The Bloodline System - Chapter 1027 Breaking Through

Chapter 1027 Breaking Through

Chapter 1027 Breaking Through

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter


"I am trying... ugh!" Angy groaned while still speeding across the sands.

"I can't activate my most powerful form," She added with a look of difficulty.

-"You can't outrun them? I thought you said you were fast?" Davidson said with a slightly ridiculing tone.

"I can... if I activate my fastest form but its like... I feel a mental barrier stopping me from being able to activate it... I can't move at my fastest speed no matter how hard I try," Angy explained.

-"Its one of the older ones abilities... Angy you need to distance yourself further away from them as soon as possible or you'll weaken and get slower over time," Captain Spark voiced out.

"How do I do that? I can't outrun them right now," Angy responded with a worried tone.

-"You have to do something that can help you get further away from them," Aildris spoke this time.

Angy turned her head to the side and looked over her right shoulder. The Mendologas were still chasing after her with the same speed and were only about twenty feet away.

Angy turned to look forward and could see that they were approaching an area with rocky like buildings everywhere. Her eyes squinted as she made a plan in her mind and sped forward.

'I still have a little spark... I could make use of it here...' She said internally as she sped into the are of rocky like buildings.


She leapt forward with her legs outstretched and kicked through a building.


The Mendologas quickly followed behind her but the instant they did, a silver colored energy blast was triggered from within.


It sent forth destructive waves that caused the entire structure to come cras.h.i.+ng down along with the structures in the vicinity.

The Mendologas had cloudy like figures so they weren't too affected but this slowed them down a bit, especially with the structure collapsing and causing the air to be covered by red colored debris.

The entire vicinity had become clouded by the red dust everywhere so this made them lose sight of Angy for a bit especially with her intense speed.

"Hnnnghhh!" Angy groaned as she sped away from this particular area.


She suddenly leapt into the air once more as another horn began growing out of her forehead. This time was a bit different as her legs transformed into a silver like color with scales all over. From her feet up to her thighs, had expanded in length and claws grew out of her toes.

Angy suddenly felt intense power radiating from within as her horn began to glow up along with her pupils.

'I just reached the Echo rank,' She noticed internally. Angy now understood the reason for this her transformation.


The instant she landed on the ground and took a step forward....


Her body bolted forward with intense speed, sending a blast of shockwaves from her previous position.


Angy had never moved this fast in her life as she crossed over six hundred thousand feet in an instant.

The Mendologas behind were unable to give chase anymore as this speed was way beyond their limit and how fast Angy had been moving before.

Even when they flew higher into the air, they realised she was long gone.


On another part of the Mendologas planet, A vortex opened up and a group of four jumped out of it.

"I think we finally managed to get them off our tail," Co captain Davidson voiced out.

"I made us appear way further from our initial location since you mentioned we could still navigate our way back to the checkpoint even if I didn't know where we would resurface," E.E voiced out.

"Guys this place is a bit..." Elevora voiced out as he looked around.

They all looked around as well and could see cracks on the ground. Purplish liquid flowed from the south to the north and it looked like they were on an open ground.

The whole place looked a bit eerie.

"We're in a pit," Elevora stated as she looked around as well.

"A pit?" Davidson voiced with a tone of disbelief as he turned around.

There was a very high wall up ahead that reached more than ten thousand feet high. It was very rough looking and had cracks all across it as well.

This wall extended farther towards the left and right.

One could see that it kept extending as far as the eyes could see and at a point, fog could be seen in the distance that made it difficult to tell where the wall ended.

"We could just climb over this... and the wall doesn't necessarily mean we're in a pit because of how high it is unless it surrounds this entire vicinity and I don't see it up ahead," Davidson voiced out.

"Well I do," Elevora said in response as she turned to stare at him.

Davidson eyes widened as he spotted the horrifying purplish growing eyeball on Elevora's forehead.

"Where did that come from?" He voiced out with a shocked tone.

Elevora had pulled off the scarf covering her forehead the moment they arrived here.

"Elevora's eye ability helped her see through the fog thousands of feet up ahead so she knows what she's talking about," E.E voiced out.

"So we're in a ma.s.sive pit..." Captain Spark voiced out with a slightly troubled tone.

"Hold on," Davidson voiced out and checked the holographic screen appearing above the device in his hand.

"We have to go this way to get to the checkpoint... We're a bit far but we can get there in a day so we still have time," He added while pointing at the south.

The wall they could see was right in front of them while they had to move in the direction of the one in the distance according to Elevora.

"Should I open a vortex?" E.E questioned.

"Nah, its unpredictable where we will end up sp.a.w.ning unless you wanna take us back to the places you've already been like the target location," captain Spark didn't have to continue before everyone knew it was a bad idea.

"Or can you take us to the route we travelled on when we were headed to the target location?" Spark questioned.

"Out of range," E.E responded while shaking his head.

It turned out it was too far from their previous location and opening a portal close to the area of the rock structure was a bad idea since the entire place would be crawling with Mendologas.


A loud screeching sound suddenly reverberated across the vicinity causing them to be on the alert.

"We're not alone," Elevora informed them.

"Mendologas?" E.E questioned.

"No... these are... beasts," Elevora said while her eyes squinted.

"We have to get out of here," Co captain Davidson voiced out.

"Not without getting past them..." Elevora said while fully activating her bloodline abilities.


In another part of s.p.a.ce Gustav was seated in the s.p.a.cecraft as he kept counting down.

"We'll be there in another thirty minutes," Gustav muttered.

("Your body should be durable enough to withstand part of the temperature but don't get too close if you don't have to,") The system voiced in his head.

"Sure... I just need to get a sample after all," Gustav stated.


"Maybe I should check on Miss Aimee one more time before I head to my death," Gustav voiced with a low tone before activating G.o.d Eyes.

[Life Signs Tracking Has Been Activated]

He used life signs tracking instantly and picked Miss Aimee's life sign.

"Hmm? Is she asleep?" Gustav wondered as he spotted a smooth pair of thighs blocking his view.

He couldn't see properly but he could spot a little part of arms crossed and Knees joined.

It seemed like Miss Aimee was laying on her knees with her head on her arms that were crossed and her arms balancing on her knees.

Surprisingly Miss Aimee was only wearing shorts so her smooth thighs were on display. Only to Gustav anyways because he was the only one that could see this.

'*cough cough* I shouldn't be seeing this,' Gustav said internally as he subconsciously closed his eyes.

However with Life Signs activated, closing his eyes would not stop him from seeing through Miss Aimee's forehead region.

After staying for a few minutes hoping Miss Aimee would wake and look around, Gustav decided to deactivate G.o.d Eyes after only seeing her twitch a little.

'At least she's fine... *cough cough* I should deactivate this now,' Gustav decided.

Just as he was about to deactivate G.o.d Eyes, Miss Aimee's thighs began vibrating.

At first Gustav was confused as to what was going on bit then, Miss Aimee woke up at this point.

She separated her thighs and stared at the ground. Through this, Gustav was able to figure out that the ground was quaking which in turn made Miss Aimee's body vibrate.

"Huh what is going on? A land quake?"