The Bloodline System - Chapter 1019: Mission In Planet Mendologas

Chapter 1019: Mission In Planet Mendologas

Chapter 1019: Mission In Planet Mendologas

"I will in due time. I don't want to have to repeat anything I say later when the others get back," Gustav said while helping them settle in.

"Right now you guys should focus on getting a mission before IYSOP training begins next month," Gustav added with a contemplative tone.

"Oh come on, just a snippet," Falco was also interested in hearing all about it.

"I'll be back guys," Gustav stated as he began tapping on his left wrist.

"Huh?" Falco exclaimed.

"Need to head back to the MBO tower in Plankton City. I won't be long," Gustav explained.


A flash of bright blue light engulfed Gustav and he disappeared in the next instant.

Gustav reappeared within the same boardroom he chatted with Gradier Xanatus earlier.

The instant Gradier Xanatus saw him, he knew something was up.

Gustav explained what had happened with the other five to him and Gradier Xanatus decided to help him check the mission they got drafted for.

"It's an outside planet mission," After some minutes of asking around, Gradier Xanatus finally had some information for him.

"They're off planet right now?" Gustav was a bit surprised by this.

"Yes. It was impromptu but they are currently off planet, headed towards another planet," Gradier Xanatus stated.

"Where?" Gustav inquired.

"Planet Mendologas," Gradier Xanatus revealed.

"Planet Mendologas? Why?"


In an unknown part of the galaxy a ma.s.sive s.p.a.cecraft with the MBO emblem travelled at very high speed.


It pa.s.sed through several wormholes as it sped its way across the milky way.

Within a group of seven could be seen seated across one another in s.p.a.ce suits.

Besides this group of seven, two high ranking MBO officers who were also clad in s.p.a.ce suit strapped themselves in different spots.

It was already obvious that they weren't a part of the mission like the seven.

"I certainly did not expect this," Aildris voiced out from the side.

"That we would be on a mission to a planet several galaxies away?" E.E questioned with a light chuckle.

"Yeah," Aildris replied.

"The mission... it's certainly one we can successfully complete," Angy voiced out as well.

"The generals say we just have to get rid of the device or steal it," Elevora said with a tone of decisiveness.

Glade was also in their midst and they all began planning according to the information that had been revealed to them.

They were all clad in dark s.p.a.ce suits which covered the entirety of their bodies so it was hard to tell them apart but their voices made things easier.

"Just follow our instructions newbies," One of the other two were given the role captain and Co captain of the squad voiced out.

"Sure sure, so long as you know what you guys know what you're doing," Elevora was not one that took to getting controlled unless the situation demanded it so she voiced out with a strong tone that depicted, she would disobey commands that didn't make sense to her.

"Are you a.s.suming we're stupid and can't lead a squad?" The one who spoke earlier, voiced out once more.

"Don't put words in my mouth. Just lead right if you wanna be followed," Elevora voiced out once more.

The officer was about to speak again when the other one interrupted him.

"Davidson, its fine. We'll see what they've got when we land. I hope to G.o.d that you five are capable enough or we'll leave you behind," The captain of the squad voiced out.

"Don't be so quick to a.s.sume, captain Spark... who knows who will be left in the dust when we land," E.E said with a smile while turning to stare at Angy.

If one thing the five had learnt from Gustav despite being different from him was not backing down in the face of intimidation.

They knew if they just left things without exchanging a few words with the captain and Co captain, it gave these two the chance to push them around anyhow they willed.

"Are we all getting along?" One of the generals voiced out from upfront.

"Yes sir," They all yelled out in unison.

"Good, you seven will have to work fast in unity and complete this mission. Once you're done, meet back at the drop zone and an emergency s.p.a.cecraft will get you out of there.

Remember you have to leave within the duration set or you will die there," The general voiced out with a strong tone.

"Is that understood?" He questioned.

"Yes Sir!" They yelled out in unison once more.

After the general went silent, the five went back to making plans.


-The Second MBO Base

"They're mission is off planet?" Falco voiced with a shocked tone.

"Yes," Gustav confirmed.

"How lucky... no off planet mission is below five stars," Matilda voiced out with an envious tone.

"Officers with off planet mission success are more revered and even have chances of being amongst the group of officers that get sent on galactic missions," Teemee voiced with a tone of interest.

"Not even Gustav has embarked on a off planet mission before," Vera said with a low tone.

"There was never an opportunity to... to many situations happening on earth that I couldn't ignore," Gustav pointed out.

While Gustav was speaking with Gradier Xanatus about the mission earlier, Gradier Xanatus revealed something to him.


"They already sent a team earlier but said team was wiped out before they achieved the objective. Only two of them are still alive so its also a rescue mission because the MBO never abandons one of their own," Gradier Xanatus voiced out.

"Oh, that makes things more difficult, doesn't it?" Gustav questioned.

"They're your friends... do you believe they are good enough to complete the mission?" Gradied Xanatus threw out this question as well.

"I do," Gustav replied.

"Then its fine..." Gradier Xanatus stated.

"Oh and by the way, they initially planned to send you on that mission. You ignored them," Gradier Xanatus revealed.

"What?" Gustav had a look of surprise as he exclaimed.

He then recalled General Sourkrat looking everywhere for him at the time he was creating a cure for the ashy infection.