The Bloodline System - Chapter 1026 Guardian's Consent

Chapter 1026 Guardian's Consent

Chapter 1026 Guardian's Consent

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


Right outside the s.p.a.cecraft, a burst of flames had been ignited from the bottom of this building sized machine.

The s.p.a.cecraft lifted off into the air after getting cleared for take off as the rooftop of the MBO tower's last floor opened up.


Since they were already in s.p.a.ce, there was no need for any part of the s.p.a.cecraft to dislodge or anything like that.

They flew across s.p.a.ce, travelling at a speed that was one thousand times faster than sound at the onset.

As the s.p.a.cecraft traveled further into s.p.a.ce, it breached the speed of light generating a wormhole that increased travel speed.

Originally it would take very long to get to the edge of the milky way, but with the speed of this s.p.a.cecraft it would only take about a day.

Gustav was already admiring s.p.a.ce as they blasted through the wormhole before arriving at another part of s.p.a.ce.

In just a few minutes they had long pa.s.sed Jupiter and were heading further into the milky way. Even if a s.p.a.cecraft was moving at the speed of light it would still take billions of hours before it could get to the edge of the milkyway.

This was how vast s.p.a.ce was. With the ancient s.p.a.cecraft one would be spending millions of years travelling before they could get to the edge of the galaxy and humans never lived that long.

If it wasn't for the technology of the Slarkovs that had been improved over the thousands of years, the time frame wouldn't have been decreased from millions of years to just a single day.

At the moment the s.p.a.cecraft was moving at twenty times the speed of light uninterrupted. They would occasionally cut through wormholes and have their journey decreased by up to twenty thousand light years. The extreme jump wormholes didn't need to be used as they were only leaving for the edge of the milky way and not somewhere farther.

'Its more exhilarating than I expected,' Gustav said internally as he looked through some of the small in front of him.

He couldn't count the number of times they had penetrated stars yet they came out unscathed without the star causing any damage to the s.p.a.cecraft or the s.p.a.cecraft destroying the star.

It was impossible to truly follow the speed of a s.p.a.cecraft which was why they were always clad in these black technological s.p.a.ce suits which usually helped in increasing their reflexes and Sensory ability.

If something were to truly ever happen in s.p.a.ce like an emergency with s.p.a.ce pirates or any other issue, the s.p.a.cecraft would have to stop or slow down because Gustav doubt anyone would be able to act with such speed.

Gustav was counting down in his mind as they journeyed across s.p.a.ce ready to complete his mission.


-The MBO Camp

"Endric we're letting you leave in good faith that you are ready to become an officer," One of the instructors voiced out to Endric in the camp hall.

"I am ready sir. I have completed all training like you wanted me to and pa.s.sed all the tests," Endric responded with a respectful tone.

"We know that but in the end you're still a thirteen year old boy, three years away from becoming an adult. We need a parental or guardian consent before we can make you a full fledged officer without having to worry about the laws preventing a minor from working," The instructor voiced out.

Endric instantly thought of his parents but then he recalled the nasty household situation. 'They won't be seen as proper guardians since they're currently in the psychiatric ward,'

"Can I have my brother give the consent?" Endric asked with a tone of curiosity.

"You mean... Officer Crimson?" The instructor was a bit surprised as he voiced out.

He recalled these two have had serious issues in the past and Gustav even changed his family name erasing his Oslov ident.i.ty so he wasn't expecting this.

"Yes," Endric answered.

"But he is no longer a part of your family," The instructor voiced out.

"He can fill in as my guardian... does it matter?" Endric stated in response.

"Since he is of legal age and has ties to you then I guess he can... He just has to agree to go through the necessary procedures," The instructor explained.

"Leave that to me," Endric voiced his reply.

He was a little bothered but it was about time he met up with Gustav again especially since he had messages to convey to him.

"Alright then. You can leave camp but don't forget to send me the consent application before next week or you will be brought back to camp and made to train till you're of legal age," The instructor voiced out before leaving.

The lady at one of the counters pa.s.sed Endric some clearance data for leaving the camp as well before he headed towards one of the ma.s.sive mirror pathways within the hall.

Endric should have left camp with the others earlier since he was also a special cla.s.s candidate and had improved just like the others. Endric had completed missions on the same level as the others and was ranked amongst the top ten strongest in their set, even ranked higher than Falco, Teemee, Glade, Vera, Ria, Angy and was said to be on par or more Powerful than E.E.

It was still debatable as to who would win in an all out fight between Endric and Aildris but Endric being this strong made him worthy of also finis.h.i.+ng his training in camp earlier.

The only problem was his age which would be a problem if he didn't get a parent or a guardian to give their final consent to him becoming a full fledged MBO officer of the law.

Right now Endric's plan was to get that from Gustav since both parents were currently in the psychiatric ward and their consent would be invalid.

Endric made a low sigh as he finally headed out of camp. There was still a kind of tension between him and Gustav even though Gustav was starting to soften up to him little by little.

Endric wanted to use this as a chance to get closer to Gustav and slowly drive away that tension by doing all he could to make sure Gustav trusted him.

'Will you be pa.s.sing the vest to him?' Endric asked internally as he arrived within an aircraft.

His forehead glowed green a couple of times as he heard a voice respond from within.

'Not yet.... He is still too weak to equip it. The energy of the vest will destroy him at this state,' Husarius spoke.

'Then when will he be strong enough?' Endric questioned.

'It won't be very long... he is slowly closing in on that volume of power that will be enough to Equip or use some of the items and when that time finally comes, the world will see a strength unlike they have ever seen before,' Husarius stated.

'And more than ever they will need this strength to become their protection because if they were to ever betray the source of this strength a great catastrophe would be wrought unto the earth and the universe as a whole...'


-Mendologas Planet

Swwoooosshhh~ Swwooossshhhh ~

A silver streak cut across a region of red sands as two cloudy dark figures chased after the silver streak.

Unlike the mult.i.tude of dark figures that had been chasing after this silver streak for over an hour, these two dark cloudy figures were way smaller in comparison.

These two were Mendologas who were elders and they had finally decided to give chase. They would occasionally send out waves, that would blast across the vicinity and wreak havoc.

Angy had barely been able to escape the few times they used this attack. So far she could feel like her mind was getting slower and slower in thinking capability and reaction speed as a whole.

Angy knew these two were using a type of ability that would get the better of her if she wasn't careful.

"Guys, I hope you're done... they're all heading back to the rock right now," Angy voiced through the communication channel.

-"We got the device... we're trying to outrun the ones on our tail right now,"

The captain voiced out through the communication channel.

-"We haven't found the two officers just yet. You guys can head to the checkpoint without us, we'll meet you there," Aildris voiced out this time.

"I am currently trying to outrun two Mendologas who are still giving chase," Angy reported through the comms.

-"How big are they?" Co captain Davidson questioned.

"Six feet tall," Angy said while looking back in the process of running.

-"You have to get them off your tail as soon as possible those are old Mendologas privy to more powerful abilities... use your highest speed and outrun them right now!" Davidson voiced out with a tone of urgency.

"I am trying... ugh!" Angy groaned while still speeding across the sands.

"I can't activate my fastest form,"