The Bloodline System - Chapter 1029 Absorbing Energy From The Cracks

Chapter 1029 Absorbing Energy From The Cracks

Chapter 1029 Absorbing Energy From The Cracks

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter


The pilots had no idea why he asked them to do this but they obeyed.

It only took about a few seconds before they gave Gustav the distance he asked for since s.p.a.cecraft were extremely fast.

After giving Gustav feedback of the distance they had left Gustav reached out to his wrist area and began to tap on the surface of a screen.



The instant the dimensional bracelet finished counting down, Gustav disappeared from his location.


He reappeared right above the ma.s.sive s.p.a.cecraft in the next instant that was more than four hundred thousand feet away.

The instant Gustav arrived on it, a smirk appeared on his face.

'Its a good thing I made the s.p.a.cecraft a checkpoint before Ieft...' Gustav said Internally as he turned to face the direction of the cracks.

Once more he was over eight hundred thousand feet away and this was the precise distance he needed between himself and the cracks.

[Lightning Blitz Has Been Activated]


Gustav instantly turned into a lightning streak that cut across s.p.a.ce with intense speed, arriving more than one hundred and twenty miles away from it's initial position.

He had crossed all the distance required in an instant and arrived right in front of the cracks.


The instant Gustav reappeared his entire outer covering including the suit was set on intense flames.

"Hnnghhh!" Gustav groaned as everything was disintegrated in barely a second by the intense flames.

He pushed the cylinder item in his grasp forward and twisted the as quickly as he could.


A strain of energy began to phase into the cylindrical item with intensity while Gustav had already turned completely naked..

"Hyaaahhhhh~" As the energy was being absorbed Gustav screamed out intensely while also activating Gravitational Emergency Container.

Zhoon! Zhoon! Zhoon! Zhoon!

Spherical blue orbs began to appear all around him and started absorbing the energy from the heatwave the cracks were bringing.

They were getting filled instantly and taking a little bit off the damage Gustav's body would have received but at the same time, Gustav was barely holding on.

He had not expected that it would be this powerful to the point that his strong body and regeneration couldn't keep up.

Gustav decided to use his body as conduit at this point as the sample of the energy was collected completely.

'The Dimensional Bracelet... It's destroyed...' Gustav said Internally with a look of regret.

His body would burn away and he wouldn't be able to get the sample out of here if he didn't find a way to heal up a little so he could get away.

His body had burnt to the point that he could barely make a move...


He began absorbing energy from the surroundings at this point to heal up. Gustav was worried about getting over filled with energy an exploding which was why he was trying to absorb only a little but the instant he did...

"What are these?" Gustav voiced out with a tone of confusion as he began to see visions.

At the same time....

Trrrriiiihhhhhh! Thrrriiiiizzhzhhh~

The cracks in s.p.a.ce began to expand crazily and faster all of a sudden.

The heatwaves went up several notches in an instant while Gustav was in his trance like state seeing visions that shook him to his very core.

"Hyaaaahhhhhh!" He screamed out as the energy was becoming unbearable while his flesh was ripping apart and mending at the same pace.

The pilots who were on standby with the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p almost two hundred thousand meters away were instantly put on the alert as the s.h.i.+p's alarms system began to go off.

"It's expanding!"

"We have to get further away from here!"

Both of them voiced out with tones of urgency as they spotted the readings of the energy and heatwaves approaching.

"What of officer Crimson?" The co pilot asked with a worried tone.

"Look at that!" The pilot shouted out as he pointed at the front.

Thrririihhhhh~ Thrriiiihhhhzzz!

The cracks were speading at a tremendous rate and the s.h.i.+p had began vibrating intensely and electrical charges were going off within it due to the powerful energy being spread across this part of s.p.a.ce.

"Do you think anyone would be able to survive that?" The pilot yelled out as he started up the s.p.a.cecraft.

"Let me do a quick scan! He might be on his way back!" The co pilot voiced out while turning on some parts of the engine and tapping some commands in the control room.


"We have to leave now!" The pilot yelled out once more as he pushed a b.u.t.ton and began navigating the s.h.i.+p.

"One second..." The co pilot yelled out too.

At this point the cracks were closing in on their area and wasn't too distant from them anymore.

"Nowww..." The pilot voiced out.

A radar could be seem scanning the surroundings of the s.h.i.+p and in the next instant it came up with a result saying there was no sign of life range.

"He's not there..." The co pilot stated before also playing his part and joined the pilot in navigation.


The s.p.a.cecraft turned around and blasted forward at an insane speed as the cracks arrived at its initial position.

Even with the protective s.h.i.+eld in place, part of the s.p.a.cecraft ended up getting fried from the heatwave but luckily the pilots were able to get away unscathed.

They couldn't understand what had just happened but they were absolutely sure that Gustav couldn't have survived from that.

In one second everything seemed normal and the cracks were spreading at a moderate speed which was the usual speed they were aware of and in the next instant it was suddenly spreading at an insane rate.

Before they knew what was happening it had spread across a radius of one hundred thousand meters in s.p.a.ce within seconds.

The heatwaves had trippled in intensity and things just generally got worse since they were unable to obtain the sample they came for.

Deep within the spread of the cracks, Gustav had given out and was losing consciousness at this point. The heatwaves had destroyed his body from the outside and the energy he was absorbing had nearly destroyed him completely from within.

His eyelids were close to shutting completely when he spotted something...


-The MBO Tower

"What do you mean by he didn't survive! Did you two wait for him! Did you even check!" Gradier Xanatus yelled out with a furious tone as he spoke through a communication channel.

-"Sir we did, maybe you should try connecting to his comms," The pilot voiced from the other side.

"You think I haven't tried that? I can't contact him... there is no readings here and I can't see through the cams that were installed in his suit... all forms of communication has been cut off," Gradier Xanatus stated with a frustrated tone.

-"I think we have to see things for how they are now sir,"

"What do you mean by that?"

-"The situation was a completely unexpected one because when he arrived at the absorbion point, he was still very much okay but after what had happened, I doubt he survived sir,"

"Shut up! He cannot be dead! I am coming there myself!" Gradier Xanatus yelled out before cutting the call.

He had never looked so mad and disturbed before as he kept pacing around the board room for a bit.

'Its Gustav... he cannot be gone, he's definitely still alive but he might just need help,' Gradier Xanatus recalled that Gustav had managed to slip out of so many dangerous situation and hoped this would be yet another one he survived.

"I need to get there now... the situation has worsened," Gradier Xanatus voiced as he walked towards the entrance of the board room.

However just as he got to the door, another call came in.

Gradier Xanatus picked up as he noticed that the call was from the pilots.

"What is it?" He voiced out as their faces appeared in holographic format.

-"Sir a strange phenomenon is happening right now,"


-"Look at it sir,"

The holographic feedback changed and what Gradier Xanatus saw, made his face beam with an even more confused look.

"It's changing color?" Gradier Xanatus voiced out.

-"Pretty much sir but the gaps in the cracks looks like they're closing up as well,"

"I can see that... it is no longer spreading as well," Gradier Xanatus voiced out.

-"Yes sir, we decided to head back so we could give a good report of the location after the weird situation when we saw this," The main pilot voiced out.

"That color, its starting to emulate the look of..."

-"Earth's Sun,"

The pilot completed Gradier Xanatus' statement. Gradier Xanatus wasn't sure of saying those out because he felt he might be the only one seeing what this was starting to form but now he had no doubt that he was seeing correctly.