The Bloodline System - Chapter 1010 Trip Down Memory Lane

Chapter 1010 Trip Down Memory Lane

Chapter 1010 Trip Down Memory Lane

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


"Gradier Xanatus, you're alive," A smile appeared on Gustav's face as he walked towards Gradier Xantus with two officers by his side.

The officers besides him had solemn expressions as they stood by Gustav's side like they were escorting a prisoner.

"Leave us," Gradier Xanatus said to the officers.

They nodded with respectful look before walking out of the boardroom.

Gustav took a seat in front of Gradier Xanatus before speaking.

"Everyone has their guard up so much around me... Was it that bad when I was unconscious?" Gustav questioned.

"Yes," Gradier Xanatus answered bluntly before leaning on the side of the ma.s.sive table.


"Your occasional energy disruption was on a seismic scale and even affected the battle during the fight against the infected," He added.

"Hmm, I guess it must have caused more damage than I expected," Gustav said while holding his chin.

"Anyways since I'm back now, everything is in control," Gustav added.

"I don't doubt that but the higher ups do so in the meantime don't go anywhere without me. They want me babysitting you to make sure no accidents happen. This was the bargain for your freedom," Gradier Xanatus pointed out.

"For how long," Gustav inquired.

"Till they've ascertained that you're stable and not dangerous to others," Gradier Xanatus replied.

Gustav had a slightly troubled expression as he heard this. On the bright side Gradier Xanatus was someone he was comfortable with or he would have already threw tantrums.

"Don't worry it won't be for long... but you have to be careful about how you use some of your abilities in public. You need to stay out of their eyes for now," Gradier Xanatus voiced out, hinting at the ability Gustav had used to put the Kilo ranked officer on his knees effortlessly.

"Sure sure... my possessions, I want them back," Gustav demanded.

"You will get them back but first you mind telling me what happened on the battlefield three days back?" Gradier Xanatus's face shown a look of curiosity as he voiced out.

"Don't you have something to tell me first? How did the battle end?" Gustav threw in this question as he pedalled back on his seat.

"Okay we'll trade answers..." Gradier Xanatus responded.

Gradier Xanatus went on to narrate everything that happened on the battlefield after Gustav lost consciousness.

He added the part where he couldn't get Gustav out of Gisodinym's head for over three hours and had to leave him there due to the weird golden glow phenomenon.

He went on to explain that it was only after two more hours that the officers managed to get him out and rid the place of Gisodinym's corpse.

'I could have stolen its bloodline too... what a waste,' Gustav thought internally as Gradier Xanatus got to this point.

Gradier Xanatus went on to mention how the numbers of MBO officers continued to dwindle without any hope of getting more reinforcements till the next twenty four hours.

He knew they would all be dead before then so they kept trying to come up with a solution to all this.

The MBO officers were running out of bloodline energy, AI droids were getting destroyed and even the Mixedblood machines were starting to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of infected in the vicinity.

Despite Gustav managing to get rid of Gisodinym it was a losing battle. After losing more than seventy percent of their forces, there were still over four million infected charging through.

"Red Shadow was found half dead," Gradier Xanatus stated.

"How is he now?" Gustav asked with a look of concern.

"He is fine... just like you he was taken to a medical center to get treatment and he is absolutely okay right now. He regained consciousness two days ago and is out of the hospital," Gradier Xanatus revealed.

"That's great," Gustav let out a sigh of relief.

"The same can't be said about the officer who found him..." Gradier Xanatus had a sour look as he got to this point.

"The young officer? Fola?" Gustav asked with a slightly worried look.

"Yes... Officer Fola made a sacrifice on that day after bringing Red Shadow back..." Gradier Xanatus had a reminiscing look as he voiced out.


-"We're almost out of comrades, they're close to breaching the east wall,"

A voice was heard on the communication channel.

"We can't send anyone in the meantime, we're barely holding on here too," Gradier Xanatus responded with a worried tone as he heard this.

-"We're... going to be done for in a few,"


Screams of agony rang from the communication channel along with ripping sounds.

Officer Fola had just dropped Red Shadow's bloodied and unconscious body at Gradier Xanatus's feet.

"I'll go," Officer Fola said as his body glowed up.


"You don't fool me... I know you're almost out of energy," Gradier Xanatus voiced out after grabbing hold of Officer Fola's arm.

"I'll go you stay here," Gradier Xanatus voiced out.

"We really don't have time for this argument sir. Everyone here needs you, you have to remain in command and pull everyone together. Your death will not help anyone," Officer Fola said with a tone of defiance before jumping into the air.


He flew speedily across the air, before Gradier Xanatus could respond.

Fola flew towards the east side and just as they mentioned some infecfed had began climbing up the walls. They barely had officers left in this area.

He began attacking the infecfed he spotted upon getting here.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Explosions rang out as he used the last bit of his energy to join them in repelling the infecfed here.


An ashy goo slammed into his side while in mid air, causing him to fall. The infected who had sent forth this attack was blasted to pieces by another officer.

Fola breathed in and out profusely as he stared at the large number of infected still charging towards the wall from up ahead.

They had covered the entire area to the point where nothing else could be seen besides these ashy skinned zombies that had refused to die.