The Bloodline System - Chapter 1012: Becoming A Parallel Being

Chapter 1012: Becoming A Parallel Being

Chapter 1012: Becoming A Parallel Being

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"We are Genxodus..." She began speaking.

Her voice had been autotuned so it was one couldn't identify her real voice.

"Our aim is to eradicate the mixedbloods and generally any supernatural being that exists on this planet.

In the past the world was less chaotic with just the humans and Slarkovs living on the earth but ever since the menace called mixedbloods came into existence things change.

We shall once again bring the world back to the ages of no supernatural abilities and nuture a world where only technology shall reign supreme." She paused for a bit before continuing.

"We failed in dominating Luchan City which was amongst our plans to push forth our objective but I a.s.sure you this is just the beginning. We won't stop until we've rid the world of mixedbloods.

We are not terrorists, we are a liberation army... we are Genxodus,"



The footage ended at this point.

"This played all across the world the day after the battle with the infected ended," Gradier Xanatus voiced out.

"We were unable to trace its origin and pinpoint the location or uncover the ident.i.ty of this person who is suspected to be the group leader," Gradier Xanatus added.

"So they were the ones responsible for the incident?" Gustav voiced out.

"Yes but they had help... this group known as Genxodus were funded by Yung Jo in the past which is also one of the reasons why the ones we caught had sophisticated weaponry and technological suits," Gradier Xanatus explained.

"And I'm guessing that's also how they got this variant of ashy infection," Gustav pieced things together at this point.

"Correct. They also had access to all his secret research bases where they stole a lot of items and became independent before we located those regions," Gradier Xanatus pointed out.

"Even after death... you're still a pain in the a.s.s," Gustav shook his head as he voiced out.

Yung Jo schemes were really deep rooted to the point that the MBO might still take years before they managed to uncover it all.

For someone with such a shrewd mind it was unknown if one of this plans that would cause another big catastrophe in the future was currently in its hatching phase.

The Genxodus was another issue no one saw coming and now it would be difficult to get rid of them with their high ability to stay hidden.

Yung Jo had left another issue and Gustav was starting to wonder if he was truly dead.

'Hey, he's truly dead right?' Gustav asked internally.

("You took his bloodline and killed him... what more proof do you want?") The system questioned.

'Fair point... It's surprising the troubles one man without physical prowess can cause. If Genxodus has half of his shrewdness and intelligence then the world really has a lot to be worried about,' Gustav said internally.

("On the bright side this whole incident has helped you increase your strength,") The system pointed out.

'True... every Yung Jo related encounter seems to have that effect. Maybe I should be happy his influence still remains,' Gustav could feel his Yarki was now way powerful than before and he was sure he had gotten a big boost even though he had not checked.

"The MBO is really taking this serious... they have organised a special task force which sole objective is to hunt down members of the Genxodus," Gradier Xanatus revealed.

"As they should... According to you a small team of seven almost caused the fall of an entire city and thousands of MBO officers were slaughtered in the process... Yeah it should be taken very seriously," Gustav stated.

"It makes sense that they're all Slarkovs... turns out they're not happy with the current world system and are looking to mould things according to their desires by any means possible..." Gradier Xanatus had a contemplative expression as he voiced out.

"What happened with the culprits? Why were they not able to reveal information on the location of the others?" Gustav inquired.

"...Their heads exploded after we took them into custody," Gradier Xanatus responded.

"Oh looks like they already planned a way out. This is quite troubling... for the MBO... I have other things to worry about so I won't be bothering myself with this issue," Gustav recalled he had to investigate more on sir Zil's research now that he had the full information on all of them.

"You still haven't told me what happened on the battlefield... You didn't pa.s.s out because you ran out of energy, did you?" Gradier Xanatus had a look of curiosity as he voiced out.

"No, I did not..." Gustav said with a reminiscent look.


Hours later Gustav sat in his room within the MBO tower checking out some things. He had changed out of the hospital wears and was clad in a black tank top with shorts.

He had retrieved his possessions and the MBO were currently not on his case due to Gradier Xanatus.

They had placed him into Gradier Xanatus's hand to be watched and kept under control.


[Host Attributes]

-Name: Gustav Crimson

-Level: 82

-Cla.s.s: Parallel Being

-Exp: 135,000/45,200,000

-Hp: 99,000/99,000

-Energy: 64,000/64,000


Strength: 344

Perception: 343

Mental Fort.i.tude: 339

Agility: 339

Speed: 371

Bravery: 341

Intelligence: 343

Charm: 119

Defence: 342

Vitality: 344

Endurance: 341

[Attributes points: 81]


Gustav checked his current host attributed data on the system.

"So I am now a Parallel Being," Gustav said with a tone of expectation.

The system had specifically mentioned times without number how difficult it was to not only achieve Cosmic Superiority but also advance to the next stage after Sub Parallel.

Gustav had managed to get to the next stage in less than three years whereas it took lots of beings centuries to advance. Although Gustav knew well that the main factor for this increase was due to absorbing Gisodinym's Cosmic Superiority.

("A Parallel Cosmic Superior being is many times more powerful than a Sub Parallel... your situation with Gisodinym was different because of two factors...") The system a.n.a.lysed.