The Bloodline System - Chapter 1008: Charlie City

Chapter 1008: Charlie City

Chapter 1008: Charlie City

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


"What are you doing?" He asked as he slowly sat up.

"He's awake," The doctor voiced out with a tone of astonishment.

The nurses had similar expressions on their faces after the patient opened his eyes and spoke.

The energy circulating around the place also suddenly stopped.


The bed landed back on the floor with a loud crash. As everywhere returned to tranquillity the patient slowly ripped the wires attached to his body to monitor his vitals.

"Officer Crimson... how do you feel?" The doctor asked as the extended floor descended.

"Me? I'm good," Gusav responded as he looked around.

"Are you sure? No weird feeling? Ache, pain or whatever?" One of the nurses voiced out.

"I am okay... never felt better," Gustav rea.s.sured while clenching and unclenching his hands as a test.

He could see the worried looks on their faces slowly reduce as he also spotted the instrument in the doctor's grasp.

'Looks like its been three days already,' Gustav said internally.

"Have I been here all this time?" Gustav inquired out loud as he wondered why they would place him in a medical inst.i.tution.

"Yes sir. You pa.s.sed out on the battlefield in Luchan City and you were brought in by the MBO..." The doctor revealed.

'The battle... ' Gustav recalled the battle with the infected and was overcome with great worry as he wondered how it ended.

"...We have tried our best to keep you under control in the last three days but even as medical pract.i.tioners we had no idea if you would regain consciousness or not," The doctor continued speaking.

"Under control?" Gustav voiced with a confused expression as he heard this.

"Yes under control,"


"You see you've been emitting unstable energy at certain periods for the last three days and during those times you destroyed several structures whilst being unconscious. We had to place you here to repress the energy and even keep you under a medicinal dosage anytime it spiralled out of control again... it has been most stressful but we're glad you've regained consciousness,"

The doctor explained causing Gustav's face to show a look of understanding.

'My body must have been adapting to the Cosmic Superiority... Being unconscious all this time, my body must have been merging the power completely with me to make it entirely my own,' Gustav a.n.a.lysed internally as he stood to his feet.

"Hold on Officer Crimson you just woke up, where are you going?" The doctor asked.

"Where else? I'm leaving of course," Gustav responded.

"I'm afraid we can't allow that," The doctor voiced out as he moved to stand in front of Gustav.

"You're still unstable and innocent people might be put in danger if any of your energy tantrums begin again," He added with a pleading look.

"I am perfectly fine. Now that I've regained consciousness nothing of the sort is going to happen," Gustav said with a rea.s.suring tone while walking past the side of the doctor.


"They asked me to inform them the moment you regain consciousness. Can you at least hold on till they arrive here?" The doctor asked.

"Don't worry, I'm going to them," Gustav said before das.h.i.+ng out.


Wind blew across the place as his figure disappeared.

The doctor knew well that no one could stop Gustav if he decided to leave which was why the respectful approach was necessary.

Not even the suppressive room could hold his power so they knew very well that holding him here against his will was impossible.

"Inform the MBO of his recovery," The doctor voiced as he stormed out of the room.


As Gustav dashed through this unknown city he thought, "I didn't even ask the doctor where this is,"


He leapt into the air in the next instant and arrived above a tall skysc.r.a.per.

He stared down at the city from this height and in the next few seconds, a figure flew in from the west and landed atop this same skysc.r.a.per.

He was clad in an MBO outfit and had a weird expression on his face.

"I'm gonna have to ask you to return to the medical centre now," The man with a ice cube like face voiced out.

"Hmm? Why?" Gustav said while raising an eyebrow.

He still had a patient uniform on so his clothes kept flapping due to the wind.

"Higher up orders. I'll have to consider you an hostile if you refuse to adhere," The officer voiced out as he suddenly unleashed his bloodline energy.

'A Kilo ranked,' Gustav noticed instantly.

"I refuse. Now be good and tell me what city this is," Gustav stated with a nonchalant tone.


"I'll have to use force to return you to the medical centre now," The officer said with a serious tone.

"You know what? Never mind, I'll just get out of here myself," Gustav said as he reached out to touch his left wrist.

"Hmm? My dimensional bracelet..." Gustav muttered as he noticed his dimensional bracelet was no longer strapped to his left wrist.

"Your possessions were taken away. Now will you come with me or do I have to use force?" The officer asked once more.

Gustav stood there with a stupefied expression, 'How did they get it off? My storage device is missing too along with the Jewel,' Gustav made a low sigh as he placed two fingers on his forehead.

"Where are they?" Gustav asked.

"The MBO Tower in Plankton City. Its at four thousand miles east from here," The officer said with a tone that depicted there was nothing Gustav could do other than just comply.

"Four thousand miles east from here? Ah so this is Charlie City," Gustav said with a look of understanding.

"How did you..?" The officer was about to ask how Gustav figured it out since he already mentioned he had no idea where they were.

"You practically revealed it... anyone with a brain and knowledge would be able to figure it out," Gustav responded while shrugging.

'I'm pretty sure not just anyone would figure that out from the distance revealed...' The officer wanted to say this out loud but kept quiet.