The Bloodline System - Chapter 1033 Aildris And Glade's Situation

Chapter 1033 Aildris And Glade's Situation

Chapter 1033 Aildris And Glade's Situation

Authors Note: Unedited Chapters

E.E who had always been confident looking suddenly turned shy at this moment as he stared at Elevora from behind who had begun walking away after saying that.

He proceeded to follow after them as well as they headed to the checkpoint.


Youve been here this whole time? Aildris voiced out to a yellow skinned lady in front of him.

Yeah, its been almost three weeks now, She responded while looking around with a worried look.

Were here to take you back youll be fine, Glade voiced out.

He needs more help than I do, since we ran out of healing supplements to help him, The yellow skinned girl said while pointing at the other person who was laying on the ground.

There was an unconscious guy on the floor with a red rocky like hair and multiple bandaid wrapped around exposed part of his skin.

It was obvious that this person had been severely injured due to the multiple bloodstains on different parts of his body.

Both of them were clad in MBO uniforms signifying that were officers as well.

These two were none other than the officers from the previous group who were said to have met their end here while embarking on the mission.

Glade and Aildris had managed to locate them after searching for a long time in an area called land of shadows.

It was very difficult for them to get to this place but according to calculations from the co captain, it was triangulated that this could be one of the areas where the only two who survived might be hiding out.

They previously checked two other areas based on their closeness to the rock structure where the device was hidden but they didnt find them there.

Fortunately they were hiding in this dangerous land that was said to be overrun by shadowy creatures without physical bodies.

Did you also run out of bloodline energy? Aildris questioned.

Yes and I am finding it hard to recover because of my injuries so weve been hiding in this shed within the land of shadows all this time, The yellow skinned female responded.

There will be a s.p.a.cecraft arriving in t minus 007 hours. We just need to make sure we get to the checkpoint in time, Aildris stated while moving towards the other male officer and lifting him onto his shoulder.

Get on my back, Glade voiced out to the lady who proceeded to do as required.

What about the mission? The lady officer asked after getting on Glades back.

The others are handling it. Well all meet back at the checkpoint, Aildris voiced as they began moving out of this shed like structure.

The female officer had managed to build this when they arrived here and despite it being really lousy looking, it was good enough for them to hide within.

Glade, lets move, Aildris voiced out before charging forward.


A red aura like energy surrounded Glade and in the next instant she also blasted forward with immense speed, catching up with Aildris.

This particular area had some weird looking root like plants growing out of the pitch black ground.

These roots were around ten to fifteen meters long which was practically the same size with trees on earth but they looked a lot different from trees. However one could consider this a Mendologa forest with the way it looked.

While Aidlris and Glade sped forward across this land of shadows some weird black streaks could be seen moving from root to root.

One on your six, Aildris voiced out.

Glade suddenly spun around at this time as a four feet long red sickle appeared in her grasp.


She swung it out and it phased right through a shadowy figure that just leaped from a tree.

However the moment it pa.s.sed through, a suction force came from the sickle which ended up pulling the shadowy figure into it as it repeatedly spun across the air.

Glade had already turned right back around after throwing the sickle so she never stopped running forward.

As they sped through the mist of these multiple root like trees, more of these creatures attacked from every angle and Aildris who was able to grasp every aspect of his surroundings due to his heightened senses from closing his eyes, informed Glade of every position these creatures were appearing from.

It was easier for Glade to deal with them as the lady on her back held onto her body so Glade didnt have to be bothered about her hands being occupied.

Aildris on the other hand had to hold onto the unconscious figure of the male officer properly so he was quite handicapped in the situation of thess attacking shadowy figures.

Fortunately Glade was able to deal with every single one of them as they dashed across this territory.

Be careful not to awake the big one, The lady officer voiced out.

Big one? Glade and Aidlris voiced at the same time with looks of confusion.

In the next instant the entire vicinity began quaking heavily.


The dark roots vibrated intensely as this quake went on for a couple of seconds.

s.h.i.+t! The lady voiced out.

Whats wrong? Glade questioned as they kept running.

You guys just woke it up the big one, She voiced in response.

What is the big one? Glade questioned.

Look behind you, Aildris stated.

Glade turned around and could see dark strings pulling out of the ground in some areas as the ground spilt open.

A ma.s.sive circular shaped shadowy figure with multiple dark strings attached to its frame that acted as arms and legs could be spotted reaching out from the ground.

Move away! Aildris yelled out as he leapt towards the left.

Glade managed to leap towards the right in that same instant and a dark line cut through their middle before slamming into the ground in front.

Bang! Krrrryychhh~

The ground instantly split open upon the collision and dark flames burst forth from the cracks.

Both of them instantly felt the temperature increase by a couple thousand degrees. The flames had not made contact with them, yet they felt like their skins were being cooked by the temperature increase it was causing.

You couldnt tell us about the big one before? Glade voiced out with a tone of wariness as they kept running forward looking to escape this creature.

My bad theres actually three of them but hopefully we only have to deal with this one, She voiced with an apologetic tone.

Glade, jump! Aildris yelled out once more.

Both of them proceeded to jump upwards in the next instant and two dark strings from the creatures body slashed across their previous position below.

It ended up ruining a couple of roots due to its powerful destructiveness and once more dark flames oozed out of anything the strings made contact with.

Jade, can we beat this thing? Aildris was starting to get mad from the intense heatwave.

Youd have to be at least Kilo rank to kill it but you two are a rank below like me, The injured female officer responded while shaking her head.

Ill take my chances, Aildris voiced out before opening his eyes.


The vicinity instantly turned colorless, leaving things transparent unlike how it would be before with everywhere turning black and white.

Glade, catch, Aildris voiced out as he leapt into the air once more, towards Glades direction and dropped the unconscious body he was initially carrying.

Glade caught the body of the unconscious officer and leapt continued running forward as Aildris turned around.

Ill catch up with you later, Aildris voiced out as his beautiful eyes stared in the direction of the circular shadowy creature.

It made a weird squealing sound after seeing that one if it preys had stopped to face it. Moving forward slowly the creature stopped several feet away from Aildris, sizing him up while also trying to intimidate him.

After staying in position for a bit and seeing that Aildris did not buckle it charged forward once more.

Color separation Aildris muttered softly as he joined his index and middle finger together.

As the creature leaped across the air towards Aildris while firing out its multiple dark strings towards him, he stabbed forward with his two fingers

A weird phenomenon happened in the next instant as a multicoloured glow appeared at his conjoined fingertips while they stabbed forward.

A group of four in dark suits could be seen approaching an area behind a mountain.

Three of them were males while the fourth was a female.

Weve finally arrived, E.E voiced with a tone of relief as they arrived behind the small green colored mountain

Took you guys long enough, A familiar voiced was heard from up ahead.

Angy as expected you got here first, E.E voiced with a light chuckle as he moved towards her position.

Been here for hours wondering when you guys would get here, Angy voiced with a slightly frustrated tone.