The Bloodline System - Chapter 1024 Arriving At The Mission Location

Chapter 1024 Arriving At The Mission Location

Chapter 1024 Arriving At The Mission Location

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters.


"Guys but how is it that we've not encountered any form of disturbance since we dropped onto this planet?" E.E stated with a disturbed tone.

"This route was said to be secure by scouts so this is a good thing," Captain Spark stated.

"Still... I haven't even heard any sounds of disturbance or anything echoing in the distance," E.E was still worried as they moved along.

"This feels like a huge waste of time... I could be in and out of there before anyone realises it," Angy also voiced out.

Besides the Captain and Co captain, everyone else there knew of her capabilities so they didn't doubt this.

"We can't make use of our abilities just yet... we have to wait till we're in there. Did you forget the other team was wiped out because their bloodline energies were traced when they made use of their abilities before arriving at the location," Co captain Davidson voiced out lengthily.

"I didn't forget but I'm faster than you think..." Angy was confident in her speed and getting the device out of there before the aliens realised.

"No... it doesn't matter. We have to be careful with our movement and alarming them before we're at the location," Captain Spark voiced out.

"I agree with the captain. Angy I know you're fast but who knows if they have set standard precautions for someone with abilities like yours. Safer is better," Elevora said with a straight face.

No one could dispute that there was sense in what this decision. Besides, even though Angy's speed might be unexpected, there might still be opponents that could find ways to stop her.

On the bright side they were closer to the location of the device.

In the next hour, the group of seven had arrived at the end of a pathway and they spotted a particular structure up front.

A couple of feet away, they spotted the entrance of what looked like a cave below the foot of a ma.s.sive seven thousand feet tall rock.

The strange looking rock was greenish in color with glowing red lines spreading across it.

As they looked up they could see that the rock had multiple holes in different areas. At the foot of the rock where they could spot the entry into one of the caves, two dark cloudly like figures looking like silhouettes with white eyes could be seen.

They were like guards standing at the entrance but they were not exactly standing, they were floating a little bit above ground. Both of them were at least fourteen feet in height and still not close to half of the size of the cave entrance.

The craziest part was, every single cave in the ma.s.sive seven thousand feet tall rock had two of these dark cloudly figures with ma.s.sive white eye sockets floating right in front.

With the size of the rock, one could see that there were no less than two hundred from the bottom to the top just on this side of the rock.

"Lets do a quick scan," Co captain Davidson voiced as they remained in hiding while scrutinizing the vicinity.

The others squatted at the left side of where this pathway ended as they stared up front.

The holographic map in front of Davidson changed as began scanning the structure in front.

"So those are the Mendologas eh... they look even more scarier in closer proximity," E.E said with a tone that depicted he was more intrigued than bothered.

"Don't forget they have different abilities based on how long they have lived," The captain voiced out.

"Sensory Manipulation... Holographic projection... Temporary possession... Psyonic blasts... The ones over five hundred years old can use every single ability while the ones below can only make use of three, yes we still remember..." Aildris responded.

"The smaller the size the older the Mendologa... but this information is only useful if we get in a clash with them. We just need to make sure that doesn't happen," Elevora stated as well.

"I doubt we can get in unnoticed though," E.E said with a slightly bothered tone.

"I heard your vortexes also have spatial travel ability... can't you get us in?" Captain Spark questioned.

"Without knowing how the interior of this structure looks, we might appear anywhere within and we could find ourselves surrounded if we just appeared anywhere or who knows we could just end up appearing in a place that would spell the end for us," E.E felt it was too risky since they didn't know what they would be walking into.

"Davidson, are you done scanning?" Captain Spark inquired.

"In a second... done," Co captain Davidson stated as the rock structure in front of them appeared in holographic format.

In this holographic format, it was like an xray displaying the interior of the structure.

"Now we're talking," E.E voiced as he stared at it.

"Wow there are still more than five hundred of them within," Angy said with a look of astonishment.

"The device is just that important to them... probably their last hope too since it could render someone like Jack useless," Co captain Davidson voiced out.

It turned out that this device they were tasked with destroying or bringing back was powerful enough to render someone like Jack useless.

This was the main reason the MBO stopped him from infiltrating the planet all this time. The strength of earth would he significantly reduced if they were to lose Jack, especially right now when Miss Aimee was missing.

They couldn't send just anyone to get rid of the device since they had information on it and on the Mendologas.

The device would only react to great power or Mixedbloods within a certain range of strength so these young officers had to be sent on the mission of retrieval or destruction instead of other stronger officers.

If Earth was aiming to destroy Planet Mendologas, this whole battle would have ended already but they wanted to colonise it instead which was why it was taking longer.