The Bloodline System - Chapter 1018 Where Are The Others?

Chapter 1018 Where Are The Others?

Chapter 1018 Where Are The Others?

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


'Do you know what that is?' Gustav asked internally.

("It could be a number of things. It's too far away for me to come up with anything accurate. Trying to study it from here will just be me coming up with a.s.sumptions,") The system responded.

'Hmm... I don't know if this is something we should be worried about. Anything related to s.p.a.ce is now a sensitive topic because of the Warp Demolator but we can't tell if this is relayed or not,' Gustav had a contemplative look as he said internally.

"Gradier Xanatus, do keep me posted on this. I may or may not have an answer later," Gustav stated.

"Alright," Gradier Xanatus stated.

Gustav left after a few more seconds of chatting with Gradier Xanatus. He was now heading towards the second base.

This would have taken time if he used one of the aircraft or MBO private jets but with the dimensional bracelet it only took a couple of seconds.


Gustav disappeared from the MBO tower after choosing his location and reappeared back within the second base.

The instant he arrived in the luxurious house within second base, he moved out towards one of the revetment.

Gustav could already spot aircraft landing from in the southwest area.

[Hover Has Been Activated]


The base was always filled with MBO officers so he decided to fly. Gustav arrived there in a few seconds and upon landing, he could already spot cadets.

Gustav was only wearing a tank top and shorts so no officer around here would even be able to tell what his rank was unless they recognised him.

-"Where is that powerful presence coming from?"

-"Isn't that Gustav Crimson?"

-"Hey its really Gustav Crimson!"

-"I could barely recognised him, he looks... different... better..."

-"Stronger... I wish we could have seen a fight between him and Rufus,"

The cadets who were now full fledged officers conversed about Gustav the moment the spotted him.

-"What is he doing here?"

The other officers who had been in the second base since questioned amongst themselves. Everyone knew Gustav was in the MBO tower in Plankton City so they couldn't understand how he suddenly appeared here.


A familiar voice was heard from up ahead causing a smile to appear on his face.

A group of five could be seen approaching Gustav from up ahead.

The hundreds of other cadets walking away from where aircraft were parked up ahead parted ways for this group because everyone knew well the only people Gustav moved with in camp.

"Falco," Gustav voiced out as he closed in on them.

"Crazy b.a.s.t.a.r.d you got stronger again?" Dark Falco voiced out the instant he arrived in front of Gustav.

"Shut up," Falco voiced before reaching out to give Gustav a fist!

Gustav returned the fist and proceeded to do the same with Teemee as well.

"Rivaaalllll!" Ria yelled out as he jumped into Gustav's embrace instead of giving a fist

"Yo Ria," Gustav chuckled.

Matilda who was about to hug Gustav earlier reached out and dragged Ria by the hair.

"Tssshhh! Tah tah tah!" Ria screamed out in pain as he got pulled away from Gustav.

"Don't be girly," She voiced out.

"What I and my rival share is beyond gender limitations woman!" Ria yelled out as he tried to get her to let go of his hair.

Vera who was at the side smiled and moved to stand in front of Gustav.

"Vera," Gustav said with a smile before she leapt into his embrace.

Gustav rubbed her hair a little and patted her like a pet.

"I missed you," She said with a cute tone as she disengaged from him.

"How have you been doing? Did you practice a lot like I told you to?" Gustav questioned.

She nodded cutely with a smile, "I'm now at the third step Falcon rank and i can control my ability better now," She disclosed.

Gustav had a gratified look as he heard that but then a bothered expression appeared on his face.

"Where are the others?" He inquired.

So far he could only see, Teemee, Ria, Falco, Matilda and Vera.

Falco stared at Matilda first before he turned to stare at Gustav.

"This is what happened..."

Minutes later Gustav had a contemplative expression after hearing what Falco had revealed.

"So they were scouted at the last minute for this unknown mission?" Gustav inquired.

"Yes," Falco confirmed.

"The officers said they only wanted the five of them and the rest of us should follow the cadets to the base," Matilda explained.

"So you guys have no idea, what mission they're embarking on?" Gustav questioned.

"No idea at all. They were taken away in a different aircraft," Teemee said while shaking his head.

Gustav had a slightly worried expression but he knew well that the MBO wouldn't just send them on a mission recklessly knowing they had a lot of potential.

They would only send them on a mission they were sure, the five could handle.

'Angy... speed... Matilda... destructiveness... E.E... infiltration and escape... Aildris... power... Angy... strength and combat ability...' Gustav made a.n.a.lysis in his head.

"They are definitely sending them on a covert mission... Either they're meant to destroy, protect or acquire something secretly," Gustav voiced out.

"How do you know?" Falco questioned.

"Their line up makes it obvious..." Gustav responded.

Falco and the others had looks of confusion on their faces as they heard that.

"Nevermind, let's head to the house first," Gustav proposed.

They proceeded to leave here and head towards the place Gustav usually stayed with miss Aimee whenever he was here.

The instant they arrived at the house, everyone piped down and settled in even. They weren't too worried about the situation with E.E and the rest because they knew well that getting picked for special missions was normal especially when certain officers suited some types of missions.

"Rival you have to tell us all about your escapades in these past months," Ria voiced out.

"The entire camp was always talking about you... you have a lot to tell us," Matilda stated as well.