The Bloodline System - Chapter 1007: The Gang's Determination

Chapter 1007: The Gang's Determination

Chapter 1007: The Gang's Determination

A greenish looking crystal floated in front of a young teenage boy with black curly hair as it glowed repeatedly while a masculine voice was projected from it.

"I almost died," Endric voiced out in response.

"True but you did a splendid job regardless," Husarius stated once more.

"Acquiring the vest makes 20 percent of your mission complete. Its a huge leap," Husairuis added.

"I sensed so much power in the vest... are you sure the dimension you locked it away in will be able to prevent its energy from seeping out?" Endric inquired with a slightly worried look.

"It will keep it sealed in the meantime... the only thing you should be worried about is getting rid of its residue energy lingering around you. That could potentially cause you to be in great danger," Husarius warned.

"Why so?" Enddic questioned.

"The lingering residue energy could attract ent.i.ties from all over the world that have all longed to acquire the vest of dumbledore. A lot of them wield power beyond your comprehension but locating the vest always eluded them. If I wasn't helping, you would have gotten lost in universe trying to find the vest," Husaruis explained.

"On the bright side, they won't try infiltrating earth even if they sense is as earth is a formidable force to behold but the moment you leave this planet with the lingering energy still surrounding you, you place a target on your back and trust me... these mad creatures will not hesitate to chase you to the ends of the universe just to make sure they acquired the vest," He added.

Endric nodded with a look of understanding as he heard this.

"How do I get rid of the energy?" Endric proceeded to ask.

In another part of the MBO Camp a group of nine could be seen standing together in a garden like area as they discussed.

"The IYSOP training is starting in two month and we're getting out of camp in a month's time," Angy voiced with a contemplative look.

"Did every single one of us manage to reduce our term here in camp?" Elevora questioned.

"Yes," E.E answered as he threw a glance at everyone of them before smiling.

"Y'all be showing them who's boss," He added.

"So everyone of us will get to complete a mission at the very least before IYSOP begins," Aildris pointed out.

"That's great... Gustav has already gotten way ahead of us in MBO ranks, we have to close in the gap as soon as possible," Falco stated.

"My rival is just too powerful. I will give my all to surpa.s.s him or close in the gap," Ria said with a look of determination.

"Come on guys let's show the world that this generation of mixedblood will be taking over in every aspect," Teemee added.

"I can't wait... whatever it takes to be at Gustav's side," Vera said with a dreamy look causing Angy to shoot her an intense glare.

Vera didn't care about that and feigned nonchalance even after noticing that.

"We won't be able to achieve any of that if we don't increase our rank and get even more powerful," Matilda voiced out.

"Gustav is always working hard and it works for him so we have to work twice... no thrice... no four times as hard if we ever have any hope of coming close to his level of strength," Glade spoke this time.

"Hey, she might be a puppet but she's right," E.E stated.


"E.E!" They all voiced out at the same time as they stared at him.

"What? Did I say something wrong?" E.E asked with an innocent expression.

"Don't say that out loud," Falco whispered.

"Anyways I'm suggesting a joint training... No breaks for the next month," Aildris broke the brief silence caused after Glade stared at everyone with a confused expression.

"We're going to be pus.h.i.+ng ourselves beyond our limits," Aildris added.

Everyone had a look of determination as they heard that and began agreeing to the joint training, Elevora included even though she had already achieved the Echo rank.


Flicker! Flicker! Flicker!

Within what looked like a hospital ward, the lights suddenly began flickering as a bed with a patient on it started to float.

"Get a doctor down here!" One of the nurses yelled through a communication device as she sighted this scene.

The person on the bed had their eyes closed but their hand and toes fingers would occasionally make small movements.

"Third time in the last three days... he needs another shot," The nurse yelled out through the communication device once more.

-"How is it that even after moving him into the special suppressive room, he is still able to do this?"

"I have no idea just get down here," The nurse voiced out in response.



The entire vicinity began trembling as the bed in this ward floated further upwards and flickering lights flickered with even more intensity.

"Be quick if you don't want him destroying the entire building in his sleep!" The nurse yelled out once more as the force from this incident began pus.h.i.+ng her backwards, causing her uniform to bloat due to wind.

In a few moments a doctor came das.h.i.+ng in with a ma.s.sive instrument in his hands that was almost too heavy for him to carry.

Two other male nurses came in with him and tried a.s.sisting as he moved this instrument in the direction of the floating bed.

A part of the floor popped out and began lifting them to the height this unconscious patient had attained.

"Open his mouth," The doctor yelled to one of the nurses as they moved the instrument closer.

The instrument which looked like a four feet large funnel was about to open up beneath and empty its contents in the mouth of this patient.

At the last second, the patient suddenly opened his eyes.


The doctor and nurses displayed a startled expression as he grabbed hold of the instrument and stopped it from moving forward.

"What are you doing?" He asked as he slowly sat up.