The Bloodline System - Chapter 1015: Five Years Quest Progress

Chapter 1015: Five Years Quest Progress

Chapter 1015: Five Years Quest Progress

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"Why was there a meteor shower of unknown parts from a planet which brought new energies to earth and why did the Slarkovs claim that the meteors were broken parts of their destroyed planet?" Gustav could not help but think that there was a hidden motive or agenda somewhere.

"A three thousand years agenda..? What do they hope to gain and where would it lead to?" No matter how much Gustav thought about this, he just couldn't come up with an answer that he was 100% satisfied with.

"Either way I have to attend IYSOP and make more research," Gustav added.

("They're starting a worldwide training next month,") The system announced.

"I'm not attending," Gustav voiced as the holographic screens disappeared.

"I won't have the time," He added.

("From what I'm seeing, it's mandatory,") The system stated.


"Meh, I still have to make more research in the meantime," Gustav had made up his mind about not attending the training but he still wanted to be a part of IYSOP.

"Maybe I'll show up on the last week of training," Gustav added.

("You do know the training holds for six months which is also ending a few days before IYSOP begins,") The system pointed out.

"IYSOP is in six months?" Gustav said with a slightly startled expression.


"I was informed IYSOP nearly six months ago... Didn't realise how much time had pa.s.sed," Gustav said with a slightly worried look.

("Don't worry, you still have around three years before time's up to complete the five years quest...") The system voiced out.

("Actually worry... you should be very worried...") The system added.

"Shut it," Gustav voiced as he checked the status of one of his five years quests.






<2 years>





[Time Elapsed]

<2 years>



"Just 34% even after absorbing Gisodinym's Cosmic Superiority," Gustav made a low smacking sound with his lips as he voiced out.

("On the contrary, you should be commended for reaching this far, this fast,") The system stated.

"If I were to calculate how powerful I will be by the end of this quest based on my current progress, I see myself failing this mission," Gustav voiced in response.

("Which is why you still have to work harder and use every means at your disposal to make sure you complete the quest,") The system said with an edging tone.

"Yeah... I might have to do something a little extreme one of these days," Gustav muttered as thoughts began appearing in his mind.

However, he decided he would only take such measures when he was getting closer to the end of the quest and his progression speed still isn't up to standard.

"Anyways I'm going to be spending my time on earth making more research about the Warp Demolator before IYSOP arrives," Gustav said as he moved to a side to pick up his jacket.

"But of course, I can't neglect my training so I have to make sure everything is balanced," He added as he walked out of his room.


-The MBO Camp

On a highly exalted platform, thousands of feet above the ground, a battle was playing out.

Boom! Bang! Bam!

Sounds of heavy collisions and explosions rang out as the cadets here battled intensely with one another.

One of them who was floating in mid-air with a big eye exposed on her forehead shot out a destructive purplish beam.


The beam slammed into a part of this ma.s.sive platform, hitting one of the cadets here and sending him flying off the platform.

"Falco your out!" Someone yelled from the side.

This person happened to be an instructor who dived down and caught Falco in his arms.

"Shut up dimwit! I refuse to be defeated by lower life forms," Dark Falco voiced out without regard for the instructor.

"Don't make me drop you from this height," The instructor voiced as he flew down.

He dropped Falco along with others that had been blasted off the platform.

"I demand a rematch wench!" Dark Falco yelled out with an unyielding expression but the instructor had already flown back up.

On the platform, only four more cadets were left. Elevora, Angy, E.E and Aildris.

"You go right,"

"And I'll go left,"

Aildris and E.E voiced out simultaneously as they switched positions.

Now E.E was standing opposite Angy while Aildris was staring at Elevora who was floating in the air up ahead.

"Now, don't take this personally Angy," E.E voiced out as vortexes began to appear all over the place.

"I won't," Angy responded with a smirk as she dashed forward.


She had instantly arrived in front of E.E who was still conjuring vortexes, but she suddenly felt a pull from every direction.

Angy felt like she was sinking into mud as her figure almost paused while she moved at a snail's pace.

"You're fast but that doesn't mean I can't trap you," E.E said as he slapped his palms together.

The vortexes suddenly turned into reddish colour in the next instant as powerful energy spread forth from his figure.

On the other side, Aildris kept das.h.i.+ng from side to side across the place as Elevora sent powerful and destructive purplish blasts from the eye on her forehead.

The large surface floating in the sky had to do a continuous self repair because just one of these four was powerful enough to destroy it entirely with their strength.

Aildris's eyes opened as he closed in on Elevora, causing the color of the vicinity to dissolve into black and white.

Elevora suddenly found herself getting more sluggish as this affected her as well.

Aildris leapt up at this point and threw a punch forward.

"You've gotten stronger but..."


Elevora suddenly grabbed hold of Aildris's fist mid-way, stopping it with ease.

"You're still not strong enough," She voiced out before turning him around and slamming him into the ground.


Destructive waves spread forth as the vicinity regained color once more.