The Bloodline System - Chapter 1031 I Created My Own Planet

Chapter 1031 I Created My Own Planet

Chapter 1031 I Created My Own Planet

Authors Note: The reason for the recent lack of updates is that Ive been editing the initial chapters.

Miss Aimee proceeded to call out different objects and items and they all appeared in an instant, proving that she had way more power than she had ever had at this moment.

The main problem was still getting out of here which was in the middle of nowhere but Miss Aimee felt she could spend this time trying to grasp the full extent of her power.

In a week more than a million things were floating in this s.p.a.ce with her and most of them had been created instantly. Miss Aimee just had to imagine whatever she wanted to create so long as it was a non-living thing and it would appear.

There were skysc.r.a.pers floating across the place, small buildings, rocks, appliances and so many other things.

Vanis.h.!.+ Miss Aimee voiced out.


Every single thing she created during this time frame suddenly disappeared.

My energy is finite but it is almost infinite I would never be able to deplete it even if I was to keep creating things for one year straight Miss Aimee muttered but at this point, a thought appeared in her mind.

I should try that She muttered as the picture of a flying creature appeared in her mind.


A bright white light began forming in front of her and in a few seconds, a dove appeared.

It worked Miss Aimee muttered with a look of disbelief as she saw the creature flapping its beautiful wings in front of her.

Pla! Pla! Pla! Pla!

It flew around her beautifully and perched on her left shoulder.

I can create life? Miss Aimees head was still reeling in shock.

She proceeded to touch the creature on her left shoulder gently as it made some bird noises.

The place seemed less lonely as the dove brightened the mood up a bit. However, this whole scenario was short-lived as the dove began to make a weird pitched sound.

Miss Aimee didnt understand what was happening at first till the bird began to flap weakly and began to fall from the air.

She grabbed it and finally understood, Its dying She voiced out.

No air

The creature ended up dying after a few more seconds and Miss Aimee allowed it to vanish as well.


It turned into a white light and phased into Miss Aimees body in the next instant. This didnt happen with the others so Miss Aimee realised that she would only lose a noticeable amount of energy when she created something with life or something very ma.s.sive.

Miss Aimee had another thought at this point and decided to create something that had never been done before by any Mixedblood that ever lived.

For living things to stay alive they need an environment that is conducive for them they need air, they need an ecosystem sky and land As these thoughts appeared in her mind her eyes turned completely white and her body emitted a powerful discharge of energy.


Miss Aimee could feel herself losing energy at this point but she knew exactly what was happening so she didnt stop it.

Out of nowhere rumbling sounds began to ring out as something was forming underneath her.

I started creating my own planet Miss Aimee paused her narration at this point.

You created this? Gustav voiced with a surprised tone as he turned to look around.

Yes it wasnt easy and took a lot of time but I managed to get it done, Miss Aimee stated in response.

Gustavs mouth was wide open at this point as he looked around. He could see some birds flying in the distance and due to his perception, he could sense flowing waters some distance from here.

From what Miss Aimee narrated he knew that the air he was breathing right now was also created by Miss Aimee since this unknown dimension was void of air.

It was a crazy situation to fathom altogether and Gustav was having a hard time taking it all in.

Did you finish it yet though? Gustav questioned.

I am not finished yet but I am done with the size and outlook, just need to put a few other things in place, Miss Aimee responded.

So the phenomenon was because you were creating a planet and life within this dimension and it was expanding at a rate that was ripping the fabric of s.p.a.ce apart Gustav felt everything made sense now as he put things together.

It affected the outside world? Miss Aimee questioned with a clueless tone.

Yes we were worried something dangerous was happening Gustav responded and then proceeded to explain how things had been recently.

He told her about the phenomenon in s.p.a.ce which was linked to her planets creation.

Interesting it started around the same time I started creating a Sun Miss Aimee voiced out.

You were creating a Sun? Gustav stated in shock.

A planet cannot exist without a source of light dummy, Miss Aimee stated.

The heatwave The sun she was creating is the true reason behind it, Gustav pieced everything together at this point and turned to stare in a direction.

The cracks Theyre in the process of forming a sun we were walking right into a Sun, Gustav nearly facepalmed as he spotted the cracks far in the sky that were now changing colour and closing the gaps in between.

So it turned out I just needed to create a planet and a Sun to burn through s.p.a.ce and get out of here, Miss Aimee chuckled lightly as she also pieced some things together from Gustavs narration.

How did you even save me? Gustav questioned.

I felt your presence Miss Aimee stated before proceeding to narrate what happened a few hours ago.


While Miss Aimee was on her planet in the midst of the creation, she heard a yell. The voice sounded too familiar for her to ignore.

She turned to stare towards the western sky at this point where the Sun was being formed.


She took off into the sky in the next instant.