The Bloodline System - Chapter 1016 Leaving Camp

Chapter 1016 Leaving Camp

Chapter 1016 Leaving Camp

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters



Destructive waves spread forth as the vicinity regained color once more.

Aidris found himself trapped in place with Elevora's hand around his neck. He made a low groan and shut his eyes from the pain which was what let to the environment returning to normal.

"That's not nearly enough to get rid of me," Aildris voiced as he grabbed hold of her hand and opened his eyes.

However the moment he opened his eyes, Elevora covered his entire face with her other hand, restricting his eyes abilities.

Aildris grabbed onto her other hand and tried to rip it off his face but it was obvious Elevora's physical strength outmatched his.

After Aildris failed to remover her hand, Elevora kept choking him in a bid to make him pa.s.s out.

Aildris proceeded to let go of her hands and slammed his hand onto the surface of this platform.


A loud sound of collision rang out as both of them to shot into air, causing Elevora to slightly loosen her grip.

Aidris raised his knee upwards with speed, slamming into Elevora's gut which finally caused both of them to seperate.

The eyeball on Elevora's head glowed immensely as she shot out a destructive beam at Aildris the instant he managed to separate from her.


As the vicinity turned into black and white once more, Aildris surrounding twisted and he disappeared.


The beam slammed into the platform and Aildris appeared right behind Elevora while sending a fist towards her back.


She got blasted towards the surface of the platform upon collision and slid for several feet due to the immense force.

Elevora quickly picked herself up and dashed to the side.


Aildris had appeared right beside her with an outstretched leg which she managed to dodge after moving to the side.

However, Aildris suddenly spread his legs, sending forth another kick from his other leg the instant after she dodged.


This kick slammed heavily into Elevora's side as she was sent flying towards the side once more.

Elevora was usually faster but with the black and white surroundings slowing her down, Aildris could match her speed and even go faster under certain conditions.


She shot out another beam from her forehead which was threatening to return the vicinity to its original color as it phased forward.

Aidris stretched forth his hand at this point, causing the beam to be stripped off its color as his figure turned even brighter.


He swerved to the side and dodged the beam before das.h.i.+ng forward.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

They exchanged clashes a few times and Elevora could tell that with every exchange Aildris was getting stronger.

All of a sudden...


A figure slammed into Aildris from the side causing him to get blasted backwards.



E.E and Aildris groaned in pain as they slammed onto the surface of this platform and slid across the floors.

"Ghad.a.m.n Angy you almost broke my back," He yelled out as he stood to his feet.

However just as he did this, Angy arrived before him and sent out a very fast punch.

E.E mouth was still wide open as he had just finished his sentence but he was unable to follow her speed.


The punch slammed into E.E's gut sending him flying across the platform edge.

Angy had broken out of the hold from the vortexes initially from activating a small kinetic discharge that blasted E.E across the platform.

This was what caused him to collide with Aildris earlier.

"E.E ou..." Just as the instructor was about to announce E.E's loss...


A vortex opened up behind Angy and he appeared from it.

Angy quickly spun around the moment she sensed his presence and was about to attack again when, E.E got pulled back into the vortex.

Another vortex opened up behind her...


Angy moved quickly in a bid to attack once more but E.E didn't appear from it instead he appeared from another vortex on her right.

E.E would disappear into a vortex before Angy could arrive there and a dummy vortex would open all across the place to fool her.


"I'm here,"


"No here,'


"Over here Angy,"


On the other side, Elevora had once more regained the upper hand and was slamming Aildris across the place to get him to pa.s.s out.

Angy knew her battle with E.E would not end if she didn't manage to get him to lose consciousness as well. E.E could keep using his Vortexes to return to the platform even if she threw him off it multiple times.

It was the similar for Elevora, Aildris got stronger the more he drew power from things with color in his vicinity.

He had also absorbed the color from her eye attack earlier which led him to getting stronger.


About thirty minutes later, only Elevora was left standing on the platform.

"Elevora wins," The instructor yelled out.

All other partic.i.p.ants had been blasted off this platform and she was the last one standing.

What had just ended was a private training session between the ten. Elevora, Aildris, E.E, Angy, Falco, Ria, Glade, Vera, Matilda and Teemee.

They had been having personal training the past month in preparation for leaving the camp. During this time they had trained vigorously and had lots of team battles and individual battles like this one that had just ended.

Everyone had improved and even Elevora who was seen as the strongest still had a difficult time winning.

Anyways the training had come to an end now that they would be leaving camp the next day.

They had all been waiting for this moment and it was finally here. Their last day in camp which was why they had this individual battles.

"I almost had you E.E," Angy voiced out as they walked away from the premises where they had just had the battle.

"Haha better luck next time," E.E chucked as he patted her shoulder.

"Are you excited that you're finally going to be seeing him again tomorrow?"