The Bloodline System - Chapter 1011: The Sacrifice

Chapter 1011: The Sacrifice

Chapter 1011: The Sacrifice

'I'm out of energy... I have to use it,' Fola thought.

'Even though it won't be enough to eradicate them all, it would give them enough breathing s.p.a.ce,' He began charging towards the ranks of infected at this point.

"Everyone head back to the wall!" He yelled out as he charged at them.

-"What are you doing?"

-"Where are you going?"

The officers here yelled out as they spotted him running towards the infected.

"Just do it! Take refuge on the wall!" He yelled out once again as he body began to glow up.

The officers stared with looks of confusion and disbelief but no one could stop him now.

He had already leapt into the ranks of infecfed and had himself surrounded by them.


With every pa.s.sing second his entire body glowed even more brighter.

"Take refuge everyone!" One of the officers shouted out as he realised what Officer Fola might be up to.

Fola leapt into the air once more drawing the attention of the infected further backwards as he distanced himself from the wall.

"Follow me you f.u.c.kers!" He yelled out as his entire body glowed with so much purple light his skin began to melt.

After he felt he had left enough distance between him and the wall he finally let go of the energy he had been building up.

"Die!" A wry smile appeared on his face at this moment.


A loud explosion rang out as purplish waves of energy blasted across the vicinity. It was so intense that the infected within a radius of more than twenty thousand feet were instantly incinerated.

Everyone from the walls had looks of astonishment as they saw tens of thousands of infected disintegrate from the blast that also destroyed the user.


"Oh... he used his last energy to turn himself into a super explosive?" Gustav muttered while holding his chin.

"Yes... his sacrifice was a great help," Gradier Xanatus responded.

"How?" Gustav asked this because he felt this was not nearly enough to take care of the situation when there were still millions of infected.

"Some minutes after his sacrifice, some of the MBO scientists reached us on the wall," Gradier Xanatus explained.

"Oh?" Gustav exclaimed.

"They had successfully created a cure for the ashy infection from the sample you pa.s.sed to them," Gradier Xanatus added.

Gustav had an astonished look as he heard that, "I really thought it would take them longer than that to create a cure," He voiced out.

"If Officer Fola hadn't made the sacrifice, the infected from the east wall area would have managed to infiltrate before the cure arrived," Gradier Xanatus stated.

Gustav now understood why the sacrifice was the saving grace. The city would be gone now if Fola didn't do perform that action.

'To put one's life on the line for people you don't know is already a great sacrifice... talk more of actually giving your life to protect them,' Gustav didn't know how to feel about it but he knew it was a virtuous act.

'I don't think I can do that,' He knew this within himself.

("No you can't. You're selfish and that isn't necessarily a bad thing since staying alive sometimes requires selfishness. You're not good to anyone dead,") The system voiced in his head.

'But is this what Boss Danzo wants me to be? A savior of mankind... someone that is willing to give his life to protect others is definitely the kind of person boss Danzo would be proud to call his son...' Gustav thought.

("No... that's far from what he wants. Boss Danzo has a sentimentality for lives in general but you're misinterpretating him. He wants you to do your own thing, stay alive and chase your dreams but not neglect the plea of others if you have the power to help their situation. You've been doing great so far,") The system said with a tone of rea.s.surance.

'Hmm okay...' Gustav heaved a sigh of relief as he said.

'Hey... you know, this is actually the first time you've acted so nice to me,' Gustav said internally with a suspicious tone.

("Shut up dimwit! I'm just placing your virgin a.s.s in the right state of mind so you don't ruin things for us,") The system stated.

'And there she goes, ruining the moment...' Gustav said internally.

'Hey I'm no longer a virgin,' Gustav added.

("You've only done with like once or twice pffft still a virgin,")

'Shut up!' Gustav stated before phasing back to reality.

"So Luchan City is okay now?" Gustav asked.

"Yes, besides a few renovation and cleansing, the city was saved thanks to the cure," Gradier Xanatus responded.

He explained that the cure was transformed into an airborne state by one of the MBO officers which caused it to spread far and wide.

The infected began dropping like flies since they were intially corpse. Those officers who had already been turned, died completely after getting disinfected.

That was how millions of infecfed were returned to corpses and the city was saved. Besides the casualties from the MBO side, there was not a single casualty from the city residents.

"Hmm this is the best possible outcome... I thought it would end way worser than this," Gustav could not help but voice his satisfaction.

"How did you manage to create a cure sample?" Gradier Xanatus questioned.

"That's a story for another time... what happened to the culprits that were apprehended?" Gustav curved Gradier Xanatus's question and asked his.

"They have been interrogated and we got some information from them," Gradier Xanatus tone sounded quite bothered as he got to this point.

Gustav already knew there was something deeper with this whole situation so he waited for Gradier Xanatus to spill.

"Watch this," Gradier Xanatus voiced out as he requested for the AI to play a footage.


A holographic screen appeared in Gustav's front and what appeared was the recording of a person.

This person was obviously female due to the tone as well as the long ash colored silky hair that was spotted behind the helmet like mask she had on.

"We are Genxodus..." She began speaking.