The Bloodline System - Chapter 1028 Suspicious Situation at Miss Aimee's Location

Chapter 1028 Suspicious Situation at Miss Aimee's Location

Chapter 1028 Suspicious Situation at Miss Aimee's Location

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


She separated her thighs and stared at the ground. Through this, Gustav was able to figure out that the ground was quaking which in turn made Miss Aimee's body vibrate.

"Huh what is going on? A land quake?" Gustav voiced with a tone of confoundment.

The ground quaked even more intensely with every pa.s.sing second and cracks began to spread out all across the ground.

Miss Aimee stood to her feet at this point and stretched her hands apart.

Despite Gustav being millions of light years away and not knowing where Miss Aimee was he could feel a particularly strange energy exuding from her.

The cracks that had formed and spread across thousands of miles slowly began to mend. The ground that split apart in multiple areas began to merge back together slowly.

The quaking that was initially becoming intense began to reduce as Miss Aimee's hand remain outstretched.

'How is she doing this?' Gustav didn't need to be told before he knew Miss Aimee was the one responsible for this mending.

He couldn't understand how she was doing this because he knew Miss Aimee was unable to perform such a feat intially.

In a couple of minutes the quaking had stopped and the grounds had nearly merged completely.

Gustav slowly stared at the sky area as foggy looking clouds began to path ways. His eyes squinted subconsciously as he could spot a white light extending as the clouds cleared.

However at this same moment...

"Officer Crimson, we're here," One of the pilots voiced out, forcing Gustav to deactivate Life Signs Tracking.

[G.o.d Eyes Has Been Deactivated]

Gustav's mind reeled back to his current position as his eyes retained their usual glow.

"We're here?" Voiced out.

"Yes sir, we're here," One of the s.p.a.ce pilots responded once more.

Gustav turned to look through the like wall of the s.p.a.cecraft up ahead and the glows from what he had been seeing all this time with Gradier Xanatus were blinding to the eyes.

The white cracks that had connected and spread across a large range of this part in s.p.a.ce were even more scarier looking in person.

Some of the glowing white cracks were as thick a person in width while some were very thin and they stretched across a large expanse of s.p.a.ce.

Gustav couldn't describe how he felt seeing this but it was definitely a phenomenal sight. His first time in s.p.a.ce for a mission and it had to be something crazy that had never been seen before.

The s.p.a.cecraft slowed down at this point and Gustav unstrapped himself. His body began floating in the air as it seemed the outer hatch of the s.p.a.cecraft had been opened.


A cylindrical shaped metallic looking item with an handle appeared in his grasp. Gustav held onto this with his left hand and flew backwards with the use of the gravity.

He pa.s.sed through some layers within the s.p.a.cecraft and doors opened for him and shut after he pa.s.sed through. In a bit he had arrived at the final hatch and stood within what was like a small door area.

"Open the final hatch," Gustav voiced through the communication system.

-"Alright Officer Crimson, goodluck," One of the pilots voiced out before an opening sound was heard.


Gustav flew forward and finally found himself drifting through s.p.a.ce.

He could see Violet dust in the distance and some stars very very far away from this particular area. He turned around and finally faced the direction of the cracks.

As the energy from the glowing line of cracks spread across the vicinity, Gustav felt like he was in the presence of a higher power. He just

couldn't understand why but now that he was here he felt a kind of familiarity with this energy.

It felt like it was not only powerful but also mixed with an energy he had come into contact with before but he discarded the thought of it relating with the person that came to mind because he couldn't see how else it connected to that person.


Right in front of Gustav's eyes, the cracks began spreading further into s.p.a.ce. Where the s.p.a.cecraft had stationed itself was a safe spot away from the range of effectiveness of the cracks.

However as it began to spread even more, the heatwave hit Gustav causing the suit on his body to began smoking.

'What the f.u.c.k?' Gustav couldn't help but cuss internally as the suit began to steam.

"I'm still 92,000 meters away from the point where I can absorb part of the energy into the mini plasma chamber," Gustav muttered underneath his breath.

If it was already this hot, then how hot would it be when he got to that point. This was going to be the most dangerous mission Gustav had ever embarked on.

He already knew the suit wouldn't hold on to that point so he began activating some protective bloodlines.


Iro silk grew out of his body, covering the entire suit like an armor. On top of this, Gustav made use of a temperature bloodline to add frost to the outer covering of his suit and also made the surroundings around himself cooler.


Creaking sounds began to come from the s.p.a.cecraft. It was quite faint especially since this was s.p.a.ce but Gustav was able to hear them clearly.

"You guys might want to move the s.p.a.cecraft a bit back, it's starting to take damage," Gustav voiced through the communication channel.

He didn't want anything to happen on his way back as he wouldn't like to get stuck here.

After the s.p.a.cecraft moved further backwards, Gustav began to venture forward.

[Hover Has Been Activated]

He flew forward, approaching the cracks as the heatwaves spread forth even more.

Usually s.p.a.ce would be freezing but in this situation it was the opposite.

This part of s.p.a.ce was lit up tremendously due to the infinite number of glowing white cracks here. As Gustav travelled forward, he calculated the amount of distance he still needed to scale before he would get to the point where part of the energy could be absorbed.

At this point, he was still very far from reaching any of the cracks because despite how large they were the s.p.a.cecraft stopped a bit far from them.

If it moved any closer it would have susgained damage so this was the only option available and Gustav would have to scale the rest of the distance himself.

'I need a good angle where I'd be able to penetrate without making contact with any of the cracks...' Gustav paused at this point after hover had been deactivated.

[G.o.d Eyes Have Been Activated]

His sight zoomed across several thousand feet in an instant and kept moving further forward. The energy from the cracks were a bit penetrative to his sight despite being so far away but Gustav didn't back down and kept going further and further ahead.

After arriving at a particular area he looked beyond some of the cracks and could see that there were s.p.a.ces he could fit in but there were still issues due to lines still spreading further and blocking within the s.p.a.ces.

Gustav squinted his eyes as he looked from another angle. His current issue now was he was trying go get the right angle at which he could use Lightning Blitz from.

With how far Lightning Blitz could take him, he could find himself in a concentrated area of cracks and making contact with anyone of them according to Gradier Xanatus would result in annihilation.

Lightning Blitz was even more powerful than before so it would take him beyond the area he needed to be which was quite dangerous.

Either Gustav moved backwards to more than hundred thousand meters so he could be able to use Lightning Blitz and arrive at the exact spot spot needed to absorb a part of it's energy or he activated Lightning Blitz at the moment and go even further than hundred thousand meters beyond the required area.

The second option had the danger of him arriving in a concentrated area where contact with the cracks would be made.

Gustav decided to pick none of them because the time he would spend heading back so he could make use of the ability safely would also be the same amount of time he would spend if he decided to head forward with his usual speed.

'If I wasn't checking on Miss Aimee I would have told them to stop further away,' Gustav noted this as a mistake.

However at this same instant a thought suddenly appeared in his mind.

"How far away are you guys at the moment?" Gustav questioned as he turned around.

-"About a hundred thousand feet away from your position sir," One of the pilots answered.

It was quite the distance and Gustav knew he would spend a lot of time trying to get there but he had a different thought in mind.

"Go further... Increase our distance by another three hundred thousand feet," Gustav instructed.