The Bloodline System - Chapter 1025: Creating A Diversion

Chapter 1025: Creating A Diversion

Chapter 1025: Creating A Diversion

Jack could have destroyed the entire planet long ago but he wasn't allowed to and he wasn't allowed to infiltrate either because they couldn't risk it so he had to wait till they had gotten rid of this device.

"Can you get us in now?" Captain Spark questioned.

"Getting us in was never the problem," E.E rolled his eyes as he figured Captain Spark didn't understand his initial explanation.

"From what I'm seeing, I can make us appear anywhere within now but as you can see, the entire place is swarming with them... we will be surrounded the moment we appeared within," E.E added while staring at the x Ray like holographic footage.

Captain Spark had a contemplative expression as he stared at the footage for a bit.

"We have two missions on this planet. Retriveing the device and rescuing the other two officers from the group that was initially sent here," He began voicing out.

"We'll be splitting up because the moment they know we're here, it's gonna be harder to find the other two when we're done completing the first mission," Captain Spark added.

"Oh? Okay so what's the plan?" Aildris inquired.

"It's time for us to see how fast you are," Captain Spark voiced while staring at Angy.

Angy eyes squinted as she heard that.

A few minutes later the guards standing in front of the cave entrance at the foot of the rock stared in a particular direction after sensing something.

"&*@@%_<>>*@^_" The first one spoke in a weird tongue as the other one also stared forward with a look of suspicion.

A figure walking towards them from up ahead became even clearer when the person began causing a certain silver glow in the surroundings.

She had three horns portruding out of her forehead and her pinkish and silver hair could be seen floating in the air as she took steps closer to the rock.


It quickly raised an alarm as Angy arrived close to the entrance suddenly.


A burst of silver energy blasted forth from her figure, slamming heaving into the ma.s.sive rock and the dark cloudy figures floating in front.

The two were instantly disintegrated by the sheer force of the energy that wasn't even acc.u.mulatedto 100%


The entire rock trembled vigorously but surprisingly that was the highest that happened. Despite how strong the energy was, it didn't even manage to cause a single crack on this ma.s.sive rock.

Loud voices in different tongues suddenly began to ring out from every direction as the other Mendologas began flying out of the cave to confront the intruder.

In barely a few seconds, more than two hundred of them had appeared and surrounded Angy from every direction.

The third horn that had grown out of Angy's forehead earlier rescinded as she regained her former look.

Angy's figure suddenly blurred as she turned around and sped away.


The Mendologas who thought she couldn't escape because they had already surrounded her were shocked when she displayed immense speed and wriggled her way out of their formation.F

The yells in a different tongue was heard once more as they turned around and gave a chase.

The over two hundred Mendologas gave chase to Angy as she sped further away from the rock structure.

They had no idea she was leading them away so the others could have easier entry into the rocky structure. Angy would occasionally slow down so the Mendologas could close in a bit only for her to speed up again.

The Mendologas shot out whitish beams from their face area as they chased after her but Angy was quick enough to dodge this projectiles as she led them around the place.


A vortex opened up within a hallway in the rock structure and the Captain, Elevora along with E.E phased out of it.

"Davidson we're in... direct us," He muttered through the communication channel.

-"Take the first left... be careful there are guards patrolling that pathway..." Davidson informed from a hidden location outside of the rocky structure.

While the three infiltrated to get the device, Angy led the Mendologas around with her speed. She felt she could do this all day because despite their flight ability she was still faster than them.

Glade and Aildris had been tasked with finding the other two officers who were said to have gone into hiding after the unsuccessful mission.

This second objective wasn't as important as the first which was why they wouldn't be blamed if they were unable to find these two but at the very least they had to try.



"Oh interesting, truly interesting madam," A slim seven feet tall young man in voiced out with a hearty smile as he spoke to a middle aged looking woman with blonde hair.

"Mr Aispect, I truly hope the world government do not intend to pull their funding on this research," The blonde haired middle age woman said with a pleading tone.

"It is to be debated Mrs May. So far i have seen that there have been progress with the research so i will put in a good word for you," Mr Aispect who was actually Gustav in disguise voiced out.

"Thank you so much Mr Aispect. It would truly be a shame if the funding was to end and this research ends up being accurate in its topic. It could potentially save the world if more discoveries are made," Mrs May responded with a tone of appreciation while explaining.

"I absolutely understand Mrs May," Mr Aispect said while staring through a gla.s.s wall where a lab full of scientists could be seen.

An instrument with a circular top and thin pole like gla.s.s extending from the bottom could be seen making some weird calculations.

"Are you sure you did not leave out any information or discovery?" Mr Aispect questioned.

"None at all. The data i pa.s.sed to you is everything we have found out in the past few years," Mrs May said with a tone of certainty.

"I guess this concludes my visit here today," Mr Aispect said while smiling.


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