The Bloodline System - Chapter 1013 The War

Chapter 1013 The War

Chapter 1013 The War

("One, Gisodinym getting reawakened and controlled by the ashy infection prevented it from being able to use Cosmic Superiority in the manner Gisodinym would originally use it. It became mindless after all.

(Two, your Cosmic Superiority is far from being normal and has Attributes that let it contend with higher Cosmic Superior beings,") The system listed out.

'It makes sense since Parallel beings can tweak reality to a certain extent but Gisodinym never did that,' Gustav said internally.

("You do understand that this has never been done since the beginning of time so be on the alert for compl3ications,") The system advised.

'Complications? Internal complications like what was happening when I was unconscious?' Gustav asked.

("No not that... I never warned that it was unstable to absorb it because it isn't. You have that absolutely under control after the three days spent unconscious,") The system corrected.

'Then what type of complications?' Gustav inquired.

("The type that comes with you attracting certain situations to yourself due to your fast growth... Like I mentioned at the time, that was the greatest defiance of the cosmos and its understandable in your case but do expect complications in the future,") The system added.

'Wow, you said a lot without saying anything,' Gustav felt the urge to grab the system and give her a good spanking if it had a physical body.


("Get used to it,") The system responded with an unapologetic tone.

The system would always mention things like this cryptically without giving an outright reveal.

Gustav decided to keep this at the back of his mind for now since he had other things to worry about.

Gustav reached into himself with his senses as he closed his eyes. Deep within himself he could now spot two oddly shaped things.

The first one was the Yarki which still looked like a scarlet colored flame while the second was a diamond shaped ethereal looking item.

The left part of it that made slight contact with the Yarki had some scarlet color while the other part was gold in color. It looked like the diamond shaped ethereal looking item was still in color transformation state.

'That must be from Gisodinym... why does it look like something else is shaping into existence beside it...' Gustav could notice but one red dot beside the diamond but it looked like it was nothing.

He was intrigued but he knew he would have to wait.

Gustav really wanted to test out how powerful his Yarki was currently and check out more of the a abilities he had unlocked with Cosmic Superiority but he couldn't do that here.

He couldn't risk activating Yarki in the presence of the MBO since he didn't know how the extent of the new effects. They might see it as him getting out of control again and he needed to keep things under the wraps.

He decided he would test it out later but very far from this location.

"It's about time I studied the rest of Scientist Zil's research," Gustav muttered.

"System display the rest of the research," Gustav voiced out.

("How about I just send it to your mind instead,") The system suggested.

'Sure,' Gustav answered.

In the next few moments information began to flow into his head in large amounts.

Gustav was processing the ton of information very quickly that the system didn't have any issue displaying all of it in his mind.

After a few minutes Gustav opened his eyes with a look of understanding.

"Interesting... he really went far in this research," Gustav muttered as thoughts began to appear in his mind.

"Time to continue the research in his stead," Gustav voiced as he stood to his feet.

Violet colored glows coated his fingertips as he opened a spatial construct and moved in.


-Glahlion Galaxy

Thousands of s.p.a.cecraft could be seen floating above a planet with a mixture of gray and red.

These s.p.a.cecraft were shooting at each other a side having an unknown symbol on them and the other side bearing the MBO emblem.

Thiihhhh! Thiiihhh! Thiiihhhh! Thhiiihhhh!

Powerful shots were fired from every corner and s.p.a.cecraft were getting blown up by the minute due to the battle between the two sides.

As this battle went on, it became heated by the second.


A loud sound suddenly reverberated across the vicinity like s.p.a.ce was being ripped through.


A man with handsome young looks and black hair appeared in the middle of this battlefield. He was clad in a long dark suit and didn't seem like he needed to breath in s.p.a.ce.

His sudden appearance caused a big tension across the battlefield in s.p.a.ce as an enormous stream of energy began gathering around him.

The s.p.a.ce all across this part of s.p.a.ce began to tremble and even the stars far away were being pushed away.

"Concept of time..." He muttered underneath his breath as his eyes glowed a white color.

Zing! Zing! Zing! Zing! Zing!

Silver colored chains wrapped around a ball of blue light began appeared around all of the s.p.a.cecraft with a different symbol from the MBO's on their s.p.a.cecraft.

Every MBO opposing s.p.a.cecraft was covered by this circular blue light wrapped by silver colored chains and in the next instant.

m.u.f.fled screams were heard as every affected s.p.a.cecraft withered and turned into ash within a split second.

Just like that, thousands of s.p.a.cecraft had been reduced to nothing.

-"How dare you leave us to take care of other matters in the middle of battle!"

-"What insult! Jack of earth!"

-"You destroyed more of our troops?"

Three ma.s.sive figures in form of dark gases appeared with deep white eyes. Their energy seemed menacing and the s.p.a.cecraft with MBO emblems in the vicinity began to speed out of this part of s.p.a.ce so as not to get caught up in a brawl between these powerful forces.

"I'll deal with you three later... and its Mack right now, not Jack," His eyes squinted as he threw a glare at them.


He sped off again in another direction of s.p.a.ce where a battle was ongoing.

"Get back here!"

The three yelled as they sped after him while also using their abilities to try to attack but it was all to no avail.