue but she decided now wasn't the time to check that out and placed Gustav's head on her laps upon landing.

She noticed he was badly damaged and most of it was from within which was the worst form of damage so Miss Aimee began to transmit energy into him from herself.

Coupled with his own healing ability, Gustav was able to heal quickly and regained consciousness I'm three hours time.


"That is what happened..." Miss Aimee finished narrating how they got to this point.

"So you had no idea, you had broken out of this dimension the whole time?" Gustav voiced out.

"Yeah... so how is earth?" Miss Aimee questioned with a slightly curious tone.

"I killed him," Gustav voiced in response like he already knew what Miss Aimee was referring to with that question.

"Oh?" A smirk appeared on Miss Aimee's face as she heard this.

"So that b.a.s.t.a.r.d is finally dead eh? Too bad I wasn't able to kill him myself. Did you torture him though?" She proceeded to ask.

"Hehe did more than that," Gustav responded with a slight chuckle.

"Tell me all about it,"


-Planet Mendologas

Slas.h.!.+ Bang! Bam! Boom!

Sounds of explosion and collisions rang out as a battle between a group of mixedbloods and beast was playing out.

These beasts had dark mist emitting from their eyes, claws and skull but they were physical enough to take damage.

There were more than twenty of them ambus.h.i.+ng this group of four but these four were strong enough to hold their own and had been doing well so far in dealing with the beasts.

Elevora swerved to the right in mid air as a six legged beast leaped towards her. She spun with her leg stretching out which in turn slammed into the back of the creature.


Another one was sent cras.h.i.+ng down. It slammed into a fellow beast and Elevora went on to fire a destructive beam from her forehead to finish them off.

E.E on the other side, conjured up multiple vortexes in front of these creatures sucking them in and letting them get tossed across the place.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

These beasts kept slamming into each other as the vortexes were positioned in a circular format across the place making it so the beasts were pulled into another vortex the moment they got out of one.

E.E would occasionally attack some using physical combat after incapacitating them with the pulls of the vortexes.

pan,da n<0,>v,el The captain on the other side sent out destructive circular waves with both arms. With every fist he sent out, a wave was blasted across the place that transfered the damage to the other beasts in the vicinity.

He could focus on one beast and other beasts would be getting damage from the attack he was inflicting on the beast. The strange waves made sure to transmit the damage from the attack all across the place.

Davidson on the other hand had transformed into a gorrila like creature with golden colored furs and glowing white eyes. His physical strength had been greatly improved and he could shoot flames from his mouth.

He pounded these beasts from place to place while showering them with flames as well.

In a few more minutes the battle ended and all that could be seen around them were multiple corpses of these beasts.

"This makes the seventh swarm we've faced," E.E voiced out.

"What's wrong boy scout? You running out of energy?" Davidson questioned with a slightly ridiculing chuckle as he transformed back into his original form.

"Far from it..." E.E responded with an unbothered tone.

"He dealt with more of the beast's than you did though," Elevora voiced out as well causing Davidson's smile to fade.

In the battles so far, there wasn't a doubt that Elevora was the most powerful here with the way she was finis.h.i.+ng each creature with a single or two attacks.

They were quite the power group but she had even taken care of creatures that attacked from their blind spots while still dealing with the ones in front of her so Davidson didn't want to get on her bad side.

"We're close... I can see the wall," Captain Spark voiced out as he looked up ahead.

"Let's keep moving then, we've been here for too long," Elevora voiced in response.

"Hold on, since I can see the wall too, I can get us there," E.E voiced out before conjuring a vortex.


A purplish vortex opened up in front of them and they proceeded to jump in.

In the next instant, everyone arrived before the gigantic wall that was over ten thousand feet tall.

"We're here," Captain Spark voiced out.

"There are creatures lurking on the walls... it will be a battle if we're climbing up," Elevora stated as she looked up.

"Can you get us to the top?" Captain Spark inquired as he stared at E.E.

He didn't want them to spend time trying to scale the wall while also having to battle creature's since they had spent a lot of time in this hole.

"I can't see the top but since I know how high the wall is then yeah... I'll just project my vortex that far," E.E voiced out before proceeding to open up another vortex.

At the same time he did this, a loud beast cry reverberated across the vicinity.

"That's the strongest creature here... It has noticed us," Elevora voiced out as she turned around.

"How strong?" Davidson questioned.

"Just get into the vortex," Elevora voiced out before pus.h.i.+ng him forward.

"You go next," Captain Spark voiced out but before he knew what was happening Elevora pushed him in as well.

At this same time the sound of beast paws stamping on the ground became increasingly loud and in the next instant a gigantic beast about twenty feet large appeared right behind them.

Elevora and E.E were left but there was barely enough time. Elevora stared at E.E and was about to push him in when the vortex suddenly turned red.


Both of them instantly got sucked in while the creature charged forward as well.


The fell to the ground which was atop the wall and the vortex above them hadn't closed up yet.


A loud creature yell was heard as the head of this gigantic creature poked through the vortex in the next instant.

"Idiot," E.E stared at the vortex and stretched out his right hand before clenching it.


The vortex closed up in the next instant and a ma.s.sive decapitated head fell to the ground with blood oozing out.

"No matter how powerful a creature is, they're bound to die with that type of foolishness," E.E voiced as Elevora gave him a hand and helped in pulling him up.

"Did you really try to push me in and face it yourself?" E.E voiced with a slight chuckle.

"If that is what is required to save you, I would do it again," Elevora stated in response without batting an eyelid.

E.E who had always been confident looking suddenly turned shy at this moment as he stared at Elevora from behind who had begun walking away after saying that.