The Bloodline System - Chapter 1017: The Irregularity At The Edge Of The Milky Way

Chapter 1017: The Irregularity At The Edge Of The Milky Way

Chapter 1017: The Irregularity At The Edge Of The Milky Way

Earlier, E.E had managed get Angy off the platform by activating one of his vortexes new skills while Elevora managed to rid the platform of Aildris.

Unfortunately E.E was not a match for Elevora who was not even affected by the suction force of his powerful vortexes. Besides that he had expended a lot of energy while Elevora still had lots revered.

Elevora was still the undisputed most powerful cadet in their set after Gustav. As everyone grew in strength she wasn't stagnated either.

She was most likely the only person who was close to Gustav's strength amongst their age group while Aildris was right behind her.

One of the boons of this whole thing was the fact that they had improved strength as a group so if they ever fought together on a battle field, they would be exceptionally coordinated.

Gustav had wished they would be done with camp earlier because of this. He knew a lot of situations would have been easier to take care of if the gang were together with his.

"Are you excited that you're finally going to be seeing him again tomorrow?" E.E questioned as the group walked together.

"Hnmm," Angy nodded her head with an excited look.

"But what if we get sent to a different base entirely?" Falco questioned.

"I'm sure Gustav is aware that we'll be out tomorrow," Teemee stated.

"It doesn't necessarily mean we'll see him. Who knows he might be busy with something and not have the chance to meet us before we get deployed for missions," Aildris said with a logical tone.

Angy looked a little downcast as she heard this. She knew there was every possibility that happening.

"Don't forget our main goal will always be the MBO and saving others. Seeing Gustav can always wait," Elevora said with a strong tone.

"My boy must have gotten way stronger though... I can't wait to see him," E.E said with a light chuckle.


The night went by very quickly and the next morning arrived when some of the cadets were finally leaving.

The ten weren't the only ones who had ended their training and were leaving camp today. There were no less than hundred cadets who were now full fledged officers, also leaving camp.

Some were already final years so it was long overdue while the ones from Gustav's set leaving today were around twenty in number.

All of them were special cla.s.s candidates and now full fleged officers.

E.E was so excited he kept taking pictures as they left camp.

"Yo mum, your son is now a true MBO officer haha," He laughed with a joyous look as he his device flew along with them while recording.

"That's Angy,"

Angy waved as the camara appeared in front of her.

"This is Aildris... Elevora... Teemee... Ria..." He kept moving from side to side so everyone could be recorded.

They all waved with smiles and greeted E.E's mother whenever the camera floated to their front.


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"Nice to meet you ma'am," Falco greeted with an innocent and respectful expression.

"Tch another lowerlife!" Dark Falco suddenly voiced out causing Falco to quickly cover his mouth up.

"Sorry," Falco apologised as he moved to the side.

"Hehe no worries Falco, f*ck you Dark Falco," E.E voiced out before turning to face the camera again.

"Sorry momma," He adopted an innocent look as he voiced out.

At this point they were on the ma.s.sive floating platform where they would be taking a flight on one of the MBO s.p.a.cecraft to an MBO base.

A group of MBO officers suddenly approached E.E and the others.

With the way they were dressed, it was obvious that they weren't pilots especially when one of them had a orange colored uniform like the MBO camp commander.

"Anything we can help you with officers?" E.E questioned as they blocked the path.

The highest ranking officer among this group of officers walked forward at this point and stood directly in front of E.E.

"You... You... you... You... and You..." He voiced out while pointing at five of them.

"You're coming with me," He added.

"Huh?" E.E exclaimed with a look of confusion.


"Yeah I know they're arriving today. I'll have to head down to the second base if I want to see them," Gustav voiced out in his seating position within what looked like a boardroom and an office at the same time.

"I could send someone to get them," Gradier Xanatus suggested.

"Nah there's no need for that. Besides they also have to get one or two missions done before I can add them to my platoon," Gustav voiced.

"Is this going to be an issue?" Gustav proceeded to ask.

"Getting them to join your platoon?" Gradier Xanatus voiced out.

"Not that... this," Gustav voiced while pointing at the holographic screen displayed up ahead.

"Well for now it's just an a.s.sessment and it is still being observed so it is too early to tell if its going to be a threat or not," Gradier Xanatus said while also staring at the screen.

On the screen a part in s.p.a.ce was displayed. What could be seen here were whitish lines that made it look like there were small cracks in this part of s.p.a.ce.

Apparently it was very little but it had only recently been forming at the edge of the milky way.

"I only showed you this now because I am aware of how strange things are with you and the Manifestation of your abilities. So if you know something or sense something, don't hesitate to inform me," Gradier Xanatus explained.

"For now it truly doesn't seem like a big deal but no worries, I'll be sure to let you know if I find out something," Gustav voiced out with a suspicious tone.

"BTW has scientists been sent there to investigate?" Gustav asked.

"Yes but they haven't discovered anything. It's not a rift because it doesn't have the same characteristics with a rift but it does emit a weird and unknown energy," Gradier Xanatus replied.