The Bloodline System - Chapter 1006 The Weird Internal State Of Gisodinym's Skull

Chapter 1006 The Weird Internal State Of Gisodinym's Skull

Chapter 1006 The Weird Internal State Of Gisodinym's Skull

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


"s.h.i.+...ttt," Gustav cursed under his breath before he his eyelids closed completely and he fell unconscious.

His body retained its glow after he had fallen face down within the head of the Gisodinym.




Outside the Gisodinym's head, battle cries rang out as the MBO resumed their fight against the infected.

Every single person had scorch marks on different parts of their bodies due to Gustav's yarki before he retracted it. Some Infected had even been scorched nearly to ashes since some of them didn't have bodies that were as st.u.r.dy as that of the MBO.

Gradier Xanatus flew across the battle field, occasionally hurling down attacks as he charged forward.

"Gustav!" He yelled out as he flew across the air while looking down.

All he could see from up here was the devastation caused by the battle between Gustav and the Gisodinym.

Earth had split to the point where one would wonder if this was a battle between two beta ranked. There were craters all over the place that extended to even the borders of Gildian City behind.

Both infected and MBO officers had lost their lives due to the fight between these two and even the wall that were erected around the city had nearly been torn down completely.

Everyone witnessed these two put everyone in a state where they were unable to move through out the duration of their battle.

Gustav who was supposed to be an echo ranked battled with a mixedbreed was so powerful in the past and had its power even boosted by the infection yet he still came out on top.

An infected mixedbreed that was beyond level 100 yet an echo ranked mixedblood won against it whereas Kilo and Delta ranked mixedbloods were unable to intervene.

Gradier Xanatus had so many unanswered questions running through his mind and one of them involved how Gustav was able to use the same type of power Gisodinym was mostly feared for and even used it in a more powerful state.

However even if he had these questions he knew he would never be able to get any answers if Gustav remains missing.

The infected were not going to wait or give them chance to do a proper search so Gradier Xanatus took it upon himself to find Gustav.

The battle was won but Gradier Xanatus feared it was not without a cost, especially after Gustav's presence disappeared the moment Gisodinym met his end.

The female officer that had initially joined them had gone back to battling the infected. Just because Gisodinym had been unexpectedly taken care of didn't mean the fight was over.

Gisodinym was just one part of the threat, the other part was not any less dangerous since there were more than six million infected pus.h.i.+ng their way forward in a bid to.overrrun the city.

"Gustav!" Gradier Xanatus yelled out once more as he headed towards the corpse of the Gisodinym.

He suddenly recalled something as he closed in on the gigantic corpse in the distance.


'The infected come back to life if their bodies are not properly gotten rid of,' He said Internally before flying and landing on the head of the corpse.

"We need to completely disintegrate its body!" Gradier Xanatus yelled out to those on the wall.

The officers on the walls with abilities that were capable of completely getting rid of Gisodinym's body began to jump down from the wall.

"Huh?" As Gradier moved around its head area, he noticed that there was a glow coming from the hole that was created in Gisodinym's forehead.

Everyone knew the cause of this hole was Gustav's killing blow but no one knew he never came out of it.

"Gustav?" Gradier Xanatus spotted the unconscious figure laying within the ma.s.sive hole on the forehead of the creature.

Ashy goo was still pouring out of the forehead like a fountain and some flowed over Gustav as his glowing unconscious body just laid there.

Gradier Xanatus quickly moved in and tried to retrieve Gustav's glowing unconscious body.

He lifted Gustav over his shoulder and headed out the hole but then he noticed he was unable to get past the entry point.

"Huh what is happening?" He wondered out loud as he felt himself getting stopped by an invisible force.

Gradier Xanatus put Gustav down and swung his palm forward. He had expected to get stopped by the invisible force but this time his hand moved past the entry point freely.

A look of confoundment appeared on Gradier Xanatus's face as he picked Gustav up once more and tried to make his way out.


He was stopped by the invisible force once more. Gradier Xanatus placed Gustav's glowing body down once more and the same result as earlier repeated itself.

Unfortunately no matter how much Gradier Xanatus tried to get Gustav's body out of the creature's head it was to no avail.


He had even tried creating another exit point but it brought about the same results. At this point Gradier Xanatus was sure that something was going on and he attributed it to the glow on Gustav's body.

He noticed that as time pa.s.sed, Gustav's unconscious body was crystallising with golden shards.

'Whatever is happening to him right now I'm sure it's not negative,' Gradier Xanatus could tell as he scrutinized Gustav's frame.

He decided to move out at this point.

"Do not touch the creature till the glow there has dimmed... After it does, retrieve officer Crimson's body and keep him somewhere safe," Gradier Xanatus voiced out before turning around to head back into the battlefield.

The nine officers that had just dropped from the wall to take care of this task had looks of confusion on their faces as Gradier Xanatus moved further away from here.

However a command was a command and they had no right to question it at such a crucial moment when they knew Gradier Xanatus had to busy himself with preventing the infected from breaching the wall.


-MBO Camp

In a filled field void of people...

"I must say you did a splendid job,"