The Bloodline System - Chapter 1009: You Should Have Brought Backup

Chapter 1009: You Should Have Brought Backup

Chapter 1009: You Should Have Brought Backup

"So they asked you to bring me back to the medical facility..?"


"All by yourself?"


"And how do you intend to do that?"


"Where's your backup?"

"I don't need any backup,"

"Okay... get lost,"


Gustav turned around to leave at this point.

"Stop!" The officer yelled as he pushed his palm forward.

A burst of misty blue energy slammed into Gustav from behind freezing him in place.

"I'm taking you back whether you like it or not," He said after freezing Gustav in place and began to step forward.

"No," Gustav stated as he regained control of his movement and turned around.

The eyes of the officer widened in shock as he prepared to send out another attack.



A burst of whitish energy was sent forth from Gustav as he voiced out.

The officer suddenly felt overwhelmed with an indescribable feeling as his knees weakened.


He fell to his knees and nearly bowed as well as he stared at Gustav with a look of disbelief and confusion.

"You should have brought backup," Gustav stated before turning towards the east.

[Lightning Blitz Has Been Activated]

The instant he leapt into the air, he turned into a lightning streak.


The streak bolted across the air and he disappeared instantly.

A few minutes later the officer had regained control of his body and was in the presence of four other officers on the same rooftop.

"What!? you lost him?" One of them voiced out with a furious tone.

"He was too strong. He defeated me with one word," The ice cube headed officer said with a crestfallen look.

"You couldn't stop an Echo ranked mixedblood who has only been an officer for a few months after your years of experience?"

"You're gonna make us look bad now,"

The others voiced with looks of disappointment.

"We have to find him now, which direction is he headed in?" Another one of them asked.

"I don't think it matters if we go after him..." The ice cube headed officer said.

"Huh? Why?" One of them asked.

"He's not running away, he's headed to the tower in Plankton City," The ice cube headed officer stated.

"And how do you know this?" The other one asked once more.

"He wants to get his things... the tower is always swarming with officers so they can take care of him themselves," The ice cube headed officer replied.

"Even if you're correct we still have to go after him to make sure he doesn't harm anyone,"



A whitish line tore through the air as a figure flew across the skies with immense speed.

'I've never tried travel by flight... I mean I have but that was in an aircraft. Its truly interesting when I'm flying with my own power,' Gustav said internally as his figure kept parting the clouds due to his speed.

("Well at least now you can keep it up since you have a lot of energy and you're not going very far,") The system responded.

'Four thousand miles is pretty far though,' Gustav replied internally.

("Not as far as touring across the entire earth,") The system voiced.

Gustav; 'Fair point...'

[Lightning Blitz Has Been Activated]


Gustav crossed another six hundred thousand feet in an instant as he activated Lightning Blitz.

The cooldown had ended so he could activate it four more times before it went into cooldown mode again.

This would shorten the distance by another five hundred miles. Gustav estimated that he should arrive back in Planktok City in about thirty to forty minutes time.

He had left a huge gap between himself and the officers chasing from behind.

'What exactly happened when I was asleep? Did I manage to absorb the Cosmic Superiority completely?' Gustav asked internally.

("What do you think?") The system answered with a question.

'I feel more energized than before... more powerful... its a odd feeling that i can quite describe...' Gustav's face shone with a contemplative expression as he mentioned.

("To a certain extent you feel like reality can bend to your will?") The system stated.

'...Yeah... something like that...' Gustav confirmed.

(Hehe, it has begun,") The system chuckled as it stated.

'Hmm? What has begun?'


-"The MBO Tower

"Stand down," A man in a red colored MBO outfit commanded through a communication channel.

-"Are you sure sir? They stated that he might still be unstable and needs to be examined for a few more days before he is released," The person on the other end of the communication questioned.

"It doesn't matter. He is coming here so stand down,"

-"Understood... Sir Xanatus," The person on the other end voiced as the dialogue ended.

Gradier Xanatus stood in a board room with a few other officers having a meeting.

"And you're sure he won't endanger the lives of anyone?" One of the officers here who was dressed in a high ranking outfit questioned.

"What better place for him to be than in the presence of other officers who are much stronger and can place him under control if anything goes wrong?" Gradier Xanatus said with a casual but respectful bearing.

-"Hmm I see your point,"

-"Alright Major Gradier Xanatus but you will take the blame if anything goes wrong,"

The generals accepted for Gradier Xanatus's suggestion to not place Gustav in any isolation.

The generals had no idea that Gradier Xanatus was mostly doing this because it was close to impossible to keep Gustav in a place he didn't want to be and the whole situation could end up getting messy so he had to take care of things on his own end.

Gradier Xanatus sighed in relief after all the generals left the board room.

An holographic footage appeared in his line of sight afterwards. It displayed an angle of a recording where Gustav said a word and caused the other officer's knees to buckle.

"Get rid of this footage..." He commanded.


-Forty Minutes later

"Welcome back," Gradier Xanatus voiced with a smile as a young man with dirty blonde hair walked into the board room clad in a patient outfit.

"Gradier Xanatus, you're alive," A smile appeared on Gustav's face as he walked towards Gradier Xantus with two officers by his side.